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Concept K-girl I did based on the Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. I love old 50's monster movies and I figured since the The Beast came before even Godzilla it deserves a K-girl. Oh yeah her name is Barbara and she runs the local video store on Neo Monster Island.

EDIT: Bio-
Name: Barbara

Based On: The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

Age: "Let's just say younger then Mandy and leave it at that" *tail whip crack*


Height: 5' 3"

Weight: "You know I heard rumours about Hollywood needing cadavers."

B/W/H: 36/24/34

Likes: Any old Black & White monster movie. Amusement Parks

Dislikes: Light houses, Cops, Guns, Slushies, Aquatic Vechiles.

Favourite Food: Anything made New York style, Donuts, Elephant Ears (The dessert not the actual animal.)

Friends: Musume, Des, Donna,Gigi (helps out in the store.), Anyone who loves the "classics"

Rivals: Eh having rivals is bad for bussiness...ok Dizzy ("Not my fault I didn't have the Matrix right when it hit DVD...")

Special Powers: Thick Scales, Poison Saliva, Very Slight Nuclear Pulse, Sometimes snorts fire if aggitated/arroused/etc. though this isn't something she can do at will.

Weaknesses: Easily blinded, Anti-nuclear/nuclear devices that disrupt her own nuclear pulse, cold.

Background Info: Barbara is the owner of the local video store on Neo Monster Island. She is a resident movie buff and has been known to on occassion teach Film classes at Daikaiju High. Barbara came to the island do to its warmer climate, she is a rare girl for the fact that while she was born in New York, she can't stand cold winters. As the local encyclopedia on every movie ever made, Barbara finds herself in a well liked position with most of the k-girls, expect for Dizzy though the two seem to get along 'relatively fine now'. She also has found friends in Des who reminds her of herself when she was a teenager, Gigi who helps her occasionally in the store, and Musume who she is trying to convert into a fellow movie-holic.
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