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Claire gets a squeezing!

By KingoCrsh
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Character  Claire Redfield
Claire Redfield investigates a T-Virus lab filled with test subjects. Little does she know one of those subjects is about to coil up her body for a little hug! Try as she might, there's no way to break out of this python's immense squeeze!

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timmysorosHobbyist Writer

very hot, kinda wish I could join in and be squeezed and swallowed with her

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This looks great! I personally do not like the model they used for Claire in RE2R and find this more appealing.

If you don't mind me asking, what program do you use to animate?

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Unbelievably hot!!!

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where is the end of the tail?

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Great work

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i love the great variety of sounds that I'm hearing

Music to my ears ;P

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Mmhmm nice tighting sounds

ChrobinCormillaLover's avatar

Precious bean right here.

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I don't like how there was no tail-end either. It kind of took me out of the fantasy. Also, how come the snake kept uncoiling?

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I think it’s really hard to animate with a tail, there’s so much movement in it

kaaslave's avatar

You don't have to move it (any more than around their neck), do you?

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It still has to move as much as the rest of the animated coils, it’s a separate skeletal structure for framing aside from the other loops

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The animation is smooth and well done. You have been doing excellent work lately, and I quote enjoy that!

I do have two criticisms. One, I'm not quite a fan of this Claire Model you used. Her face is just a bit to... angular. But, knowing you, that will undoubtedly improve as your other models have!

Second, I don't like how there is no end of the tail. While the textures of the snake are visible, and the muscle animation is fantastic, I still feel as though she's being squeezed by individual loops than a whole snake. I have no doubt there are limitations to the software, so you are doing amazing with what you have! Just would be nice to see the tail looping around like the OG Kaa enocunters.

In any case, keep up the good work! 😊

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bellysnugglestoriesHobbyist Traditional Artist

I know I ain't Kingo but the reason why the face looks different was because the actual Claire model from RE 2 remake didn't have very good facial animations so they reconstructed the face and such - I personally I think they did a great job with that~

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Like I said, working what he had! I understand :)

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filiboltHobbyist Artist

Such a nice squeeze!

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This is so smooth, you’ve got your process down perfectly!

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What a cutie! :D

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bellysnugglestoriesHobbyist Traditional Artist
I am so happy I commissioned this!!!! You did a great job!!!!
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