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Tracer's Snake Squeeze

By KingoCrsh
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Character  Tracer
Tracer is exploring the jungle but a momentary distraction causes a hungry python to emerge from the trees and catch her by surprise. The serpent quickly subdues and envelops Tracer in it's powerful coils. Hanging from the trees, Tracer dangles cocooned in layers of thick coils, their slow constricting motion pleasuring every part of her body! The python waits for the last gasps of air to escape her until going in for the the first delicious mouthful...
This was a much longer project than my normal animations. I was commissioned for a minute animation but i might of got carried away with the set up scenes! I found it a little tricky to stitch all of these clips together to be coherent, I'm use to just doing a one-shot scene so had to do a lot of re-shots and alternate angles to make some of the scenes transition properly. Overall, I'm very happy with this! Tracer is so cute to squeeze when she's under hypnosis isn't she? Hope you enjoy luv!

Commissioned for jacketfreak
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Crossfire7Professional General Artist

One of my two favorite animations from you, the other being Zero Suit Squeeze. I love how the coils wrap Tracer up in a thick cocoon of scaly muscle, leaving only her head and feet exposed, and squeeze hard. She's completely helpless and absolutely breathless as the serpent utterly crushes and caresses her sexy curves in its tight, sultry embrace. :p :heart:

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Pls add swallow and digestion to this! ❤

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zookx1Hobbyist General Artist


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If such a beast "hell spawn" would grab you in real life, I don't think it would be nice when your bones break

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karandeep197New Deviant
It sounds stupid but im new and the animation doesn’t work for me is there something i have to do for it to work?
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bythethousandHobbyist Traditional Artist

Well one hero gone. Dozens more to go~!

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This is 150% rewatchable for me.

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sick man

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What, you know no such thing as satisfaction?

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it would be better if he started a girl about what you call "satisfaction" is zoophilia "fetishism" and this is a psychological illness

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Crossfire7Professional General Artist

Damn, that was a tight squeeze! :heart: Good animation! :clap:

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Victor-BoundHobbyist Digital Artist

I'd love to see more swallowing added to these, if you are able to do that!

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SkyradameNew Deviant

Oof. That's some tight squeezing...nice job!

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Excellent animation! But I must say... If she is to be “cocooned,“ a spider needs the honors.

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NarkedHobbyist Traditional Artist

Great animation, but if not for the hypnosis Lena would simply use her speed to vibrate herself loose!Messed-up Mane Simba (The Pythons face after she runs free!)

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PhantomGlineHobbyist Digital Artist


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a really great animation.

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This was so good to watch!

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Wow!!! Best snake animation ever!!!

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Wow. What a great story.

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That's the type of cocoon I always wanted to see you do 🥰 congrats on the work

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this is pretty nice

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