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Scynavoid Impulse Gauss Gun, Completed!

This was a fun project and she turned out great! Embarrassingly cheap to make- under $10. Nicked the basic concept from Indy Mogul's web series "Backyard FX". It's big, it's bad, it's freakin' awesome. :) Made out of a couple Nerf-ish guns, some broken toy parts, spare parts from around the basement, and a CD Rack from Savers.
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Apr 29, 2013, 10:26:16 AM
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Just found some kid on Facebook trying to pass this off as his own..
He promptly went all passive-aggressive, sociopath on me as he removed all signs of what he'd done when he was exposed..

But, it drew my attention to your awesome work.
So, bonus!
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Ooooh, that's a bit disappointing. I'm always a little heartbroken when people feel the need to claim my work as their own... I'm a huge advocate of people doing art en masse and plagiarism is directly counter that goal. But, theft is the second-highest form of flattery behind mimicry, and if it gets me in contact with a new face, it's usually worth it. Thanks for taking care of it for me.
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Your Blaster props are AMAZING!
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Mind if I draw inspiration from this build to build my own? If I upload it, I'll supply you will full credits?
KingMakerCustoms's avatar
Go for it. I actually interpreted this prop from Backyard FX anyway. :p
TheCOSPLAYkid's avatar
F**K YEAH I WILL! I'm off to my local brick-a-brack shop O_O
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A CD rack.....brilliant. Abso-frikkin-lutely brilliant. You sir have the gift of sight. Wicked work.
GHancock's avatar
Made from a CD rack... I doff my hat, sir! That's an idea I may just have to steal. Very inspirational!
AetherAnvil's avatar
Freaking awesome! Just love the CD rack for heat vented, sooo perfect!!! :)
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Wish you posted how-to guides. I wouldn't mind making a few replicas of your work for myself, haha.
KingMakerCustoms's avatar
Generally, I do. Just not here. Link? Link.


Of course, no need to make replicas when you can make your own custom piece. More in the spirit, if you ask me. ;)
ShizaCoffee's avatar
Thanks. I've never really been good at anything like this, so trying to make something on my own just turns out like garbage, haha. That's why I've never posted anything like that on my DA. Once again, thanks for the link!
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i know that cd rack reference. BYfx bazooka awesome pulse / impulse rifle
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this work is very good, great details and painting
KingMakerCustoms's avatar
Thanks! Glad you like it.
Alberticorico's avatar
no problem, yes is very nice work :)
KingMakerCustoms's avatar
Thanks! It was ridiculously fun to make, so I'm glad it looks as good as making it felt.
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Glorious work, mate! :3
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Not quite sure how practical the scope on that thing is, but it looks cool nonetheless.
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