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Not being able to go out and explore with the rest of the cats and handlers has really started to drag on Gobi, and everyone around her can see it with ease. Recently, the Djibb has been far more dejected than usual, and also clingier; when she's not with the cubs (either nursing or playing with them) she's by someone's side, nudging them with her head and demanding attention as she usually does.

Pike knows it's about time she got back out "in the field", so to speak. She and everyone else around the cattery are quickly growing tired of having to tend to the moody female's every whim simply because nursing a litter has kept her inside.

So today, that's exactly what's going to happen. As soon as Gobi sees her coming with the tack in her hands, she immediately gets excited, her short tufted tail bobbing with interest. The cubs are asleep -- though one does squeak in protest when her mother rises, her squeak doesn't wake the others, thank every god -- so the two of them manage to sneak out without too much fuss or bother.

The woods near the cattery's properties are vast and beautiful; a favorite spot for much of the team to take the cats out and stretch their legs. It also offers up the opportunity to chase things, which Gobi is particularly good at. When Pike dismounts her cat a few paces into the woods and pats her on the neck, scratching gently behind her ears, it's a signal that the metaphorical ropes are about to be taken off. Only a few moments later, she does, and now the Djibb is free to move around as she pleases.

At first, not used to the sudden freedom after so many weeks of being forced to stay inside, Gobi doesn't move far from Pike, her head resting on her shoulder as she moves in tandem with her handler. Slowly but surely, however, Gobi grows more sure of herself, more certain in her surroundings, and feels more comfortable moving further away from her subject of interest and showing some interest in forging her own path.

Gobi trots a few pawsteps away, leans down to sniff some grass at the edge of the trail, and then rub her head on a nearby tree stump to leave her mark for any passers-by coming through later. Pike can't stifle a chuckle as she watches the big cat carry out her antics. It's always a funny sight, at least in Pike's mind, seeing the cats act like small house cats when they're so large and by all means dangerous.

After using the aforementioned tree stump to sharpen her claws, which have grown a bit dull due to having not used them in a while, Gobi lifts her head, ears twitching as she stares back in the direction from which they came. Pike can tell from the look on the young cat's face that she's thinking of her cubs, and is likely growing antsy now that she's been away from them for some time. Deciding not to push today's adventure any further, Pike pats the cat on the back, reassuring her for a job well done before taking her back to the catteries to once again lie with her cubs.

It's the first step in a very long series of steps, but a good first step nonetheless. There will one day come a day when Gobi is ready to stand on her own, and say goodbye to her cubs, but today is certainly not going to be that day yet.

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Summary: After being cooped up for several weeks due to nursing her new litter of cubs, Gobi gets taken out for a short adventure by Pike.
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