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[Lindow Amamiya]

Name: Lindow Amamiya

First Appearance: God Eater Burst (2010)

Occupation: God Eater

Abilities:  Skilled hunter and marksman but during later events he becomes infected by the Aragami after losing his God Arc and Armlet turning him into a Aragami, luckily he now has full control of his power but it left his arm still in the state of an Aragami.

Weapons: Used to own a God Arc but since acquiring the Aragami hand he is able to create one from his own hand, he also has some of the powers he had from the Aragami he changed into.

Bio: Lindow Amamiya was formerly the head of the legendary First Unit of the Fenrir Far East Branch. After happening upon critical top-secret info, Lindow was reported MIA, he was eventually proven to be alive but the Aragami cells in his body mutated him into an Aragami but was eventually saved and returned to normal.

Intro:  Lindow is seen having a cigerrete in his mouth, he’ll then throw to the ground to put it out and then has his Aragami Hand create his new God Arc  
Intro Quotes:  

“Okay, shall we get this dance started?”

“Damn, I don't think I'll even have time for a smoke.”

“Why do I have a feeling this will be a complete pain?”

(Vs. Wolverine) “I know a good bar; loser pays for the drinks, deal?”

(Vs. Hulk) “I wonder what kind of Aragami Cells you have been infected with…”

(Vs. Shumah Gorath or Nemesis) “Whoa talk about being an eyesore; do we really need any more uglier Aragami?”

(Vs. Morrigan) “Sorry to disappoint you miss, but I’m already engaged with someone.”

(Vs. Chris) “Don’t worry about my Aragami Cells; I’m perfectly in control from being turned into an Aragami again.”

(Vs. Dante) “You owe a bar huh? If I win I get a drink for free, deal?”

(Vs. Wesker) “There is nothing I dislike more than humans creating monsters…”

(Vs. Spencer) “Let’s have a look and see who has the better arm around here.”

Quotes against Lindow:

(Wolverine) “Don’t tempt me bub, you wouldn’t want to lose your human arm do you?”

(Chris) “That arm of yours looks very…contagious almost.”

(Dante) “Expected me to be impressed by a demonic hand? Seen it before.”

(Wesker) “Aragami Cells you say? Interesting…”  

Taunt: Lindow will rub the back of his hair.

Taunt Quotes:

“Can you hurry up already so I can get home?”

“I was dragged out of home for this?”
Basic Moves:


L – Straight Punch

M – Horizontal God Arc Slash

H – Downward God Arc Slash

Special: Upwards God Arc Swipe

L – Low Kick

M – Low Kick with other foot

H – Low Horizontal God Arc Slash

L – High Kick

M – Upwards Angled God Arc Jab

H – Horizontal God Arc Slash

Special: Downward God Arc Slash

Heavy (Hold): Aragami Shot

Lindow will charge up his God Arc to shoot out a projectile that travels full screen and in a straight line. Depending on how long it is charged the more damage it does. If the player is walking backwards while letting go of the button to fire Lindow will fire upwards at an angle, the same can be done for air as well and if the opponent decides to go forward (in air only) while letting go of the button he’ll aim downwards at an angle.

Downward Forward Angle-Heavy (Air Only): Aragami Knife

Lindow will have a purple blade grow from his God Arc and then quickly performs a downward dive attack by impaling the blade into the ground, causes a hard knockdown.
Down-Forward-Attack:  Aragami Blast

Lindow will fire a projectile from his God Arc; the button depends on what kind he fires out, each move can be charged for greater effect.

Light - Elemental Decay:  Lindow will fire out three shadow balls from a single shot that home in on the opponent.

Medium – Shadow Haze: Lindow will aim at the floor and fires a fire bullet that causes a sea of flames that travel across the floor for a short time, does multiple hits and hits off the ground.

Heavy - Blood Rage:  Will fire a quick long piercing bullet that does ton of damage, and causes a hard knockback and a wall bounce.
Forward-Down-Forward-Attack: Aragami Charge

Lindow will suddenly charge at the opponent, with his Aragami Blade out, the button differs how far he’ll travel and the charge itself does multiple hits. This move can also be quickly followed up with another attack by hitting any attack button during the attack.

Light: Will quickly perform a low horizontal slash with his God Arc, causes a hard knockdown.

Medium: Will perform a quick single spin while having swinging his God Arc out, causes a hard knockback and a wall bounce.

Heavy: Will suddenly jump and then performs a summersault while having his God Arc out to hit the opponent multiple times before landing behind the opponent.
Down-Backward-Attack: Stun Grenade

Lindow will throw a Stun Grenade on the ground in front of him which will then create a yellow circle on the ground, if the opponent touches any part of it he/she will be frozen for a short period of time.  

Each version of this move only has Lindow throw the grenade in the same spot in front of him but the button differs the range of the circle on the ground and how long the opponent is stunned for.
Backward-Down-Backward-Attack: Aragami Fall

Lindow will suddenly jump high into the air off-screen, seconds later he’ll slam back into the ground with the Aragami blade out to impale into the ground with. The button differs where he'll land.

