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Eggman (Sonic Movie)

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Couldn't resist when I saw the new
@SonicMovie's poster featuring Eggman.
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if Robotnik ever had hair it'd most likely be cut like this

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This is a tight design! 
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This Artwork is great! Really good mix of Robotnik’s more lean appearance and his cartoony Rotund design from Sega’s games. The Flight suit looks very well drawn too. 

He and Ben Schwartz are undeniably the highlights of that film. Every aspect of them was very cool and fun to watch, from Sonic’s worn out shoes to the Bag of rings from Longclaw and his fun personality, to Robotnik’s accurate Ego, futuristic sleek clothing, an Arsenal of cool robot drones, and palm Command touchpad gloves, Sonic and Robotnik made for the films Highlights imo. 
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pretty sure in boom style he would look like a circus owner.... which would work well if I do say so myself!
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He looked extremely cool! Fusing the movie version and the game version of Robotonik really look amazing when he has the hair, changed mustache and him looking weight.

Nice creative work for Robotonik.

Plus it's weird that I can't call him Eggman because of his weight loss.
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That's a really good design, mixing the live action and cartoony versions together.
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vaya me gusta mucho tu eggman jim Carrey x3
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On a personal level I hate Jim Carrey with a Passion because he pushes politics but lately he has quieted down on that and I cannot deny him for being so good at being so bad with egg man. It was so much fun to hate robotnik. That is a mark of a good villain in my book.
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The best part of the film.
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Jim Carrey: If the Oscar is for Best Villainous Character, I say it's better to steal one.

Oscar host: I, Huh... Yeah... You got me there...

Jim Carrey: Yes! Score one for Carrey!
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Really great one ! 
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That is a great outfit
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A wonderful fusion of Jim Carrey and the greatest genius of the universe. I just don’t understand one thing - why was the film called "Sonic", although it will be dedicated to Eggman?

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Because it's Sonic's movie?
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Yooo that’s very cool!
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