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The Nobyl RIfle, Finally Fixed

Literally a day after the last photo of this beast was shot, she was destroyed in an unfortunate "my mom, bless her soul, is very clumsy" accident. Today I got the chance to repair her, perfect her, and finally get a decent shot against my standard stone background. I like the new picture better, kinda reminds me of those old faded Russian propaganda posters.
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Glad your heartbreak was only temporary!  She looks great!
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Great photo! Are you doing these outside in sunlight?
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Yep! Usually a partly cloudy day helps, too, to cut back on glare.
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cool.  is that a nerf maverick for a base?
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Nope, Furyfire. Little bit bigger and chunkier.
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Hoe did it get destroyed?
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I store my props in the basement, but since the workspace is so small and my inventory so large I tend to bleed over into the rest of the basement. Mom tripped while doing laundry, ended up in the workshop's overflow zone, and just obliterated the thing. I need my own place. >.>
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Whoops :)
Ya....i feel ya on needed an own place

i almost got my hands on a small three room flat in the woods
but...someone else bet me too it
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