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Things I bought at G-Fest 2019 by KingLittleCaesar Things I bought at G-Fest 2019 :iconkinglittlecaesar:KingLittleCaesar 4 3 Lucina hugging Marshadow by KingLittleCaesar Lucina hugging Marshadow :iconkinglittlecaesar:KingLittleCaesar 9 0 Question to everyone *read description and comment by KingLittleCaesar Question to everyone *read description and comment :iconkinglittlecaesar:KingLittleCaesar 1 3 Daigoro 2 by KingLittleCaesar Daigoro 2 :iconkinglittlecaesar:KingLittleCaesar 2 8 Daigoro by KingLittleCaesar Daigoro :iconkinglittlecaesar:KingLittleCaesar 3 10 Godzilla incarnation tier list by KingLittleCaesar Godzilla incarnation tier list :iconkinglittlecaesar:KingLittleCaesar 2 4 Ghidorah incarnation tier list by KingLittleCaesar Ghidorah incarnation tier list :iconkinglittlecaesar:KingLittleCaesar 1 2 Favorite Mothra Tier list by KingLittleCaesar Favorite Mothra Tier list :iconkinglittlecaesar:KingLittleCaesar 4 0 KWC tier list by KingLittleCaesar KWC tier list :iconkinglittlecaesar:KingLittleCaesar 4 5 Gamera movie tier list by KingLittleCaesar Gamera movie tier list :iconkinglittlecaesar:KingLittleCaesar 0 2 Godzilla movie tier list by KingLittleCaesar Godzilla movie tier list :iconkinglittlecaesar:KingLittleCaesar 3 1 KWC Banner: Titanosaurus Vs Black Moth (Reedited) by KingLittleCaesar KWC Banner: Titanosaurus Vs Black Moth (Reedited) :iconkinglittlecaesar:KingLittleCaesar 11 12 Kumasogami Vs Kamagidon (read discription) by KingLittleCaesar Kumasogami Vs Kamagidon (read discription) :iconkinglittlecaesar:KingLittleCaesar 8 23 KWC Banner: Red King Vs Skullcrawler by KingLittleCaesar KWC Banner: Red King Vs Skullcrawler :iconkinglittlecaesar:KingLittleCaesar 9 6 KWC Banner: Zone Fighter Vs Tsunojiras by KingLittleCaesar KWC Banner: Zone Fighter Vs Tsunojiras :iconkinglittlecaesar:KingLittleCaesar 10 6 Banner Gorosaurus Vs Tsunojiras (read discription) by KingLittleCaesar Banner Gorosaurus Vs Tsunojiras (read discription) :iconkinglittlecaesar:KingLittleCaesar 9 22


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Things I bought at G-Fest 2019
Could have shown you guys this earlier, but I forgot. I know, call me a lazy Ding Dong all you like, I’ll admit it. XD

But other then that, I guess I’ll explain what I’ve purchased.

So for like I think $30, I’ve bought the second volume of Redman by Matt Frank. I kinda regret on not getting the exclusive HAF Redman Dark figure that will cost me $110, but I was hesitant since I became aware of HAF figures not being as great as Figurarts since I saw Daikaiju legends review on the Redman and jumborg ace figures. But other then that, glad that i bought the comic.

Next, for $15, I bought a spark doll of Gue Basser from Ultraman R/B. Now i know what you’re thinking. “But King little ceasar! I thought you stopped collecting and Bandai vinyl figures and sold allot of the figures that you didn’t need you lying Ding Dong!” Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t collect those kinds of figures. But I kinda want to have a figure thats Basser, and while I did found a Maga Basser figure, it was badly damaged, so I went with Gue Basser. And for a spark doll, it isnt the worst, but there are allot of areas that still needed to be painted. But other then that, glad that I got a Basser figure.

Next, I got the new Bandai Baragon figure for $150, which comes with Frankenstein’s severed hand. When I saw it, I thought it was an X-Plus, but turns out to be that exclusive figure thats rare like the Gaira, Sanda and Frankenstein figure. So I got him since I sold my Billiken Baragon figure. And I gotta say, I prefer this figure over the Bandai Frankenstein figure that I also sold.

