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KingMonster's avatar's been too fact it's been WAY TOO LONG.

I just need to get some things off my chest.  This is gonna be hard.  I really don't know how to start...

Yo know what? I'll just start by saying this....

To anyone still watching this clueless idiot, THANK YOU.

Seriously, thank you.  I'm glad that people still like my stuff enough to still come by.  Whether its to watch and fav old comics and go through the archives or just to randomly look at my silly monster art, thanks.

In fact, two people I have to give big thanks to are :iconjackhammer86: and :iconanjanimates-mmd: for showing the love that they have for my character, Synthea.  I'm sorry I've been slow about responding, but I really appreciate that you appreciate Synthea.  Even if the art is tracing some of my old pictures of her, I can really see that you really care about the comic.  Thank you.  Sorry if it seems I was being unresponsive and callous, but thank you. 

I've been doing waaaaaay too much with the little time I've got and been doing things that I probably shouldn't have know what...I'm telling this wrong.

Let's rewind a bit.  It's the morning of March 26, 2015, my birthday, and I'm coming in from work (I work the night shift at a distribution center).  I walk in and my little brother greets me on the way in.  As he does, he hands me this box.  I was expecting may be a eshop card for my 3ds.  The box was too big for that.  "Okay, maybe it's some art supplies to practice with", I say to myself.  Not even close.  Turns out, it was a Surface Pro 3 tablet.  A particular tablet that's pretty good for artist.  My brain nearly exploded trying to process it.  Needless to say, I'll probably never be able to make up this gift for my bro.  He's awesome like that.  Specially since mr. 32 year old me was having a tougher time getting my but out of bed.

Anyway,  once I had returned to Earth, my thoughts turned to one mindset.  "I MUST INSTALL ILLUSTRATOR ON THIS."

Skipping the part where I was ranting about not wanting to be nickel and dimed for Creative Cloud, I finally was able to put Illustrator CS6 on here.  Of course, once I find myself with such awesome power FINALLY, my job decides, "HEY!  LET'S SHOOT UP THE WORK LOAD FOR THE NEXT FEW MONTHS AND BE SURE TO DRAIN THE CREATIVE ENERGIES OUT OF THAT JEREMY FELLAH'!  HE AIN'T USING EM'!"

It also didn't help that I lost too many of the notes for rebooting Synthea while I was cleaning my room.  I also kept' going to youtube to drown my sorrows after several depressing days, here and there.

In any case, this has to change.  My brother has given me an amazing means of getting things done.  I just gotta' work on the means of seeing them through and hopefully, no more excuses.  I owe all of you so much and now that my dream is relegated back to 'hobby' status I really shouldn't be holding back.

Here's to some good to be done in 2015.  All of you stay awesome.
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Is there a way to purchase the full version of a Illustrator without being Nickel and Dimed into submission?  I REALLY DON'T WANT CREATIVE CLOUD!!!

Also, hi guys.  Sorry for being dead.
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Well, that's all the pictures up to date inspired by Freakyforms in my scraps and in the file 'Cyberterra'.

You know, I actually took a break and went through some of the old sketches I have in the gallery.  I noticed that I've gone back and forth on the robot fixation many times before.  Although, it's stronger now due to all the source material I've been looking at, as of late.  Wonder if it will really go anywhere...

Anyway, thanks for the faves and interest in my gallery, yal'.  Happy to have experiment with some of these ideas.
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Robot Fixation

2 min read
It happens.  It can hit you when you least expect it.  It can change worlds.


It mostly started for me because of randomly looking at the anime series GaoGaiGar and loving the story.  It mostly started after replaying an old favorite Gamecube game called Gotcha Force and just playing the crap out of that until I picked up the Wii gem known as Excitebots and getting hooked on that for a bit, until eventually I went on to games like Solatorobo and even Steamworld Dig.  It mostly started for me from getting back into Transformers and going out and collecting old episodes on DVD.  It mostly started after Gurren Lagan, Gravion, Fafnir and older Gundam series (Like Stardust memory and 0083) got me to love em' again.  It mostly started for me when I started fooling around on the 3DS game Freakyforms Deluxe and wanted to do cartoon robots while trying to work on fixing up Synthea.

Which gets into the things I've been submitting into my scraps lately and into a new folder that I'm dubbing, Cyberterra, which is based on the little (and big) robot creatures I made while fooling around in the game.

Some part of me does want to make a comic out of what I make and post here, but for now I'm just using it as a way to pump life back into my gallery and so you guys don't think of me as some zombie corpse that occasionally rises from the dead to feast on living flesh again.  BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE CRAZY.

Seriously though, I'm really grateful that I can still get attention here even with the lack of posts.  Right now, I'm also considering making mini comics for Synthea just to keep interest in the character alive while giving myself time to make an important decision.

To keep going, to reset and hope for the best, or just hit the power switch to off.

Either way, thank you, everyone.
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Wow...can't believe I stayed away from this place for about/over a year.  Really should change that shouldn't I?

Maybe submit some work doodles or something.

Or maybe try to work on something that's long over due to be updated...Nah.  I don't have anything like that.

Still, I feel a lot better and a whole lot less angsty than I was at the start of this year, considering I hit a deer.

Hopefully, I can actually get my crap together now with out all the inner self hate getting in the way.
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