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Commissions are closed for now... I only got a handful done and then realized how thin I was spreading myself. I have too much to do and not enough time to do it all in, and part of that is due to how I ravenously take on new projects even if I don't have a lot of time for them, and part of that is because I'm going to the gym every day for a couple hours for Lent and it's left me totally exhausted.

So my schedule right now:
Review a kung-fu movie on Monday and Thursday (…)
Update my webcomic Barflys Tuesday and Saturday (
Update a Daily Sketch here on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Then I'm working on inking Chapter 2 of Out of This World (
I'm revitalizing Chapter 1 of Out of This World
I'm working with Wati on SP Earthguard Chapter 2 (
And I'm putting together supplemental stuff for a Barflys book and Kickstarter.

AND THAT'S IT! Seriously. That's plenty to be doing all at once. Geez.
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Hey! I'm open for some points commissions!…

Fan Art Sketch Headshot- Free!
If it's a character I like and would like to do it anyway, it's free!

Original Character Sketch Headshot- 10 :points:
Daily Sketch 2: Ron Swanson by kingofsnake

Original Character Ink Headshot- 20 :points:
Ron Swanson Inked by kingofsnake


1: Willy Wonka headshot for :iconwagn18: - Free!
Daily Sketch 33: Willy Wonka by kingofsnake

2: Snake Eyes headshot for :iconwagn18: - Free!
Daily Sketch 34: Snake Eyes by kingofsnake

3: Marceline headshot for :iconroamfree: - Free!
Daily Sketch 35: Marceline by kingofsnake

3: Deadpool headshot for :iconsavguy: - Free!
Daily Sketch 41: Deadpool by kingofsnake

4: Naruto headshot for :iconcandystarmarie: -Free!
Daily Sketch 42: Naruto Uzumaki by kingofsnake

5: Full Body Inked OC for :iconbowser81889: - 50 :points:
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New Year, old projects. 2010 was, kinda, a year of new projects for me. A great deal of my time was sunk into drawing Claptrap Films for Zuda, scripting and hiring Wati for SP Earthguard, and writing about 50 one panel Nevermore comics. None of this stuff has hit the web yet, and some of it is still quite a ways from being finished. I'm hoping to use 2011 to produce things that I can remain proud of for some time. I'm looking to grow the ideas I already started into some level of completion.

Trades are closed, it seems. I want to do some more eventually, but additional deadlines really isn't going to help me right now. I'm working hard to turn out a chapter two of Out of This World ( that's at least 150% better than chapter one. I was able to reach my goal of getting the pencils done by the end of 2010, but now I have 30ish pages of vector inking to do, which puts me into the "lucky if I can finish it by July" category. Vectoring more than a full page a week while keeping my comic updating, yields cut corners at best. I'd really like to be done with it as soon as possible, because I have so many other projects hanging in the air that need to be solidified.

Commissions are still open though, because the possibility of making some spending money takes priority over my own stuff.
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Clearly I've been interested in being distracted with art projects lately. That said, anyone interested in doing some art trades? I think I have a couple in me. One of my OC's for one of yours, or some fan art or something.

Lemme know if you're interested! It's not so much first come first served as it is BEST come BEST served ;)
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Keeping Busy!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 12, 2009, 9:23 AM
Been keeping myself busy lately, between updates on Tuesdays and Saturdays, 2 Zuda entries down the pike, Poker on Thursdays,a and a pretty aggressive diet, I haven't had much time to do anything else. My big projects right now are 50's Sci-fi parody Claptrap Films (Which I just submitted to Zuda,) Manga SP Earthguard (Which I'm working with :iconmaester-nebradius: on) and Barflys (updating now at

Sometimes I miss the days spent lackadaisically doing nothing. And sometimes I wonder how I didn't drive myself mad without 15 projects on my plate.

Go say hello to :iconmaester-nebradius: Her art is wonderful. You will love it. And you will love the work she's doing on SP Earthguard. I promise!

Project Status Updates (

Children at Play - No Updates

Children at Play: DC - No Updates

Modern Day Witchdoctor - Working draft of Chapter 3 complete. Started penciling the first few pages.

My Lil' Zombies - Rough draft of Chapter 2 Complete

Out of This World - No updates

The Rejects - Rough draft of Chapter 2&3 complete

I Don't Wanna be the Fatkid - I lost 35 pounds! But I haven't written and comics about it :/

Barflys - Currently updating. I'm a couple comics ahead of schedule.

Sp Earthguard - Chapter 1 inks completed. Chapters 2-12 rough drafts complete

Claptrap Films - 8 page submission submitted to Zuda, remaining chapter rough draft underway

Nevermore - 32 comics written. Top 16 comics chosen to be drawn

Jason Jones: Post Apocalyptic Exterminator - Chapter 1 rough draft underway

*edit* ugh testing out these new journal skins... i dunno... I warned you about the skins bro!

