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Iron Maiden Diplasmodial Autogauge Sectonal Cannon

The client hasn't named it yet so I slapped a temporary name on it, took the best picture I could, and, well, here it is: The Iron Maiden Diplasmodial Autogauge Sectonal Cannon. Let's break down the stats:

- 4 lengths
- One-of-a-kind "Double-click" stock provides support and aesthetic uniqueness
- Attaches to all Nerf Stock attachment points

- Double-coat of sealant for minimal scratching
- Punctured Air Restrictors for a distance kick
- Takes all Nerf stocks, Clips, and Extensions
- Intact tactical rail

- Custom visually-integrated Shorty Clip
- Holds 4 Streamline darts
- Works with all CS-X Nerf Dart Blasters

Barrel Extension:
- Deshelled for unique look
- Shortened and sanded interiorly to reduce drag
- Compatible with all Nerf Attachment Points
- Intact Tactical Rails

- Made out of sturdy wood
- Machine-carved and hand-sanded
- Blunted for safety
- Can be detached and used as a prop shortsword

- Fodder additions from Tip to Tail
- Steampunk aesthetic with a focus on the Industrial
- Complex paint job that won't chip (unpainted: unexposed portions of Stock and Barrel Extension)
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1/657 second
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5 mm
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Date Taken
Aug 7, 2012, 12:08:37 PM
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I swear I saw this weapon on a Youtube video recently. Could be wrong, but still so familiar!
KingMakerCustoms's avatar
Entirely possible, I have a very active and popular YouTube channel.
bigton's avatar
After a quick search about, I can confirm it was you! Great work on the weapons, by the way.
bigton's avatar
Then I may've seen ya! If it gives you any memory, one of the comments on such a video, asked "Did you record this with a potato?" I'm guessing in reference to the quality. the video in question was of the Iron Maiden, where it was shown how the weapon can be taken apart for easy transport.
KingMakerCustoms's avatar
Ah yes, that was one of the last of the old quality videos before I got a new camera. One of my favorites. :)
TwoHornsUnited's avatar
I like your creative use of those matrix sentinal arms as tubes. Looks sick!
StrangeMetal's avatar
Boner Inspiring Good Sir!
SnowMonk's avatar
Wow, All I can say Is Very Impressive.
KingMakerCustoms's avatar
Hypercats's avatar
Awesome job! Looks great and it's amazing that you still managed to keep it functional! Is that a stampede barrel poking out of the front? I have two of them now left over from cut up Stampedes, and I have some ideas for them too :D . It's a fun piece.

Keep it up!
KingMakerCustoms's avatar
Ah, but that's the trick; it's not a Stampede barrel. It's a cut-down deshelled Longstrike barrel!
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zlayter's avatar
mad props on this one yo!! excellent work on this!
The-ARSENAL's avatar
GOLD MEDAL awarded!!

This gun is a masterpiece!
thank you for making this a reality
KingMakerCustoms's avatar
Thanks! All in a day's work for MAKE-STUFF-AWESOME-MAN!
drake54's avatar
damn, that looks badass for a Steampunk Recon
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