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The Transitional Period of Disney ranked part one
WELL  now we are talking about the whole reason I started making these lists ,Disney's Transitional Period also known as the Dark Age or the Bronze Age . I am not kidding , the genesis of ranking all the Disney movies actually came from me rewatching all the films in this era , and initially I was just going to do a list  on THIS era ,however then  I thought "Hey how about  I do ALL the eras " and thus it snowballed into the monstrous project I am doing now . Why this era? Well for one I think historically it might be the most interesting . In between Walt Disney's passing and the release of  Little Mermaid ,there is this very odd and distinct period of transition ,from the style of Jungle Book and Sword of the Stone , to the baby steps that would lead to the Disney Reniassance . Secondly there is a clear divide between the films  made in the 70's ,which tend to feel lighter and tend to play it kind of safe ,and the films of the 80's, which never go to far
:iconkingofpriderock:kingofpriderock 1 54
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*WAtching  Static Shock,with Static talking to Green Lantern ,both played by the same actor *
Phil LaMarr is awesome :love:
Another pet peeve unrelated to the last one:"The uestion isnt WHERE are we it's WHEN are we"..............This cliche is dumb and should die
Big pet peeve of mmine when it comes to movies connected to TV shows is when they feel  like a long episode of a TV showI will say there are exceptions to this,I quite like the Trek movies  Search For Spock AND Undiscovered Country despite feeling more like episodes ,they at least feel like really GOOD episodes and add something to the franchise I feel .....Brainiac Attacks on the other hand not only feels like a long eisode of STAS but a pointless FILLER episode .I dont hate it  but I am perplexed by why this thing exists ....I mean I know WHY ,it was made to cash in on Superman Returns and STAS ,but thats it . OK pros: PErry White and Jimmy get to shine in this film ,when they were sidelined  in STAS ,and both are really good.Lance Henriksen while not sounding  ANYTHING like Corey Burton ,is menacing as he usually is (Though it does feel like he is phoning it in at places )......And the rest of the film is just nothing .Like not even much to complain about  ,other then Powers Boothes bizarre Gene Hackman esque LEx Luthor which REALLY  doesnt fit  the DCAU Lex,theres just not a lot to this movie.This film just.....exists
Three faces of a god
Of the gods of Twilune ,Kuro  is the oddest . Neither good nor evil ,Kuro is a nature god and like  nature is rather unpredictable . He also holds many titles but we will get to that .What is known about Kuro is he is one of the light gods who helped overthrowthe dark god Lucius ,he is the mate of the wolf  god Gravyn(And by all accounts is head over heels in love with him ) the he takes the form of a giant kitsune(A nine tailed fox) with blue eyes ,has a weakness for wine,games,food and parties ,is a  bit of a trickster and is the god of the sun,animals , and life .......And this  is where things get weird as depending on who you ask his persona,appearence  and other things  he hold domain over will vary.....And all of it is true .See Kuro has quite a few jobs as a god ,and depending on who is following him a diffrent side of him they will see .He has three forms

Kuro the calm:The jovial god of  merriment .Appearence wise he looks like a normal kitsune .In this persona he is benevolent and spreads joy amongst his followers .He accepts  offerings of livestock ,mostly poultry.He is a bit of a prankster and his mood is far more casual then you'd expect from a god .

Kuro the clever : The god of cleverness.In this form his eyes are a pure glowing blue ,his fur is a glowing  yellow ,and he lacks a mouth .This persona is far more regal ,serious  and known for his intelligence.  He is mostly benevolent,protective of his followers but is a bit more neutral .He has a foundness for riddles and wagers 

Kuro the cruel: The god of blood .His most malevolent form . His eyes are blue within black ,and his fur is a reddish orange with a golden underbelly ,constantlyy drooling  green saliva , with three tongues , and  MANY sharp teeth.This form is known  for his appetite ....Mainly his prefrence for eating mortals.He accepts  willing sacrifices ,but he will also offer a glorious prize to those  who best him in a game  or assistance in return for being allowed to eat the  recepient in a years time ....And even the gods cant help you if you break a promise with  Cruel Kuro . He is mischevious ,crass  and ravenous 

To some he is hero , to others villain ,it all depends on how he's feeling that day  



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Chance Phillips
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
I was born in 1996 . I love old movies,Disney, and animals. My fave characters ever are Scar and Zira . I have moter skill problems but Im not going to let that bother me.

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Percy-McMurphy Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Since unlike me you don’t tire of your characters, lol:

1: “You look frustrated, what’s wrong?”
2: “I cannot stand to work with [name] anymore, that woman is a giant piece of—“
3: “Hi guys! I heard my name?”
2: “of... helpfulness.”
1: “A piece of helpfulness?”
2: “Don’t—“
1: “Is that what you kids are saying nowadays?”

*about their significant other* “Agh, is there ANYTHING hotter than a mass-murderer?”
“The flames of hell the two of you will be enjoying when you die?”

“Oh, fuck you.”
“I’m trying~”
“Wait no that didn’t work—“
kingofpriderock Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist
Oh I can get sick of em,but talking about em  helps me think of new stuff for em :la:

Captain Valerio:You look frustrated
Vladimir:Sir it's the lieutenant, do I have to work with her?
Captain Valerio:Well she's apart of the team.
Vladimir:Captain,if I may be blunt  ,that woman is a piece of-
Lieutenant Maurianne: Captain ,everything is secured-
Vladimir:HELPFULNESS! Thats what I meant
Captain Valerio:Very well ,at ease.*Maurianne wals away*...*Smirks*Piece of helpfulness
Vladimir: *Embarrassed* Captain
Captain Valerio:Must be a drake expression I dont know

*Raoul is in his throne room wathing a projection of a battle between Issac and a group of rival bandits.Issac is slashing ,throwing magic spells ,smashing things ,tossing bandits aroun and eating a few of them  ,gleefully laughing as he slaughters his foes.Raoul sips wine and watches with interest*
Ahio : Savegery
Raoul:Sometimes bloodshed is called for lieutenate*Smiles* Besides it's a love letter 
Raoul:Others are skilled writers or painters, but for my Issac ,carnage is his art and the battlefield his canvas.It's our anniversary this day ,and he knows this group has been bothering me .He will make sure  noone lives
Raoul:On most occasions  I would agree , but with Issac ,with his passion ....I  should be repelled but .....I cant think of anything more arousing then my beloved composing his symphony of blood . *Sighs* I must admire  the pure firey passion
Ahio:AS firey the flames the two of you shall enjoy in the afterlife
Raoul:Touche....Though   I must admit , Heaven always seemed too chilly for us *chuckles*

Khale:Oh,fuck you
Ji:I'm trying!
Khale:.....What ?
Ji:Wait no ignore that,ummm ....(Panics and runs away

TOMHEYBURN Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Thx for faving. Appreciated.
kingofpriderock Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist
Your welcome :)
Archivist-Kayl Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist

Thanks for the faves!
kingofpriderock Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist
Your welcome :)
sys00 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the little star Stars * Tiny Heart 
kingofpriderock Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2018  Hobbyist
No prob :)
TheRandomGirlXD Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Favourites Thanks for the Fav Fav Thanks For the Fav {Free Use} Spideypool - Fav Fav fella (Badge) Thank you for the fav! Daisy thanks for fav Thanks for the fav Colorful Fav Thanks Starry Fav Thanks Favourites 
kingofpriderock Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2018  Hobbyist
No prob :)
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