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My only problem is that the wolf's claws behind the false red's legs are distracting. For a moment I thought she was wearing some kind ...

As an experimental piece in animation it is incredible. Both stunning, believable and inspiring. My only criticism is what/how is such ...


Sick of the stupid sh-t
This is what the "Left vs right" so called "Debate" is.

A cruel puppet show designed to get both sides fighting really hard, but accomplishing nothing.

Hardly new.

"Divide and Conquer" has been the controller's oldest trick.
Space Worm practice
From practice book - watercolors and gouache - practicing another creature for inclusion in a cover.
Think Ace Double scifi covers.
nephilim rampage
From my upcoming "Shah-Azir: Exile of Irem" storyline.

In the latter age, about a century before the flood there were still nephilim in the earth and even after that period though far fewer.  Many thousands of years before the 'present' time of the story (about 12,000 B.C.) but also many thousands of years after the "Eden Experiment" failed there was a "Golden Age of Man".  It was ruled by the children of Watchers who broke their commandments and gave mankind power and knowledge forbidden.  These beings, close descendants of "Those who descended" went mad after a few thousand years and grew monstrous and devoured man and each other until at last there was a great war with each other and their parents.  Most of these beings were destroyed or bound or banished in a great war called "The war of the Gods and Giants" that would influence later stories like the "Titanomachy".

In the time of the Shah-Azir stories these beings are very rare and often bound at least unconcsiously in waste-lands, remote islands, the far north and south and even underground.  When they do emerge it is in their endless search for food, destroying or devouring all in their path...
Oldie but a goodie
Old political carton I made.

I'm against "Politically Correct" and "SJW" issues.
It is not really anything, "Sexist", "Macho" whatever...

Rather I see real good progressive progress that people lived and died for for literally centuries being undermined by a very strong propaganda push.  It's nothing new.  "Divide and Conquer" is the controller's oldest and best used method.  Get two groups fighting, sell weapons to either group then come in and rob them or enslave them after they fight for a while and weaken themselves.

It was good - in the 60s and 70s there was huge progress for Women and the rights of non-white people.

But the elites expanded shipping jobs overseas and tolerating illegal labor.  Jobs can be relocated to ramshackle factories that could burn down or collapse and are full of enslaved children - yet there are no tariffs or trade barriers.  Often the same 'manufacture' uses the same machines, equipment, copies the technology and there are 'knock offs' that are often the same product but different bar code in the same big box store.  The companies know about it and again we pay for it "Subsidies" aka "Corporate Welfare".

By the way, most of these countries heavily tax or block our products - especially CHINA.  They actually fined or jailed people who with their own money at a higher expense imported powdered baby formula.  The state sponsored ONLY company was so incompetent that poison was put in, killing many babies.  But want to stop the "Foreigner Filth" (US) from destroying their country's economy with a higher expense non-poisoned baby food.  And they still had the "One child" rule then with no retirement fund so that kid was critical...  Some countries don't block imports or tariff them - like Haiti - where they literally EAT DIRT...not kidding, look it up.

And Trump is NOT a "Great white savior" - he could with the military block the Chinese imports and with the pardon "Shoot on sight, I shall pardon you" stop illegal immigrants.  But, nope, only tax breaks for the richest of the rich - anyone like your deductions this year?  He won't dare really step on their toes, though saying he would to get elected was ok.

This image is one I did a while back but with "Me Too" and all the screaming, shrieking trash can throwing Femi-NOTs as or more relative.

Equality was good.  Protection from abuse and battery.  Expansion of ability to take a leading role.
I'm all for that.

But it has been turned into a "War against white males" and the argument framed again as one side versus another.
Divide and Conquer.

There IS plenty to be mad about.

Like how the Man and Woman both work - AND - them working separately even though both have college more often than not now - both work separately and earn LESS than "A man working alone" did in even the 70s...  Especially the 50s.  Doubling the workforce, exporting jobs, importing illegals and bashing unions while preserving corrupt poltics.

But "Men evil MEN are earning more than me!!!"

"Don't worry, toots, I'll lower his wage as fast as I can!!!"

I did that years before "Screaming Trash Can Throwing college girl" went viral, but more relevant now than ever...

We need to break the "Binary" thinking and look into the roots of our problems.
Finding an exact sense of ideology so you have a "Side" - that is only "Ignorance is Strength"



Maxx Feral
United States
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Favourite genre of music: Progressive Rock
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Favourite cartoon character: Naga the Serpent from "Slayers"
Not on here, but in RL :  Image Link…

Re-doing my work area on new years.  I came across an interesting thing, I found ten years worth of journals.  As a personal thing, I carry a journal/sketchbook with me in case some idea pops into my head that I have to jot down.  They also are very useful for prices, grocery lists, plot-outs of things to do, etc.  So I've had them over the years, and have customized some a lot while leaving others plain.

Some have ideas I later turned into stories, others data about important things I've long forgotten, a few Computer codes, html addresses, important passwords, etc.  Pure nostalgia trip.

It's an interesting transitory point, for this last year I've become addicted to "Moleskine" journals sold at bookstores, not that I'm above fixing those up either.  The reason is for the same one I went to the spiral binders from loose pieces of paper and supermarket plain pads.  When I started out, the "Book" format sketch journals were so cheaply and lousy printed (despite high price for good paper) that they kept closing shut and I was fighting to keep the things open even writing and scanning was a nightmare.  However, the ring binders get bent out of shape too quickly, snag things, etc.  So I went to Moleskine because I could open them all the way with no penalty and I could scan from them with little frustration.  Got a large format one to itemize my "Muzik" projects, but I'm not through sprucing that one up.

So it's a "Transitory" thing, I started seriously in 99 and transitioned away from spiral bound stuff in 09 for personal journals.

Oh, and a link for the "Music" mention:…
Just some Japanese game they'll probably never import, but the music's nice...
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