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Synthea page 206

Looking back on it...I can't believe it took me this long to get back on and finish this page...

...the sad part is, it'll probably be longer before the next one.

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"the sad part is, it'll probably be longer before the next one."

That is the sad truth my friend. I really liked your comic series of Synthea. The art was really good and the story and dialogue was funny and engaging. I'm sorry to of heard of your personal troubles, which has caused your once great talent in this artwork to diminish. It has been six years since this page was posted, and sadly I guess you ended on a cliffhanger.

Best of luck to you and thank you for drawing it and writing it this series. 

Page 191 was your finest work in my opinion. A really good image of art.
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Another great comic series in jepardy from impatient fans.  Remember he owes you nothing, and is making this comic of his own free will.
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When is the next update? (yes I am still following that comic.
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So, who's the REAl villain, the semi-honorable Ninja Roach, or the anti-Roach super exterminator, Great comic, I really like it.
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Lets get party this started!
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MOAR!!!! :iconbabyeagerplz:

But, alas, I must learn the cockroach ninja art of patience. :meditate:
how long till the next one
A great comic, read the whole thing in one morning.:lol:
how long till the next and great series
Oh god its finaly here i have been waiting so long i was starting to lose my hopes but it has finaly come cant wait till next page. SYNTHEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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don't make me reprogram you...

hmmm, it was a long wait, but I guess it's worth it, but... even longer?
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It's a real shame. You've got serious talent for this.
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Honestly? Sometimes I wonder...
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No joke. If you could get a graphics novel published that'd be brilliant.
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You do.

Its better than anything I could make.

Like...times 9001.
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haa i can imagine them clawing at the goo like someone trying to pick up a billiard ball with chopsticks
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Oh wow, a long wait, well it was worth it, I almost forgot you we're doing this comic till I looked in my messages.
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Yes another Synthea Comic page!!!!! Hehe looks like the exterminator has caught up to the boss. That should be interesting to see.

Keep up the good work King, hope to see the next one soon!
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Yeah, I was thinking of finally showing off who the exterminator really is.
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Cool, hope we get to see who he is soon.
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yeah, the Synthea-Comics are back!
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well, it has to be a regular update stream for it to be back. I just managed to finally finish this page.
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