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Rain of Blades

By kingmong
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Apart from Warhammer, I have been working with other fantasy clients, one of such is Paiso Publishing. I was fortunate to be able to be part of the team that delivered artworks for "Path Finder".

I immediately jumped at this piece cause of the description, "Rain of Blades". Being influenced from Hong Kong comic since young, drawing a million swords from one guy's moves has been something I had always wanted to try. So here goes... :D

Used the palette knife brush from before to generate the sense of motion of the piece, do hope you guys enjoy it.

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Startling impression. Very nicely done!
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KenpachiMezaHobbyist Traditional Artist

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Y-O-D-HHobbyist Writer
The title caught my attention too, I really like the way you ran with it.
Thank you for kicking ass.
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Love the movement.
Wonderful piece.
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zaku1986Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This looks incredible fantastic.
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I really like this...... I like the amount of knives falling, and the fact that he has an inscribed back-up blade in his hand just in-case you survive the rain!
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Asparuh13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome! it must have taken a loooooong time to finish this!
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Ryu-GiStudent Digital Artist
"...So as I pray...

Lovely colour palette :D S-o-o-o-o-o-o many blades!!
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freakin AWESOME!

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Epic, ledgend pic
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PanzerZodiarkHobbyist Artist
Awesome work.
"Dodge this!!!"
Nexpill's avatar
OMFG! it's amazing!
thatonekidd94's avatar
who ever got hit by that got pwned...MAJORLY
Just-a-Witness's avatar
dude..i mean duuude...
Garcik's avatar
PRo! Tell me who is it on this picture? Human or Dark Elf? Blades great! I love this picture!
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When I saw this among your W40k stuff I thought it was Khaines 99 blades.

This pic is awesome anyway T_T
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1006Hobbyist Writer
the blade he is holding screams Arthas from Warcraft. he's the only on i've ever seen wielding a blue rune blade... Frostmane.
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dezzoProfessional Traditional Artist
reminds me abit of Wu Ming from Feng Yun
robo-c's avatar
I like it a lot mate this is some real cool stuff, I really like his facial expression you really show he means business!
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A great piece of art :)
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simply amazing :)
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At least that rain won't give you a cold ^^

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konyesz Photographer
I love your art so much. You're such a talented artist. Keep up the good work...:D
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