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The current lineup: The Archon, The Piece of Eight, The Tourbillion H-203, and the currently unnamed alien gun. A tiny bit better-lookin' overall than the last lineup pic, if I do say so myself... or at least not all gray and gold. ^_^

The other lineup pic, featuring the guns I made last summer and at college:
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LG Electronics
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Jul 3, 2012, 12:09:56 AM
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I really like the brownish accents. It looks like leather or wood. Very nice job on these babies!
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now that's bad ass
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No problem, mate ^^
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These are epic. Did you make these or are they modded nerf guns?
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Modded Nerf guns, all more functional than they were out of the box, some by an extra 100%. I also tend to use a LOT of extra bits and pieces and parts to modify, so they end up looking very little like dart guns when I'm done with 'em. 'cept the Tourbillion, that one looked awesome out of the box and I didn't do much to it.
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They're pretty cool. I've been working on a steampunk costume of sorts. I'm trying to find parts for the gun I have in mind.
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Old broken toy parts are a phenomenal place to start, office equipment and busted computer equipment a close second for me. Plus, Walmart's hardware section is a GREAT place to go for pretty much any cool-looking part you want to buy fairly cheap.
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I have some broken pieces to a nebulizer, clock parts and some tubing I want to work with. I'm also planning on making a custom holster once it's done.

Oh yeah and LEDs. I want some that trigger when I pull the trigger, and another set that I flick on with a switch.
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Ooooh, sounds like you have a good starting kit of clockwork, there. Good luck with the LED's, for the life of me I can't wire anything to anything, but it always looks great when someone can.
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I'ven't played with LEDs since Junior High. But there3 are tons of online guides and pre-made kits you can buy. I almost got a cheap one from Radio Shack.
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Actually, that's a good idea. I may see what I can get from Radio Shack for my new Alien Gun... nothing screams Space like LED's.
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