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Designed by French expatriate Cecil Han for the United States Elite Federal Officers, these weapons had to meet the needs of a very select group. USEFO specialized in protecting the government and its various state branches from terrorists, riots, assassination attempts, and the other threats for the continued safety of the nation as a whole- at least, that’s how it started. Over time, USEFO became the government’s personal military force, carrying out political missions and making sure that the public stayed in line. At the time, the Officers already carried the standard issue military-grade SR-008 Saintmaker, a small-caliber 8-shot pistol with DNALock and homing technology. What was needed, then, was something with a little more kick. The VSR-5 (Vehicle Special Rifle, 5-Shot) had to be sleek, thin, light, and capable of firing huge caliber bullets- a monster with fair accuracy, excellent maneuverability, and undeniable stopping power. A revolver rifle design meant that there didn’t need to be space or weight for clunky magazines or magazine wells. Three tactical rails gave the weapon versatility for scopes and sights- and even bayonets for close combat. The open chamber design allowed for huge anti-vehicle ammunition, while a relatively long compound barrel ensured precision and accuracy. Because of the Officers’ zealousness in using these weapons, many people said that “when you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail, and we’re the nails”. The piece was thus colloquially called “The V-Hammer”.

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Awesome use of a NERF blaster!
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it looks great but i looked at your buildup process and can't seem to figure out how the barrel to frame connection is in any way strong.  it completely confounds me. apparently it does work else you wouldn't have done it but how it works and why are mysteries to me.  can you explain? 
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The first thing you have to realize is that my props are built primarily for display and costuming, unless otherwise noted. The second is that most of these kinds of connections are done with mechanical insertion reinforced with epoxy putty and 2 part epoxy.
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Also how easy is it to load darts into it?
I have been meaning to build a Hammershot rifle. This looks great, I especially like how you attachted the stock!
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Thanks, glad you like the build! It's one of my favorites in a while. Can't wait to see yours!
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It's so beautiful!
(Wipes away tear)
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Thank you. I'm glad you think so. ^_^
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I'm really jelly of your skill!
It must be fun and frustrating to create these awesome guns. 
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Well, yes, it is both a joy and a task, but it's always been far more the first than the second for me.
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BA gun? What is BA gun?
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Bad Ass. A Bad Ass gun.
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Oh. Then, yes, of course. I'm got a bunch in inventory ranging from 50-300 USD and of course I can make something custom if you'd like as well. Send me a message if you're interested, I'll get you an inventory list.
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A gift to yourself, maybe. :p
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Gorgeous color scheme sir! I really need to start working the curvature like your stock !
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I was going to suggest to re-wrap  the handle over the grip and stock,but i see you fixed that over after painting it.
Love the result,it could've worked both ways i think if you had gone steam or cyber with it :D
Next time i'd suggest though on small detail:
Top or side-mounted acrylic plate with a crosshair milled into it. Illuminate it if you manage,but for me holo-sights really make a gun pure Cyberpunk.

Looking forward to your next gun,mate!
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Since this piece takes accessories, I could still go back and add a rail-mounted Holo-Sight. Could be fun.
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Amazing backstory for an amazing gun.
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