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Just tying up a few loose ends.

Ohhhhh~! Watching PAINT DRY! I hope it's a green wall!

*Note: I think this was the better ending. In the alternate one, he would be watching the filler episodes in the next week. *shudder*
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The watching paint dry channel? That's almost as exciting as watching the children's card game channel!
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Now coming up on the children's card game channel...

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Could be worse, it could be that world's version of Bleach and it's filler which I might add are really bad and worse then crap.
At least the Bleach fillers were entire plot-lines, Naruto's post Sasuke retrieval fillers for the most part were two straight seasons of meh. Well at least Shippuden made up for it with the Three-Tails arc.
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"And a draft from the window on the northeast corner is contributing to a faster rate of tackiness on the left side of the field, which is further helped by the older primer underneath. Your take on this, Bob?"

"Well, Jimmy, I don't know about the draft, but the humidity of the last couple days is going to make this a long play. These two-coat jobs are really dependent on local climate in their outcome, and that humidity is going to stand in the way of any remarkable progress until the temperature drops at dusk. We'll probably see a dramatic shift overnight, and if we're lucky, we'll be able to see the second coat started tomorrow morning."

"Right you are, Bob. Right you are."
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Exciting show isn't it? ^_^
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not the paint channel!! it's my one true weakness!!
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It does sound strangely interesting.
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y'know it does...*realizes what i just said* wait, am i high?!
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come on paint! dry like you mean it!
watching paint dry is boring. watching flowers grow. That's a show.
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watch paint dry or ninja beaver. tough call..
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Hmmmmm...that watching paint dry sounds interesting.
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It's Watch Paint Dry or Ninja Beaver fillers.

But then I found that some fillers actually, are not bad.
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