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The Gatekeeper- Retrofuturistic Gun

Here we are; the finished version of the Retrofuturistic Gun my friend is getting for the holidays. I dare say he's getting damn near my best work ever. I call it the Gatekeeper.

When asked what style he wanted, my friend said "Steampunk with some post-apocalyptic thrown in". I interpreted that as a steampunk feel in a post-apocolypse weapon... kinda like Bioshock with a more art-deco paint job. Effectively, this gun would have been created out of the remaining parts from someone's shed after an 1847 armegeddon with an epicenter in Britain. Because of this, much of the aesthetically pleasing elements- though not all- were traded in favor of exposed tubes, rough knobs, and an overall less steamlined design.

I think it turned out pretty well, m'self. Hope you all agree and I hope you all had a fantastic holiday! And a happy new year!
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I'm tired of seeing this nerf gun used in so many 'steampunk' mods.


You did something really cool here, and gave it an actual spark of originality. You did a damn good job.

I know it's older piece, but I wanted to say you did a good job on it.
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Thanks, Krootman! I appreciate the compliment. Happy to break through the apathy barrier created by this model's oversaturation. 
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What did you do to get that rich brown color? it contrasts the gold nicely, and would look good on another steampunk-esque build I am doing.
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Gold base, silver speckle coat, lighter gunmetal speckle. All Rustoleum.
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Thank you very much!
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You have inspired me to paint my own barricade. For personal use only, would you mind if i borrow some of the concepts you used? I really like the gold/brass color on the cylinder and all the little do-dads on it.
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By all means, go for it!
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Thanks you. Love your work, by the way.
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And that kids is what you can do to a nerf gun
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This looks pretty BAD ASS!
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Thanks! This is one of my favorites. ^_^
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Almost looks as if it's a clockwork gun. The steampunk element really comes through. Very attractive piece.

Been thinking of doing something post-apoc myself, but going the other direction of something basic & very crudely built, sort of along the inspiration of the Sten, Grease Gun, Pps 43 kind of mentality. Something thrown together that just about works for long enough to capture a decent weapon.
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Thanks, Nump. I would love to see a PA piece out of you. Your work is always spectacularly solid and I'd be interested to see what you could throw into the genre.
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Got a few others requiring my attention at the mo, but who knows which one inspiration'll strike a light on?
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