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Not on here, but in RL :  Image Link…

Re-doing my work area on new years.  I came across an interesting thing, I found ten years worth of journals.  As a personal thing, I carry a journal/sketchbook with me in case some idea pops into my head that I have to jot down.  They also are very useful for prices, grocery lists, plot-outs of things to do, etc.  So I've had them over the years, and have customized some a lot while leaving others plain.

Some have ideas I later turned into stories, others data about important things I've long forgotten, a few Computer codes, html addresses, important passwords, etc.  Pure nostalgia trip.

It's an interesting transitory point, for this last year I've become addicted to "Moleskine" journals sold at bookstores, not that I'm above fixing those up either.  The reason is for the same one I went to the spiral binders from loose pieces of paper and supermarket plain pads.  When I started out, the "Book" format sketch journals were so cheaply and lousy printed (despite high price for good paper) that they kept closing shut and I was fighting to keep the things open even writing and scanning was a nightmare.  However, the ring binders get bent out of shape too quickly, snag things, etc.  So I went to Moleskine because I could open them all the way with no penalty and I could scan from them with little frustration.  Got a large format one to itemize my "Muzik" projects, but I'm not through sprucing that one up.

So it's a "Transitory" thing, I started seriously in 99 and transitioned away from spiral bound stuff in 09 for personal journals.

Oh, and a link for the "Music" mention:…
Just some Japanese game they'll probably never import, but the music's nice...
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Just wanted to put something up other than last month's "No Computer" one.  I'm wired, and I got a MIDI hookup, I'm dangerous again!!!

So, while I finish up my next ways to inflict frustration on the world that causes me pain-whoops!- "Artistic Visions" I put up a favorite toy I've had since WAAAYYYY back....

Just in hopes someone will have any idea what it is:…

My Dad bought it for me as a gift from a toy store in San Fransico way back in the late 70s or early 80s. The box was in 100% japanese and Dad never was into those cartoons, it was just an import gift. Well, I kept this toy a long time. Lost one of it's wings and the little missile launcher attachment, but overall a sturdy toy. It seems to crudely transform into some kind of hovercraft/spaceship though I remember the box showed it sliding on water.

I'm not an expert on "Giant Robot" anime/manga, though I've watched enough shows I'm fairly certain this isn't from the major ones like Gundam, Macross, Transformers, etc. It's WAY too well made for the latter. The "Art" of this seems to have a different "Vibe" if you know what I mean.

So, anyone who can point it out, I'd be really thankful.


Thanks so much to: ~illogictree

It's "Orguss" from "Super Dimension Cetury Orguss" and knowing the name I even looked up a YouTube Vid for it.… interesting feeling.  This is a toy I played with to death as a young kid, but never saw (or thought they'd import) the TV show to it...
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Comp's power supply broke...  

So I just grabbed one off an older system...

And it worked except that the HDD used a newer connection...  So I got on a different computer and ordered one.  And what I thought was 1 week for delivery turned out to be a "Head Start" to disappointment.  One simple part and the company waited forever to order it.  Since I was busy with work, I kept putting the issue off.  On hindsight I'd have just let "Best Buy" scalp me for a new power supply, not even Radio Shack had the adapter parts and the salespeople at both places unimpressed me with any knowledge.  Ended up being a month.

Seeing where the cords went, I now know if I'd just cut the connector from the first power supply and spliced by color it would have worked also...  I also know why it took so long now, the instructions on the part package were all in Chinese.  Some "3rd party" waiting for the boat of "Slave made goods flom amiable venelable Cathay" to arrive...

But it put things in perspective.  I'd been wasting a lot of time pointlessly browsing and putting off a lot of good projects doing that.  So I practiced art and organized what I wanted to do.
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Obama won!!!

I'd hardly dared hope.  

Frankly, I feared McCain would win by hook or by CROOK and we'd have a disaster.  This country is facing a possible "Great Depression" but most take for granted if things get too bad there will be a "New Deal" or something.  The problem is that our society is structured entirely different than it was when the first hit.  It won't be a matter of just keeping a job or savings, if our economic system crashes we won't be able to buy food for there simply won't be any thanks to the transportation system.  Another depression would destroy America at this point.

But Obama's in and the House and Senate seem poised to be not just majority but "Filibuster-Proof".  That means Obama can indeed bring change.

And I think we DO need caps on wealth.  For instance, when does my right to free speech end?  When I yell "Fire" in a crowded theater for instance.  Where does my right to swing my fist end?  When it hits your face or frankly the physical act of the threat.  So, where does my "Right" to own 50 billion and have a hundred mansions and yachts end?

It ends when I take the food from the mouths of my fellow countrymen, when I take the money from their pockets, when I devour their labors and leave them with debt.  The elites have had it too good for too long and as evidenced by the Wall Street obscenity they can never, ever have enough.  They need to be cut down when they get too high.  I'd rather have it a thousand times easier to become a millionaire than lose that chance for the pretense of a chance of becoming a "Billionaire".

For, what truly does man need?

How simple and how profound a question.

For starters, man needs food, shelter, etc.  Above that, man needs friends, family, companionship.  Ultimately, man need a purpose, a reason to exist, a place in society.

Wealth in excess is pointless.  And, it has been proven, wealth in excess is every bit as challenging to a man's soul as dire poverty.  Look again at the rich elites, at the big corporations.  You'd think after making so much money by sending jobs overseas, getting subsidies since it COST MORE to do that, they'd be satisfied, but no they work on sending the few jobs remaining overseas with no care who will be able to buy their products.  And their trade practices, they literally starve babies to death by "Giving" mothers breast milk formula, just enough to let the mother's milk dry up.  Then they charge full retail price for the formula and the families can't afford it so the babies starve.

