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AMR-B15 Dual Plasma Velociter Cannon

Inspired by District 9 (the paint job pretty much every single person wanted me to go with anyway) this was a really fun project. From its humble beginnings as the trash-constructed WTFG to a paint job that isn't steampunk or some variant of that, this thing is easily one of my favorite guns. At the last moment I realized there was a much easier way to do the lines I freehanded, but they still came out 85-90% clean so I'm happy with them, plus it was good practice. So, how did I do? Yall decide.

If you can't tell, the base is a Buzzbee Double Shot. Yes, really.

Also, thanks to GG and Brian, I used your D-9 guns as reference pics alongside the AMR-30 Arc Cannon.
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"BONE get in here!"
 "Ug, what is it this time..."
 "Can I have one, like right now?"
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F-ing Love this!
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I've just finished going through the book "The Art of District 9" and this really looks like an authentic cross between the sonic wave gun and the teleporter. Fantastic work, mate!
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wow this is NOT "papys ol shotgun" this...this is something.
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I'll tell you what it is: It's a personal favorite. :)
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Fun! Can't wait to see some photos of people wielding it against prawns :p
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The impact factor on this is amazing, mate!
Showed the picture to a friend of me and he was stunned ;)
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Nice!...Just need to give it the D9 weathering to give it the "carried it from one universe to another" look (but maybe that's just me?).

It's good to do something different...Can give you inspiration for other projects.
KingMakerCustoms's avatar
Still working out if it's worth it to weather this one. I've never weathered white before and I feel like it might not be worth it to risk losing the piece at this point... but we'll see in the future. The movie has the weapons presented both ways so I neither feel the need to change it nor the particular urge to keep it the same.
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That is a crazy ass bug hunter! Nice work.
Glad the D9 gun I did was useful in some form :)
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I personally love your D9 gun. The blend was perfect and I couldn't discern the base for a week when it went up! Thanks for the words. Of bughunting. Out of curiosity, for yours, did you black base, mask, orange wash, mask, then white wash? Or did you brush-detail the orange and/or black?
GirlyGamerAU's avatar
There's a full rundown HERE if that's of any help. I primed it gray, then black, then white and THEN did the orange panels so they were really bright orange. I taped everything off... no wash.. just metallic and gray weathering for metal scratch / worn areas and dirt / grub.

Word to the wise.. working with white is a bitch lol.
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Yes... yes it is. I did the gray prime too, so at least that's double-checked to have worked. I'mma try it the other way on a smaller scale, I have this weird feeling that it's so much easier than I'm making it. But I'm happy with this version anyway for now, so. *Shrug*
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This is gorgeous, can't believe you turned this out so fast.
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Neither can I. >.> Look for the Youtube video soon, it's gonna be hilarious. ^_^
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