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My only problem is that the wolf's claws behind the false red's legs are distracting. For a moment I thought she was wearing some kind ...

As an experimental piece in animation it is incredible. Both stunning, believable and inspiring. My only criticism is what/how is such ...


Coloring Druillet esque experiment
Coloring experiment. The sincerest form of flattery to Phillipe Druillet, a style I'm experimenting with.  Stuff from the 70s with watercolor thrown up onto the page for scifi/magic/psychedelic effects. This is just coloring, to see if its worth the time to do stuff in that style. Deliberately quick, simple spaceship.  So far I'm ok with it.

Rebelle 3 for the fluid effects, including stencils for suns/moons
Simple lineart vector for ship.
Paintstorm studio for excellent starfield brushes
Final assembly Affinity photo
Starfield for practice with tablet. Rebelle 3 for fluid simulation/nebula effects. Paintstorm studio for quick stars utility for background stars.
Huion Kamvas GT 191 practice
For my Birthday got this screen tablet and have been using it about a week.
Love it.

Overall easy to install, works with all my software - I have two monitors and it flawlessly worked from the auxillary HDMI output.  Works with same response as Wacom and UNLIKE my Wacom Intuous Pro tablet I don't have to re-install the driver 3x a week with it randomly going to max pressure...  Same price as I paid for said thing 1 year back.

This is a simple image I did to part test the re-installed Clip Studio Paint package...
I did this in 30 minutes using a pre-rendered 3d image (it even has 3d figures in the program!) and layers, brushes, etc.  Final edit for slight perspective with Affinity photo.
Works with all my art software but ClipStudio is the best for me since I'm line/illustration heavy and it'll handle thousands of brush strokes without turning them into a muddy mess like "Painting" based software does.
Also ready to make panels, export to Manga, etc. in the pro pack I bought in a sale years ago.  Had to spend an evening running repairs, scans on an ancient drive to retrieve the serial # but beat buying a $300 software again!  I got it for much less years ago but didn't use it much due to being too busy and working on other things.


1 - Poser - Load Darkseal's Manga Doll - make generic flight pose
2 - render only figure against green back
3 - seperate figure and export to .png with transparent around figure.
4 - import to clip studio.  Sensible layers for tracing, coloring, special effects like hair.
5 - do the line work
6 - color the figure
7 - add effects like hair with special time saver brushes, same for backgrounds, fairy dust
8 - export to edit
9 - Affinity photo - tweaked the color/perspective a little but was good to go regardless

Again - 30 minutes total, maybe 45 minutes for all of it

And - really I could do similar quicker now - Clip Studio has (stock figures) 3d stuff for basic props to trace in it.  Just was used to rendering figures, printing them out, using a lightbox...then scanning to color under - again problems with wacom.

Now, wouldn't want this Anime/Manga cutie used as practice to run into Shah-Azir - just a practice image.  Will be doing more detailed line art soon and using this software to make some Shah-Azir: Exile of Irem Mangas and story illustrations at long last!
Rampaging Cyclops riding extinct rhinocerous
In the times before the Great Flood there were many Cyclops, part of the experimentation the "Descended Ones" did on the flesh of man after direct breeding resulted in immense titans that touched the sky.  The Cyclops were meant to have human potential but divine presence but failed in both aspects, having low intelligence but incredible brutality and an endless lust for violence and flesh, especially that of man...

Part of the background for my "Shah-Azir, Exile of Irem" storyline coming soon...
Creative Journal 2017-2018
I like to decorate my artistic journals. These days I find it productive to have a separate journal to just draw. Like late at night with a paused YouTube/DVD or Pinterest picture. Just drawing practice. Then I put creative projects separate in a different one. That way drawing for practice alone doesn't interfere with stuff I'm working on. Also I just go forward with drawing practice but I frequently reference the creative works, I might jot down the idea for a story and come back to it much later...

Also I advise Kamar varnish - even on crude sketches to protect them from scuffing.


Maxx Feral
United States
Current Residence: Montana
Favourite genre of music: Progressive Rock
Favourite style of art: Anime
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Wallpaper of choice: Misc Anime pics, usually cheescake
Favourite cartoon character: Naga the Serpent from "Slayers"
Not on here, but in RL :  Image Link…

Re-doing my work area on new years.  I came across an interesting thing, I found ten years worth of journals.  As a personal thing, I carry a journal/sketchbook with me in case some idea pops into my head that I have to jot down.  They also are very useful for prices, grocery lists, plot-outs of things to do, etc.  So I've had them over the years, and have customized some a lot while leaving others plain.

Some have ideas I later turned into stories, others data about important things I've long forgotten, a few Computer codes, html addresses, important passwords, etc.  Pure nostalgia trip.

It's an interesting transitory point, for this last year I've become addicted to "Moleskine" journals sold at bookstores, not that I'm above fixing those up either.  The reason is for the same one I went to the spiral binders from loose pieces of paper and supermarket plain pads.  When I started out, the "Book" format sketch journals were so cheaply and lousy printed (despite high price for good paper) that they kept closing shut and I was fighting to keep the things open even writing and scanning was a nightmare.  However, the ring binders get bent out of shape too quickly, snag things, etc.  So I went to Moleskine because I could open them all the way with no penalty and I could scan from them with little frustration.  Got a large format one to itemize my "Muzik" projects, but I'm not through sprucing that one up.

So it's a "Transitory" thing, I started seriously in 99 and transitioned away from spiral bound stuff in 09 for personal journals.

Oh, and a link for the "Music" mention:…
Just some Japanese game they'll probably never import, but the music's nice...
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