The Prophet Isa said "It is more difficult for a rich man to get into heaven than to pass a camel through the eye of a needle."  And he also said "They have ALREADY received their portion!"
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Arthur C. Clarke died today...

He was one of my favorite writers, actually my favorite 'hard science' science fiction writer.  

There's ordinarily a rule;  Scientists aren't good science fiction writers.  Oh, many sci-fi writers have some background in science, most notably the late Asimov in Chemistry, but Clarke worked as a Scientist his entire adult life and beyond.  He's credited for inventing the communications satellite, for example.  

The rule is; Soldiers write puke war stories, virgins write the best porn, historians write horrible historical fiction especially 'romances' and last but not least, scientists are not good science fiction writers.

And Clarke broke that.  He has about 100 books in print, and some of the best and enduring science fiction.  The one that made him famous was of course the "2001" series.  But lots of his other works remained popular in science fiction circles and as technology makes "Special Effects" cheaper, more will see visulization.  Most likely his "Rama" series for the next effect.

Towards the latter part of his life, he settled in Sri Lanka and continued to write and think and communicate with a new generation of artists, writers and scientists.  One of his best novels, and one I feel will become his most visionary, is "The Fountains of Paradise" set in a fictional Sri Lanka and about the building of a space elevator, a project that will mark the beginning of a true space era should mankind go ahead with it.

Briefly, he had a scandal, when a British Tabloid published a report he was having sex with young boys, but he quickly overcame that, to begin with by pointing out medical proof he hadn't been 'functional' for ten years in that area.  The tabloid backed down with him following with a Libel suit, the proceeds to go to children's charities.

But he loved Sri Lanka and its people loved him.  Especially after the Tsunami where he used his fame and contacts to get as much charity as he could for his neighbors and he opened the doors of his rather large house to as many refugees as it could hold.  If he had been younger, he'd have picked up a hammer to help people re-build, but the charity he raised did much more.

His last message was a call for peace in that country and its neighbors.

I'm really sad that he died, though he lived a long and full life.  And for somewhat selfish reasons.  One of my "In Development" projects was to use 3DCG to animate one of his short stories, "Exile of the Aeons".  My RL schedule, I'm prone to 'vaporware' so for important stuff I talk about them minimally until I finish them.  I'd mostly got it storyboarded, just working out the character designs and some 3D models.  I was hoping to complete it, or at least show him the first few minutes of it, before he passed away...

I'll do some soul searching and if I'm still in the mood to do it, I'll finish it, though it'll take months.  And I'll put it on YouTube and on my website, but the "Tip" jars and such will lead to Clarke's charities.
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Pan's Labyrinth

Fri Feb 2, 2007, 7:55 PM
MirrorMask with an even better, though much darker story.

Just saw "Pan's Labyrinth" today.  Took forever to get out to Montana, but finally...  Anyways, I won't spoil the film for anyone, just say it was everything I hoped it would be.

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Some fanart

Sat Apr 16, 2005, 8:25 PM
Some fanart

Thanking a buddy, Jmsnooks for some fanart… he did of "Brad Dougall, the Wampyre Lord" from a story I've written and will soon upload, "No Steaks, Please!"  Nice vision of my character, a scientist who cured one disease but created another that mimicked ancient legend, and now finds himself at evil's helm in an ancient struggle, despite being a rationalist agnostic.

Originally, I enviosioned him as a combination of Uncle Fester and Rune, but I'll use some of this design...
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Devious Journal Entry

Wed Apr 13, 2005, 1:23 AM

Just got Tori Amos's "The Beekeeper" CD.  I'm totally in love again, she has a perfect album that gets better, not worse, with repeated listenings.  The whole album grows on you and has a grand message that it would be a disservice to attempt to describe here.

Only got the regular CD, though the deluxe one has flower seeds with it. I'm all for personal plant growing, working on a large tomato garden this year.
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Mon Mar 14, 2005, 12:38 AM
I'd guess I'll make a comment about March and stuff. St. Patties and Leprecauns and all that.

Well, spring is emerging though any sprouts had better stay inside till mid-april at least (if you live in Montana) 'cause there are nasty cold snaps when you least expect them.

On this month I'm reflecting about my heritige, a cross of Irish and Celtic primarily.  It's pretty funny, 'cause last month I saw a flood of 'black history' with black people whining how 'opressed' they were.  Well, I don't mean to be insensitive, but the Britons PRACTICED on my kin for nigh a THOUSAND years before they took a whip to a single African back.  Yet, sooner or later, I figure they'll get 'reperations' passed through so I'll have to pay even more taxes that the few remaining wealthy southerners will doubtless find a way to dodge to give someone a check that won't begin to cover the injuries done.  And no one in my family EVER owned a slave or held a whip to a black man's back, matter of fact they also avoided hurting Native Americans.

But, hey, get 'reperations'.  Maybe I'll write a letter to the Queen asking for land and titles that may have been stolen from my distant relatives.  I mean, they toss bombs around in Eire, but has anyone got around to just writing her a nice letter?

St. Patties is a load of Blarney, there NEVER being any Snakes in Eire. Still, people like their green beer and to hold on to what little heritage hasn't been raped away by the Britons. This month is a time to explore it.

Go and download Jethro Tull's "Cup of Wonder", ok? "Songs from the Wood" album.
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