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Hi all, 

This has been coming for a while now but life has been far too busy for me to keep up with my volunteer duties to a sufficient capacity.

A lot of positive life things that have been happening, to name a few - I bought my first house which I'm working on over time, I'm getting married in August to a lovely lady (whom I actually first started talking to here on dA!), and my job is getting busier and busier by the minute.

Keeping up with all of this with dA on the side just isn't happening right now, so I'm going the way of many volunteers before myself and stepping aside to make room for those who can commit the time to move forward with some exciting times ahead!

It has been a real pleasure and privilege for me to be part of something so amazing. Once again I must thank the team and Moonbeam13 for generally being awesome in my time here as a volunteer. They've given me a lot of support over the years from my time here. I began as a Chat and Forums volunteer and finally moved onto Film and Animation. I've developed some great friendships over time and I'm in touch with many of them outside of dA. :heart:

I'm not leaving dA though, I'll be around and lurking mostly to some capacity, but I can't be here 24/7 like I used to be. One day in future life may settle down again to a point where I can return, but until then I know everything is in good hands.

Cinestress is your number one go to person now for Film and Animation so please continue to send your suggestions to her! I've also handed over the deviantartfilm ownership over to her as it's only right if she's the main lead on it now. I'll be supporting there as part of the group still. She's super keen and enthusiastic so please approach her with any concerns and ideas!

For those of you who want to keep in touch a little more outside of dA just drop me a note and I can send contact details. :)

I can thank a hundred people individually for many reasons, but in the interest of keeping it short and not giving you my whole life story, I'll just to cherry pick a handful -

Moonbeam13 for inviting me to be a part of this. :heart:
deshrubber FixMeKnow Xerces disintegration for being forum buddies and recommending me. :happycry:
Narfmaster DaPineapple BeccaJS Elandria kit-y for the huge amount of support when I first started volunteering :hug:
pica-ae not only for support as above, but helping me with a load of CSS stuff! :salute:

Of course there's more names but I'm sure you all know who you are. :love:

Thanks all, it's been an incredible journey! x

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Congratulations! =) 
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Thank you! How are you! Haven't spoken in a while!
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Good for you. :smooch: screw this place. Real life is where its at, I know first hand, considering I too have a house now and am smitten with being a mom. Best wishes to you. :)
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Hey! It's really good to hear from you! I see that you'll be leaving this place soon, if you want contact details to keep in touch note me and we'll share some form of details!

Other than that I'm glad life has really picked up for you, hope career and family are treating you well! :hug:

I hope no matter what happens life will be excellent to you, you're awesome. :heart:
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Sending you all the love can't wait for wedding pictures! :heart:
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Thank you! Can't wait to share, not long to go now! :D :heart:
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I keep seeing people leave only because I check out the journals and Held Desk for them. There's no official announcement, which makes me sad. Well, I thank you for your hard work and being the one to feature one of my suggestions when no one else would - you were my third and final chance, so thank you so much. :D

Hopefully, we'll get some new volunteers soon. It's way too quiet right now. Thank you for doing so much for the community. It means a lot!
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Perhaps you could once assume I have a plan. As there are a few I intended to do a group announcement while announcing other things. I hope that's fine with you.

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Apologies. I never assumed anything. I was only stating what I noticed. I won’t pretend I know everything going on, but I do believe that everything is fine. I know that it’s a very busy position you have, and so I know there is a lot to be done. But I have faith everything will get done. I just observe. I don’t always communicate effectively, though. I can see how you might think I am questioning what is happening. Sorry that was not clear. ^^; I hope this makes sense, too. 

I look forward to all upcoming announcements. Have a good day. 
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I fully appreciate your concern but you've never been shy of asking me before so I find it strange when you don't come to me first. Public 'thoughts' like this lead to rumors and I like to avoid those :)
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Oh. I think I misunderstood. Or read your reply wrong. I thought you were saying I was assuming something. I was trying to reply that I try not to assume because as the saying goes ‘assume makes an ass out of u and me’. Apologies if I misunderstood. I had just woken up. I should have waited until later to respond. Or asked for clarification. 

I will try to do better. To be honest, I find talking to you can often be intimidating. While I do tend to speak openly, I often feel like I easily offend people when I honestly try so hard not to. I have improved my social skills immensely, but I still have a long way to go. I have tried to improve myself despite my mental handicaps, and I will continue to do so. I apologies if I have said anything I should not have. I will try my best to do better in the future.  
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I apologize if I come off that way :( I'll work on it :)
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Oh no! It’s fine. I have a lot of anxiety, too, and I’m always thinking of how people view me - I hate it when people get mad at me; a PTSD thing, I’m sure. I only ever met you in person once for a few minutes at the 10th anniversary for DA because you were there to greet us and I didn’t know it was you because your name tag was on your back. :XD: If I had known, I would have introduced myself properly- or tried to, at least. Anxiety definitely sucks. ^^;

Anyway, I don’t have much to go on for how to respond and whatnot from that and what I see online doesn’t always show much about personality unless you put extra effort in. But I try my best to pick up on what is and is not okay based off whatever info I am given. It’s not a perfect strategy, so if there are any mistakes or misunderstandings, I do my best to make amends and apologies. I believe being accountable and responsible is very important for relationships. :) 

I think part of what I am anxious about regarding you has to do with my past mistakes - the events that happened during 2014. I don’t want you or anyone else to be mad at me for acting immaturely. I know I was wrong and these days, I try to continue being a better person and improving my social skills. They tend to lack if I’m tired or similar, obviously. ^^; I hope that eventually I won’t feel like I need to worry as much about making errors and misunderstanding what people say. 

I will not blame anyone for my mistakes. I will try to be positive and keep moving forward. And I want to be helpful to others. I hope that I can be an asset to my peers and maybe even a role model to some. I do try my best to be a good person.

Sorry for rambling. I hope this clarifies my intent. Have a good week and more. I look forward to any news and updates. I know very little and only know anything at all because of the CVs who have posted about it. :) I’m excited. And I am also excited for any new CVs coming soon, too. It feels like it has been a while. Hope you’re well, too. :nod:
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I seem to remember we used to do them but I'm ok with it. :)

I'm sure everything will pick up in the not too distant future! Thanks! :D
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