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So I’m doing this meme thing where you take six characters and make a ship child for every possible ship between those two characters sooooo

Please give me some! Any six characters as long as they’re not related. There are certain ships I will not do, and those are:

Tenko x men

Kiyotaka x women

Mondo x Mikan

Junko x Mikan

Any incest or pedophilia

Any warriors of hope

Any of the teachers to avoid the pedophilia mentioned above

Kokichi x women

Nagito x women

Byakuya x Toko

Nekomaru x women

Gundham x Sonia

Kazuichi x Sonia

Aside from that all ships are fair game! So send in six random names and I’ll make kids for all their possibilities! They’ll probably get profiles and wikis but I may not keep them all.

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Korekiyo, Rantaro, Kiibo, Shuichi, Kaito, Maki 👀

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awesome, here's all the combos from that:

Korekiyo x Rantaro

Korekiyo x Kiibo

Korekiyo x Shuichi

Korekiyo x Kaito

Korekiyo x Maki

Rantaro x Kiibo

Rantaro x Shuichi

Rantaro x Kaito

Rantaro x Maki

Kiibo x Shuichi

Kiibo x Kaito

Kiibo x Maki

Shuichi x Kaito

Shuichi x Maki

Kaito x Maki