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The H-XIII Hessische Dreizen Antipanzergewehr

The year is 1737, and it is Winter. With the rise of a new non-militant king of the new Britain, threats to the crown increase. He is immediately attacked as a weak leader both at home and by the French, and with this perception widespread old wounds reopen. Soon, old tensions, hundreds of years old, resurface. Dual imperialisms rage and a war becomes inevitable. In 1742, the King makes a bid to change his image into one of power and military might, claiming that "Even if it takes 1000 years, I will personally see to it that all enemies of Britain and the Crown and crushed under the might of the Kingdom of Arthur." And with these words, so began The Thousand Years War.

The H-XIII, or the Hessische Dreizen Antipanzergewehr in the original German, is a weapon traded in from new German allies gained after the rise of Victoria in 1837. Named for the Hessian troops who aided England in the Hundred Years War, this snub rifle infuses its high-caliber ammunition with incredible heat and propulsion via the green Myzinium in the glass vial behind the magazine, effectively making it capable of slicing through most metal like butter. The gun was specifically designed to combat French Panzers [Alternatively-Named “Tanks”, coined for their inventor German-born Dietrich Panzer II who worked with and from Amédée Bollée's original steam car designs published in the 1850's and 1860's] which had come to dominate and increasingly blood-spattered battlefield.


Modded Nerf Longshot with a bunch of internal modifications. Hits 65 or so feet flat, so, competes with Elite blasters. Sturdy as heck, aint breaking. Real metal, leather, and glass. Darts glow in the dark using the Firefly Tech Magazine.
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Nice rifle you have made there, although it seems a little short for an anti tank rifle, even if you explained why it can do that. I like how you come up with a story behind everything you make.
But, there are typos in the name. Should be "hessische Dreizehn".
Your works are good inspiration for making a steampunk gun. Thanks for that.
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You are absolutely right, that is a typo. Sorry, German is nowhere near my first language (4th, actually, behind English, Spanish, and Japanese) so I appreciate the correction for those who aren't so detached from the tongue.
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Will you be making a video for this gun?
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Yup! Recording is all done, just editing now.
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Absolutely amazing!
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Thanks! Glad you enjoy it. :)
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Well, that turned out just incredibly!  Wonderful workmanship in this... you must be proud!
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Very. Certainly one of my favorites to date... but aren't they all? :)
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Perhaps, but I can't believe this bad-boy is fully functional!  That's the best of both worlds.  Is that a shower drain cover wrapped around the handle?  Brilliant!  My difficulty is finding good bits and pieces to cosmetically mod guns... it seems the stores around the island are limited in that regard.  I'm hoping to hit the flea markets and garage sales come spring.
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I'm impressed, I didn't think anyone would find the drain cover. :)
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Cool! What parts are the real metal parts?
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The valve knobs, the rivets, the handle's mesh cover, and the L-pipes. There's also a metal hammer mechanism on the other side. You can sorta see it coming up from behind the scope.
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Cool! Dude, we are in the same state. We should get together some time and talk weapons!
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Really? Cool! Christ, this is a small state. >.> Are you in the PVD area much?
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I live off North Main street!


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OH CRAP, dude, you live like next door to me. You're probably the bastard that gets all the good steam junk stuff before I do at the Savers near the stop n' shop. We really should meet up some time, I didn't know there were any other punks so close.
TheJugglingOctopus's avatar

Uh I probably am lol  I'm always there. But I have enough junk saved up for the past two years. i might have a couple of NERFS if you want them. I never use the stuff lol .

I live right across from the cemetery. I'm trying to form a airship if you will. For folks in this area.

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I'm game, for sure. :) I'm sure there's others, especially Lovecraftians, given the area.
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