Light: Left side of the screen.

Medium: Middle of the screen.

Heavy: Right side of the screen.
Half Circle Backwards-Attack: Devourer

Lindow will use his Devourer to bite down onto the opponent, causes multiple hits.

Light: Lindow will aim the Devourer to bite the opponent in front of him, causes a hard knockdown.

Medium: The same only that it causes a crumple state.

Heavy:  Will actually aim upwards at an angle to attack any airborne opponents before slamming the opponent to the ground after multiple hits with the attack, similar to one of Ghost Riders moves.

Down-Forward-Attack X2: Aragami Blaster

Lindow will aim his God Arc at the opponent while saying “You wouldn’t want to be in my line of fire right now!” He’ll then unleash a barrage of Elemental Decay at the opponent, 15 hits.
Down-Backward-Attack X2: Aragami Trasher

Lindow will say “Time to clean up the trash and go home!” he’ll then dash at the opponent, if he connects the super will continue.

He’ll follow up by performing multiple slashes with his God Arc (seven times) before saying “Here it comes!” as he jumps into the air to perform a strong downward slash to finish the super.  
Forward-Down-Forward-Attack X2 (Level 3): Aragami Finisher

Lindow will say “I will go with all my might!” he’ll then dash at the opponent, if he connects a cutscene will occur.

Lindow will then perform two upward slashes and then a downward slam and then uses the Devourer to have the opponent go into a crumple state, and then jumps back to fire out three shots of Elemental Decay and then jumps to performs a summersault slash with his God Arc.

He’ll then use a Stun Grenade to freeze the opponent in place and jumps high into the air with his blade out and dives downward while saying. “Now for the finishing blow!” he’ll then land on the opponent not only impaling him/her to the ground with his blade but also causes the ground below the two to explode in a purple fire.

(Basically this is Lindow’s attack in Project X Zone)
Victory: Lindow will turn his Aragami Hand back to its original form; he’ll then rub his hair and then brings out a cigarette to smoke.

Victory Quotes:
“That felt good. Now all I need is a cold beer.”

“So it's just mission after mission until we get home, eh?”

“I'm not good at making cheesy victory phrases.”  

(Vs. Shumah Gorath or Nemesis) “Ok, now to extract the core from this ugly freak.”

(Vs. Wolverine) “Well what I mean by a “good bar” I mean “my room” and what I mean by “paying” I mean “pay me”, I have two for the prize of one!”

(Vs. Dante) “Ok free drinks for me, by the way wanna Smoke? Actually never mind, I can’t imagine someone like you smoking.”

(Vs. Wesker) “Get out of here and don’t let me see your face again! I wouldn’t want my allies die by you or your creations!”

Victory Quotes against Lindow:

(Wolverine) “I could go for a beer right now myself; you better have the good stuff, kid.”

(Chris) “I stand corrected on that arm of yours; you care a lot about your team like I do while fighting monsters, but I don’t think my time is any easier than yours.”

(Dante) “So that arm of yours is more of a hand of god than a devil? Hmm…God Hand, I like the sound of that!”

(Wesker) “I like to have a look at that arm, you don’t mind if I cut it off do you? At least you would feel mostly human without it…unless I have a say about it.”
I do not own God Eater

Well well well we have another God Eater character and this one is gonna be the last one i'll do in a while. I planned on doing the only God Eater characters that appeared in Project X Zone (Soma, Alisa and now Lindow) as that is what introduced me to God Eater and started loving it, i don't have any plan on doing other characters from God Eater at this moment like Sakuya or Kota, but maybe one day, but not now and the reason why is what i'll get into in a minute. But i do plan on doing movesets for the two new God Eater characters in Project X Zone 2 but i'll have to wait for God Eater 2 to be translated and localize first to get a better understanding on those characters.

Anyway onto Lindow! As stated above i planned to do him along with Soma and Alisa to complete the trio that appeared in PXZ but at first i was a little worried, it was easy to seperate Soma's and Alisa's movesets due to their many moves they used in Project X Zone and how there God Arcs fight but Lindow is almost like a combination of the two (well sort off) and from his assist animation in the game alone wasn't enough to help me in some areas.

But then i remembered from the fact that he has his Aragami Arm which allows him to have access to his Aragami powers from when he got turned into a Corrosive Hannibal, so i watched the boss fight of him to get some inspiration for his moves that he did for when he was in that form.

And yeah i kinda spoiled it on there but i'm pretty sure like 80% people haven't heard of God Eater until PXZ and Lindow does explain about his Aragami arm at one point and it also says so in his profile so i was spoiled to and for those who played PXZ while on the fact that God Eater 1 has been out for some time now and God Eater 2 is coming out then i don't see a problem with keeping some things a secret unless it is that touchy not to spoil.

It's kind of like hiding the fact that Shiek is Zelda and Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker, seriously who the hell doesn't know those secrets?

I also originaly had his level 3 planned on turning him into his Corrosive Hannibal form but then i remembered that he now has control of his Aragami Cells and so far there is no way he might be able to turn back whatsoever.

