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Zeena the zeti by JesseSmash32
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Y'know, as beyond mind-blowing, and fucking kickass as the Great Frey Smash Brothers Special Direct (yes, I'm using the original Japanese name, [Emote] Spongebob Deal With It) trailer was, one thing I was absolutely not overly fond of was that Sound Test menu is STILL designed in that stupid YouTube style where the music track doesn't loop over, and over like in the previous games (and most Sound Tests in general), and instead it just has a limitation, which is incredibly bullshit, obnoxious, disappointing, no idea how this happened when they've gotten it right many times before... Marina (Facepalm) Though, I am really glad that you can now once again select music/songs by category from certain video game franchises like in Brawl, which is the way it should've been in Smash 3DS/Wii U in the first place (that's one of the reasons why I still preferred Brawl more than Smash 4)! Shiro Nod Icon Oh, and one more thing that annoyed me (and this is a very minor nitpick), in the English version of the trailer during the cg trailers says at the bottom of the screen "Not actual gameplay footage", I honestly don't know why everything that's advertised in the US has to state the freakin' obvious "Not actual gameplay footage", Do not attempt", "Figures do not talk", like we're fucking morons, it's like no fucking shit, Sherlock, of course we know that! GIF Steven Universe - Facetable I really wish they would stop doing that because this is getting beyond annoying at this point... JonTron - It's Awful. 
Just to let everyone know that if you've drawn Ms. Chalice (who was once the floating, chalice-headed, woman spirit who would give Cuphead, and(or) Mugman special abilities (or something, can't remember) for saving her in each bonus stage), who's the upcoming playable DLC character for the video game, Cuphead, fat, there's this annoying troll named R-Box-DA who apparently comments a link to a video, that says something negative about the drawing he just commented on to insult the artist, for, no apparent fucking reason, he's already done it to :iconanastimafilia:, and has gone into a "war" on one of his status updates showing a screenshot of him getting into an argument with ana (even though he's done nothing wrong, and he was the one who started it), and showing his "audience" the "cancer" part of DeviantArt (fetish art is not cancer, it's a deadly disease, ya immature dummy) (you can go on R's profile to see for yourself, just be warned; it's cringey beyond belief), and he's showing the EXACT same, annoying thing to all the other innocent artists, such as :iconsuperspoe:, :iconsolitaryscribbles:, :iconedgeofmind:, and even :iconoda-lee:, again, no reason, than to be a dick, and, keep in mind, so far, he ONLY doing this to all the fat Ms. Chalice drawings, but, nothing else as far as I can see, and there's this other obnoxious jerk named EyePodNation, who's also in just about, if not, in every fat Ms. Chalice drawing too, so, yeah, I would just block, and try to report them off DA IF you can... Y'know, I wouldn't even be surprised if they were both from that godawful website, Encyclopedia Dramatica either... :P Oh, and also block, and try to report Sannoji off DA as well, he's also spewing hate comments on people's fetish art, for, no reason! Are you really that surprised? XD
Just found out yesterday on CNN that Anthony Bourdain passed away at only the age of 61... It's so sad...

R.I.P., Mr. Bourdain, you will be missed. I'll be your huckleberry! Rose Rose Bullet - F2U! Icon - Bouquet 
So, I just found out today that :iconvancarcharias:, :iconluckydreamstar:, :iconmintcupcakedreams:, and :iconrewritingriceball: have deactivated their accounts..... WHY?! Crying Yugi icon Not only that, but, :iconbloobaydrawings:, and :iconthe-starboy: had their accounts banned..... WHY?! What did they do wrong to deserve this.....?! Komari Kamikita (Crying) [V5] 

It's so sad we've been losing so many great people lately...  

Let's just hope, and pray more talented artists/writers don't leave/get banned from this site (especially banned)..... Deadpool - Crying 
I've actually been very tempted to try, and draw the main cast of SpongeBob SquarePants lately, starting with, of course, everyone's favorite sea-sponge (mine included), SpongeBob SquarePants! SpongeBob (Sexy Love) Don't know when, but, eventually, I'll do it. XD

Just felt like doing something really special for one of my childhood icons! Spongebob (Imagination) 

Hope you enjoy them (whenever I get around to doing them, that is XD)! SpongeBob (Spread the love) [V1] 


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