Treeline: by resurgere
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The Rejects did not win the Zuda competition. But we did rather well, considering what we were going up against. Now that the competition is over I can get back to writing and drawing. New projects on the skyline! Hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more of them soon!
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I've been working with Wally ( on a comic for DC's Zuda Comics competition and we totally got in this month. Now we just need to win it! And to do that we need your vote, so please take a few minutes, swing by and vote for us. I really appreciate it!

The Rejects:
Well, I've been online since 2002, and I think its about time I had my own website.

You can now see my collected porfolio and all my different comic projects all in one place!
Hey everyone! Children at Play is turning 250 strips old and to celebrate we're having a contest, where in you could win the chance to have a character drawn based on you that becomes a regular background character in the strip!…

I find the characters I base on real people are far better looking than the characters I just make up off the top of my head. People have their own style and I'm looking to capture someone's style forever with a cartoon who never changes their clothes. Check out the comic and shoot me an email and you could be part of the Cp universe too!
Ok, so my comic strip: Children at Play(…) is going to be resuming updates quite soon. I'm shooting for the end of June.

Until then I really need some help from the other DA's.

I'd like to put some guest art up on my main site until regular updating begins, hopefully enough to bring back some of the old fans who don't check the comic on a regular basis anymore. Make them realize we're coming back. So if you stop by here, and have any free time at all PLEASE run by the site, pick a character or two and just draw 'em however you'd like.

I can't offer much in retribution outside of a link on my main page to wherever you like, my undying gratitude and, of course, some pretty serious props.

Oh, and I can garuntee you some watches and faves, and comments and all that other good stuff DA is all about.

Please help a brother out! I'd appreciate it more than you know!
I will shortly be accepting any and all commissions for the first time. Please look at my gallery for portfolio of work. Also Children at Play ( and Modern Day Witchdoctor ( for my two long-running webcomics. My art has been featured by the band Deep Dish ( and singer/songwriter Emilia Dahlin ( Price is negotiable depending on difficulty of job. Perferred payment method is PayPal, 1/2 down, 1/2 after. I will do inking/coloring/shading of your sketches, or completely original pieces based on your requests. Satisfaction is garrunteed. All jobs include computer file in perferred format and two 11x17 color glossy prints mailed to your location. Please contact me by responding here, sending me a message, or emailing me at Thanks!
One of my great musical loves is House, and Trance, and Prog-House. Im going to try to get myself to draw mre Devart by switching gears away from cartoons and towards more original material. I'm going to be drawing Techno related material, probably mostly pictures related to specific songs.
Well, its not so much JUST lazy, but thats definately part of the reason I havnt been putting art up very often. I've mooved twice in the last month, plus I'm working on two web comics. Children at Play which I've been doing forever so is a priority and Modern Day Witchdoctor which premiers on December 12th. I want to start up a new theme soon. Probably underrated videogames month, or something, but I have at least 2 more cartoon network pictures I wanna do and I just got Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas so odds are good against me dissappearing again for a month ;-)
Jazz month is over. I wish I had time to draw more pieces but I'm still figgering out how to balance Children at Play and my gallery. I'm agonna keep up theme months for a little while, I think. That being said this month will be dedicated to the Cartoon Network that I watch, basically constantly while I'm doing all the little things I do. In fact I already have one and a half pieces done. This'll give me a chance to work in a few other styles, but expect most characters to be reimagined in my own lank-tacular style.
So I think I'm gonna make July my very own theme month. All Jazz Era stuff. I've already started it, and I sure am in a jazz mood right now so it seems fitting. I sorta got into the whole swing era back when The Brian Setzer Orchestra came around and there was that whole Retro-swing fad. Everyone else moved on but I was like "what are you- THIS STUFF IS FUCKING COOL!" So I'll keep doodling jazz era things for the rest of the month, let me know if you got any requests, or suggestions on what I should do. Can't promise i'll do it, but I'll definately consider just about anything.
Hey hey, I've finally gotten a deviant art account. I'm gonna transfer my fan art off of my comic site over to here for now, but when the mood hits me I'll start drawing some more non-comic related stuff. Children at Play and then go to the art page if you don't feel like waiting to see the fan art I'm gonna post. I don't know what I'm gonna draw yet, but it'll probably mostly be videogame and cartoon network fan art. This is all assuming that I'll have time between doing the comic itself, I sure hope so, because I've really been in the mood to draw something other than my own characters. I'll probably post some of my writing too when I get around too it. I'm more of a novelist than a poet, but I have a few short stories and a poem or two that I'm proud enough of to post.

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