Anyway i enjoyed making a moveset for this guy, i can't wait to do the Project X Zone 2 God Eater characters in the future when God Eater 2 gets localized but not now though, well not for this season anyway.

So who's next? You'll have to find out next time, but until then comment to tell me what you think!
© 2016 - 2021 KingOfFiction
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EspadaEnchiladas's avatar
Can you make a victory quote for Trish and her response against him?
EspadaEnchiladas's avatar
I think it would be really cute and interesting for them to interact 
artistgalaxy's avatar
How many do you think know about God Eater because of Project X Zone?
KingOfFiction's avatar
A lot i guess. I mean i never knew of it until that game
ask-theangelofsouls's avatar
I think someone should tell him smoking's bad, but i don't wanna be Aragami food.
KingOfFiction's avatar
He loves drinking beer too
ask-theangelofsouls's avatar
God i hope he doesn't meet Bo' Rai Cho.
Spidey to Lindow: Heh Lindow rhymes with Window with the l silent, what a story mark?

Lindow to Spidey: Me thinks you don't have many friends, I can see that very well.
Anti-Ho0f's avatar
Another God Eater character, as you know I only know then from PXZ. Though I may just pick up Burst for the Vita or something.

So onto the set. As you know, your God Eater characters are both within the top tier, for good reasons too. Soma is really good with keeping the opponents at a safe distance with devastating and powerful attacks, and Alisa specializes in a more zoning play style. Lindow here, however, as you stated, he is kinda a mix between the two, which might just make him the deadliest one in the trio.

The Aragami shot is the first unique attack you see in this moveset, and it already makes him a force to be reckoned with. This move reminds me if Zero's charge shot, and if you have seen competitive Zeros, you know they love this attack for combo resets and keeping the combo going. So that right away tells me Lindow will play a little more quicker than the previous 2 God Eaters.

The three Aragami Blast projectiles seem like very good tools for this guy to have, and look like they themselves can combo. Use blood rage to wall bounce the opponent, follow up with elemental decay and when the opponent falls to the ground use shadow haze to hit off the ground and then continue the combo. Smart players would probably have an Aragami shot charged at this point. The best follow up option I see to that is Aragami Charge+H, the way you wrote it makes me think the opponent is still midair when Lindow lands on the other side.

Aragami Charge itself seems like a very viable move, and the H version is the best follow up.

Stun Grenade would be excellent for combo resets, if it works against midair enemies, and Aragami Fall (I assume hits off the ground) just adds so much more options to his combos. You can either fall or shadow haze.

I don't know if Devourer is a command grab, I'm not really too big into command grabs, but if it is, it might be a great option against aggressive enemies OR defensive enemies, and since the M version crumples, free combos (god damn, MvC needs a combo breaker mechanic like KI and MK...)

Onto hypers, both the Lvl ones are pretty simple, I think the second one would be best for ending many if Lindows combos, and the second one will be used against people trying to zone you.

I recognized the lvl 3 from PXZ, so it was really awesome, and the right choice for his lvl 3.

Lindow's personality... I like it! He's really calm and a badass, he gets business done and still has time to knock down a few cold ones.

I loved Dante's Nero reference, and I loved his God Hand reference even more! Seems like a joke Deadpool would make lol. Also, this might be nitpicky, but Devil May Cry isn't a bar, it's a place you call if you need some demons slain, kinda like Ghostbusters.

So, all in all, outstanding job dood. I think this may be my favorite God Eater character set if the three, and possibly the most OP of them, he might just knock Soma and Alisa down the tier list.

Keep it up :D and I will be waiting for the next set.
KingOfFiction's avatar
That's a lot to say about the moveset! 0_0

But then again the last three movesets used like the two same moves so i can understand why you have more to say here.

Damn never thought that from these moves alone i would make him OP, but then again one thing i love doing most in Fighting games is doing really long combos until either the opponent squeezes out of it or if the game tells you to stop (like in UMVSC3 practice mode, it's so annoying when it looks like i'm doing a good combo then i activate a super move then the dummy flips over ending the combo!)
Anti-Ho0f's avatar
I think the dummy will flip over to indicate when the opponent can escape the combo in a real fight.
KingOfFiction's avatar
Thank you, i challenge ya to try and do a moveset for Lindow now.

We both done Soma and Allisa, now i wanna see us both do Lindow.
WarriorsEdge's avatar
I will look into it eventually... :-)
OmegaMorph's avatar
Shame that PXZ and MVC3 came before RE6 cause I could imagine Chris making reference to a certain scene regarding Lindow's arm. That aside, you have Lindow's personality down pretty good along with his moves.
KingOfFiction's avatar
Ironically i have not yet played Chris's scenario in RE6 yet (i bored of the game and stayed away from it for a while) so i wouldn't know of such a reference either.

Did you like Dante's victory quote against him?
OmegaMorph's avatar
KingOfFiction's avatar
Talking like Kenshin now are ya?
OmegaMorph's avatar
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