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Zacian and Zamazenta Sprite

I really wanted to pose with the sword in the right place. So here is my poor attempt aha!
This will almost certainly be redone.
Please be honest with feedback and credit if used!    

Edit: with some help and some inspiration, I basically redid this to make it look good. Also removed that sword mess :']
Edit: added my take on Zamazenta, :iconleparagon: ‘s sprite influenced this a lot 
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yo can i use this to make a pokemon fusion? :v

KingOfThe-X-Roads's avatar
Yo this is good! :] 
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Gratis para usar?
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Now you just need to draw them when they are "Hero of Many Battle" form. XD
SquishAnts's avatar
Could I use this for my page?
KingOfThe-X-Roads's avatar
Of course! With the proper credit:]]
leparagon's avatar
yooo zamazenta looks badass
KingOfThe-X-Roads's avatar
Thank you for the inspiration 🥰 and kind words!
French-Cyndaquil's avatar
I think it should look a lot thinner, if you look closely you'll realize that zacian is actually quite skinny, other than that it's actually really amazing, great job !
KingOfThe-X-Roads's avatar
Thank you!! I really appreciate the feedback! 
If you look at :iconpikafan2000: sprite sheet you will see what the sprite originally looked like, I just didn’t like the lack of detail, hence the change
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Actually I kind of updated the sprite since then. I plan to update the dex on here with it once we get what E3 has to offer.
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i finished mine shortly after i made the regular sprite but i wanted to work on Zamazenta's too before i uploaded it lol. i believe you mistook some of the sword details, but basically the guy below me commented what i was going to mention lol
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Love the sprite, but there was some analysis done on the sword's "power" form, and I felt like I should mention it.
KingOfThe-X-Roads's avatar
I’m just gonna delete until it’s confirmed 😂😂
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yo dude this is the kinda pose i was thinking too! im just worried how smogon helpers are gonna animate it haha. or if any gen 5 purists are gonna say that it's "facing the wrong way" lol
KingOfThe-X-Roads's avatar
To the purists I say..... look at the official Mandibuzz sprite.
theres too much small detail :( 
leparagon's avatar
yeah man, mandibuzz and even entei are posed similarly. but none of this would be a problem if gamefreak just showed Zacian switching the way he holds the sword. sigh...    
KingOfThe-X-Roads's avatar
Ahaha I know. 😂 if there’s a clip somewhere one day to show the sword pointing the other way I’ll regeet this I’m sure 😅
i was also thinking more DPPt suicune sprite being completely the other way 
leparagon's avatar
yeah thats the first one i had in mind actually, but i realized Entei was more of an accurate comparison since Suicine's head is still facing away, just that its eyes are on the trainer
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