Next, I bought the X-Plus Telesdon and Banilla, each for $70. I decided to get them because I like Telesdon, and while I’m not a huge fan of Banilla’s design (I think the Powered version is better), I was kinda surprised to see that it has a good amount of articulation on the arms, hands, legs, knees, feet, neck and the tail.

Next up, for $75, I got the SH Figurarts Ultraman Belial. At first, I thought that the fingers can move individually, but sadly no, they’re swappable parts for other hands. But other then that, really glad that I got this figure because he’s fun to pose and I like Ultraman Belial.

And finally, for $200, I bought the Bandai Orochi. Thats right, the real deal. In all honesty, I never thought that I would get this guy until now. And I gotta say, I’m really glad that I got him. Not sure if I would use him for KWC banners since the figure isn’t like a really detailed thing, but still, nice to have him on the shelf.

So thats pretty much it, I was disappointed that I didn’t get the HAF Redman Dark and I couldnt find the SH Monsterarts GMK Godzilla and the Ghidorah 2019. (probably for the better since I’m aware of everyone’s problems with it) but hey, I still bought some great stuff.
He's coming back
At long last, after many years of being obscured by the Los and Skylanders series, the original Spyro that we all know and love is getting a HD remaster release. And as you can tell, I'm excited as hell the moment I saw the trailer.

Casual Medic model made by *Dictator Nvp*

Dragonair model made by 
Butt-Flustered Mustard (Lucian) & RandomTBrush

Lucina model made by 
† LunarRay † 

RP_Mazemansion made by Shara

Edit: I know its late to say, but Spyro Reignited Trilogy is gonna get a Switch release later this fall. Definitely gonna be something I want for Christmas.
Lucina hugging Marshadow
So while I was at G-Fest, I commissioned Daikaiju Danielle (Link:…) to draw me a picture for $22, wanted her to draw a cute picture of Lucina hugging Marshadow while Fairy Mothra flies by them. And overall, I think she did an amazing job with this, so much so that I’m definitely gonna frame it.

If you’re seeing this Daikaiju Danielle, thanks. ;)
Question to everyone *read description and comment
Do I look great with this beanie? Or does it look ridiculous and I shouldn’t wear this at G-Fest or anywhere in public?

Leave a comment to let me know

Yes, wear it: 1

Get rid of that thing: 0
So all of you have been waiting for the next chapter of the Godzilla Trading Battle series, which is basically a series that I’ve been writing that involves with Balkzardan, Jyarumu and all the other original monsters that appeared in the Godzilla Trading Battle game.

Well I hate to say this, but because of Greyshot’s decision of only adding Balkzardan because he’s the most popular of the Trading Battle monsters and he doesn’t want to add in the others who might not get used, I’m thinking of either canceling the series or in some way when my mind is put into it in the future, rewrite it and take out Jyarumu (who would likely be only referenced) and Barugaron.

I know, it’s quite the pity since I had quite allot of ideas of it. I dunno when I’ll decide on rewriting the series, but thats all I have to say.


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You’re welcome
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Appreciate the fav :thumbsup: or :goodjob:  Scratch: Final Render by EmperorMinilla
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llorigene Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2019
Titanosaurus vs Black Moth has been revised and sent to Shipper!

Now it's back to work on Manda (Showa) vs Gamera for me.
KingLittleCaesar Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2019
Nice! Can’t wait to see how that would turn out.
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You are awesome my friend.
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llorigene Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2019
hey, got a banner request for ya! and this ones a biggie.

so this morning i decided i was gonna take another chance at a vs Everyone match and decided to do Godzilla (2001) vs Everyone. even though the K.W.C.E doesn't really do banner's , i was hoping you could do one for me.
the arena is Skull Island (Monsterverse) the monster roster is as follows:


King Kong(Monstererse)


Indominus Rex


Gyao's flock (Heisei)


Anguirus (Millenium)

Gomora(either the original one or the version from Powered, either or is fine)

King Ghidorah(Heisei)

Cyber Godzilla


Gigan (Millenium, no chainsaws)

Lizzie(movie version)

M.U.T.O (female)

Mothra (2004)

Armored titan(Movie version)

King Caesar (Showa)

you can also add Xilien and Vortaak craft like the mother ship from unleashed. and take your time on it! i've grown used to playing the waiting game.
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