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RoZi is Live!

By KingoCrsh
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Character  RoZi
Ro-Zi's pet giant snake seems to get a little restless cooped up in this little apartment all day and does everything it can to have Ro-Zi's attention. Even if that means pulling her away from streaming video games and wrapping her up in a playful squeeze! I don't think she minds it though, sounds like she enjoys the company. Wait, we were broadcasting this whole time!! Why are so many people watching all of a sudden!?

Animation commissioned by joKen
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1920x1080px 25.34 MB
© 2020 KingoCrsh
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trumpetkingProfessional Writer

Please tell me there’s a bit more? Maybe with a ”bad“ ending? :3

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Such a lovely scenario. :heart:

Her expression, her little coos and pleasurable gasps, the sound of the coils as they slide and squeeze...

I really hope she doesn't meet an untimely end after this-? :(

You just earned both a :+devwatch: and a 3D Llama Badge from me for this one. I look forward to more pleasurable coils and sensations from you!

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Does anyone know if RoZi here is an OC or if she's from a game or something?

EVAUnit4A's avatar

The more important question is: How old is she?

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I'm betting 18+. But I share your concern with the "ages" of some characters in fetishy situations on this site as well. Many great pics I have disqualified from my collections for this very reason.

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You know, I never get this. I guess I'm just getting old.

EVAUnit4A's avatar

Oh, the times, they are a changin'

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Is she an OC character or from a game or series?

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O how I wish that was me.

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bythethousandHobbyist Traditional Artist

This is some good stuff. Very hot!

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Can you have Khaldia playfully squeezing all the girls from Azellea to Lara Croft and Jill Valentine to Miss RoZi here? Please?

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Someone explain something to me.

The description says that the clip is 25.34MB, but DA only shows you a version that's half that size. Why? What's the point of telling me that the uploaded version is of higher quality without showing it to me?

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KingoCrshHobbyist Digital Artist

Mmm thats some sweet compression. Download link is now in the description my son.

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That's very nice of you. Thank you.

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I don't get it either

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love the chubbing of her cheeks at the big squeeze. i love every animation you do

IpMan0315's avatar

awesome. truly!

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Very lovely. And a nice idea with the hiss in the background.

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What game was she playing?

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ScarletRopeHobbyist Digital Artist
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Makes sense XD

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Id love to see a full length version of this, so sexy! I’d love to be squeezed in those thick coils

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Agreed. Gotta see this taken to the next level for something more intimate than what can be shown on :devart: .

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