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Wyvern-05 Electric Compression Pulse Rifle (Final)

Aw, hell, YEAH, I just did that in two days! Amazing what I can do when I don't have to wait for parts or haggle with the postal office for shipping or follow a guideline. This is the Wyvern-05, my personal Cyberpunk assault rifle. I got SO CLOSE to just screwing up the entire project with this one... twice. First time, I used a paint that spiderwebbed on me and had to change the color of the weapon because of it just to save it. Second time was a doozie; I had actually forgotten to expoxy the stock in. It was just jammed in there so it fit and halfway through painting the hold let go. Woops. But, now she's done, and, I hope you agree, she was worth the struggle. One of my favorite designs yet. And I think it's safe to say I've subverted the faux pas of modding a Longstrike to look like just another slightly better painted slighty better foddered Longstrike. Win.

I'll probably be bringing her to RI ComiCon, so if you're there, look for the walking armory for a business card and a closer look at my work.

EDIT: New "Archive Reborn" photo added June 21, 2013.
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Jun 21, 2013, 10:06:28 AM
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You are fucking amazing at this stuff
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what kind of paint you use
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Rustoleum, Krylon, American Accents, Blick. Plus whatever else is around.
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lol, ok i just found a vulcan in a garage sale and i am want to transformed
I love this so much it almost hurts. lol. endlessly glad to see a LS that is actually different, love the integration. Also I love your gauss rifle, that rack! haha.
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Thanks for the kind words. She's one of my very favorites. :)
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Top-shelf work mate! well done
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VERY nice! I love the seamless combo of the Firefly and the longstrike, very awesome job!
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Thanks, Chief. This one's been damn near the very top of my personal faves list since its creation. :)
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That, sir, is a work of genius! MAD genius perhaps, but genius nonetheless!
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One of my favorites. ^_^
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I can see why... *Thumbs up*
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excelent,can i use it in photomanipulation?
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If proper credit is given, I have no problem with this since it's a personal piece. Please give written credit to "Landgrave Customs Prop Services and More" and, preferably, link back to the original. Thanks and good luck! Can't wait to see it.
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Holy cow man, really a nice, clean and polished work, brilliant execution of the joint between both guns.

Reallly amazing Job,that baby demands a good bunch of led lights
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Epic kitbashing there!
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Thanks! That's my MO. ;p
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Looks really cool, bud! Very nice job getting all that to match up cleanly! :)
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Thanks, Brian, glad you like it. Amazing what some clean body work and a coat of paint can do... but you know that. ;p
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I'm in love.
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Is it Friday already? :p Thanks, glad you like 'er.
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