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Gomess vs Maguma

Requested by Gigantis

This is also my attempt to try to make a banner with a blizzard taking place.

Colored version: images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca8877…

Update: I forgot to add in the old movie screen in the front, but I managed to fix that.
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Ok this is really interesting to see, plus funny thing i have steelcover of Ultra Q to Ultraseven XD

Yep though i know that the blue ray for Ultraman jack and Ace are out...but no word seasons after them

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correct. I would like to get my hands on a blu ray of Jack, considering that show has the most Kaijus that I like.

Yeah i am wondering if there will be more coming up?

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As in other seasons of Ultraman?

Ccorrect as we currently have no word on Ultraman Taro, Leo, 80, Joneus, etc.

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Yeah, would have like a blue ray on several shows like Mebius, X and Orb.

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Reminds me of an old photograph or an older tv screen type of look.

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Mhm, I took an old movie screen image, and then lower the transparency to make it look like that. Which is what makes B&W Banners so much fun, and it’s something I’d recommend to any KWC banner artists.

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It gives an Showa era atmosphere.

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I mean, Gomess was in a show thats Black & White.

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so Gomess ends up winning fair and square, eh?

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