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Kael'thas Menethil by Nathan Rae by KingNarud2 Kael'thas Menethil by Nathan Rae :iconkingnarud2:KingNarud2 2 0 Arugulo by KingNarud2 Arugulo :iconkingnarud2:KingNarud2 1 1 Imaran Ajam by Nathan Rae by KingNarud2 Imaran Ajam by Nathan Rae :iconkingnarud2:KingNarud2 2 0 Manasa Ajam by KingNarud2 Manasa Ajam :iconkingnarud2:KingNarud2 0 0 Lexiss Porter by Nathan Rae by KingNarud2 Lexiss Porter by Nathan Rae :iconkingnarud2:KingNarud2 0 0 Hugh and Emil by Nathan Rae by KingNarud2 Hugh and Emil by Nathan Rae :iconkingnarud2:KingNarud2 0 0 Nadia Hertz by Nathan Rae by KingNarud2 Nadia Hertz by Nathan Rae :iconkingnarud2:KingNarud2 2 0 A symbol of crossover w.i.p. by KingNarud2 A symbol of crossover w.i.p. :iconkingnarud2:KingNarud2 0 0
Arugulo w.i.p.
Name: Arugulo
Age: Is always 19 years older than he appears, until buu saga.
Appears 10 (season 2)
Appears 15 (Saiyan & Namek saga)
Appears 20 (android saga)
Appears 25 (buu saga-rest of series) (stops aging due to being at physical peek)
Actually 61 (gt)
Theme Song: Dragon Soul by Takayoshi Tanimoto
Like all Saiyans he has black hair and eyes. His hair is styled like Tarble's and he has a goatee. When he first appears he wears classic saiyan armour (like what Vegeta wears during his first appearance).During his second appearance he is dressed like Goku. During his third appearance he is dressed like Piccolo (minus the weighted clothing).During the rest of his appearance he is dressed like Future Trunks. During all of these his tail is wrapped around his waist.
History before Introduction:
Arugulo was born on Planet Vegeta, 10 years before its destruction. He was born an elite and trained alongside some of the best (he had a friendship with Vegeta). His strength allowed him
:iconkingnarud2:KingNarud2 0 0
Kael'thas Menethil w.i.p.
Name: Kael'thas Menethil
Age: 16 (when Wrath of the Lich King starts)
    21 (when Cataclysm ends)
    25 (season 2)
    30 (season 3-4)
Theme Song: O Thanagor from Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne
He carries traits from both sides of his family. From his mother he inherits his ears and his grandfather’s jawline. From his father he inherits the rest (eyes, mouth, and hair).
When Wrath of the Lich King starts Kael'thas dressed like a warlock (Hateful Gladiator's Felshroud) and carried a blue version of the "Illusionary Rod".
After becoming a death knight he wears their armour (blue version of Scourgelord's Battlegear) and gets Glorenzelg, High-Blade of the Silver Hand. He wears a necklace that looks like a miniature version of Frostmourne's sheath during this time. When Lexis meets Kael'thas a miniature version of Frostmourne has been added to the necklace (it is slotted into the miniature sheath) and replaced Glorenzelg with the twin blades Quel'Serrar & Quel'Delar.
:iconkingnarud2:KingNarud2 0 0
Manasa and Imaran Ajam w.i.p.
Name: Manasa Ajam
Age: 16 (season 1-2)
    18 (season 3-4)
Theme Song: Journey to the past by Aaliyah
Appearance: She has long black hair that is usually left down. When she wears her battle armour it is tied in a bun.
When she first appears she wears the Kinetic Society clothing. When she joins the team she swaps these out for her casual clothes which are a more tomboy version of a kimono. Her battle clothes are classic ninja garbs.
In season 3 her casual clothes become a bit more feminine and her battle clothes are more like Sango's (from Inuyasha). At all times a shuriken pouch is attached to her right leg.
History before introduction: Manasa and her brother were found in a forest by 2 monks living and working in a nearby Ninja Academy.  They were raised by the monks and trained in the ninja art by the academy.
Manasa showed great skill in ranged combat and alongside her brother, her master and her best friend formed an unbeatable combo.
Near the end of her training Manasa was kidna
:iconkingnarud2:KingNarud2 1 2
Hugh and Emil MacGhabhann w.i.p.
Name: Hugh MacGhabhann
Age: 16 (season 1-2)
    18 (season 3-4)
Theme Song: Professor Layton’s theme from Professor Layton and the Curious Village
Appearance: Out of the main characters Hugh is the shortest. He has brown hair and eyes and after season 3 is never seen without his visor. When he first appears he wears a suit, not an expensive one. Once he starts traveling with Lexis he wears traveling clothes, though as he is over prepared he has a bag with anything you could possibly want or need when traveling across the globe.
His season 3 outfit is more casual. He wears a jacket over a t-shirts and wears jeans and sneakers. His visor is both a communication device and a data hub so it covers his eyes and ears, though most of the time the eye piece is positioned over his forehead.
Personality: As Hugh is a super genius he can be quite snobbish often pointing out the flaws in others without noticing his own flaws. He has a tendency to bury himself in his work and ignore
:iconkingnarud2:KingNarud2 0 0
Nadia Hertz w.i.p.
Name: Nadia Hertz
Age: 16 (season 1-2)
    18 (season 3-4)
Theme Song: TBA
Appearance: At all times she has shoulder length, wavy, chestnut hair and blue eyes. During her first appearance Nadia wears the uniform of the Kinetic Society (similar to the outfit of Raven from the Teen Titan TV show). During her second appearance during season 1 and throughout season 2 she'll wear a blue denim skirt, black ankle-length leggings, dark green elbow length shirt and a silver charm bracelet.
During season 3 she keeps the charm bracelet but the rest of her outfit changes to a dark blue t-shirt with a black denim jacket, black boots(tops are higher than the ankles dark blue jeans(ending just above the boots)  
Personality: Nadia was privately tutored by her father who raised her to be a proper lady. He was very protective of her and didn’t let her out of his sight. As such, although Nadia is very articulate and book smart, she has no street smarts. She is very curious about the world outside
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Lexis Porter w.i.p.
Name: Lexis Porter
Age: 15 (season 1-2)
    18 (season 3-4)
Theme Song: Who I am hates who I've been by Relient K
Appearance: Lexis stands about 6 foot tall (at 18) and has brown hair & blue eyes. He always wears grey and purple clothes.
He wears a grey denim jacket over a purple t-shirt at 15. These are accompanied by grey jeans and purple Nikes (minus any symbols). Later on he gets a purple bandana that he wears over a special marking on his forehead (resembles an altered version of the yin-yang symbol).
He will exchange the jacket and jeans for a hoodie and track suit bottoms of the same colour,with purple stripes down the arms and legs, when he is 18.He also exchanges the Nikes for converse (without the symbols).
Lexis gets a special weapon that he wears on his wrists. The bracer of it is made of metal and is worn on the right wrist. This is replaced with a special one that blends with his hoodie and a second one is added.
Personality: Lexis is lonely as he has never had
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Recently I took a look at my character's profiles and realised that they need a lot of work. I changed the titles of the profiles I've posted to w.i.p. and added extra sections. I'm still looking for people to design the characters but I hope my changes will make it easier for people to draw them. I also decided to give every character a theme song. If any one has any suggestions for a song please feel free to give them. And if you want to send me any designes please feel free to contact me.
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