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South Atlantic Ocean.
The innocently calm waters are suddenly disturbed by eruptions, creating giant rising splashes to crash down on the decks of a Zumwalt-Class Destroyer vessel.
“Captain, the first run of nuclear tests is completed,” the commander reported via radio communication. “Our missiles launched and detonated effectively without causality.”
“Good work, Commander,” the captain replied, observing from the bridge. “Begin phases two. Launch the submarines.”

From the sides of the cruiser, two SSN attack submarines are released and dropped into the ocean. Upon reaching a set of underwater targets, they take aim fire their nuclear missiles. Within seconds, the targets are decimated. Evidence comes from the underwater explosion shooting up in front of the Zumwalt.

“Another successful test, Captain,” the commander relayed again.
“Excellent!” the captain smiled. “Those terrorists in the east will think twice before starting a war with America. Just a couple more tests, and then we’ll pack it in and…”
A massive shadow engulfs the entire Destroyer. The captain, wide-eyed and astounded, stares out through the glass windows.

“What in the name of?!”
The crew glanced up to see an SR-3 spaceship hovering high up over them. From the main hanger, five warriors clad in different colored armor, followed by an army of hundreds flew down to the Zumwalt. It only took seconds for them to land on the decks and threatening the Navy soldiers into surrendering. The captain came rushing down from the bridge with a gun in hand.
“This insubordination ends right now! Just who do you think you are coming aboard my ship and threatening my crew?”

The head general glared at the captain with dark blue piercing eyes and responded in a deep voice, “Jaran!” With the speed of a lightning bolt striking from a violent lightning storm, the black manba man struck and bit down on the captain’s shoulder. It only took seconds for the poor captain to realized what had happened as he felt his muscles become paralyzed and his breathing impaired. He fell on his back, and then Jaran unrepentantly shoves him overboard.

“Get all the nuclear weapons! Those submarines too,” he commanded to his other generals. The Asian Bull Elephant and Wild Boar generals went below deck into the cargo hold. All the while, the Vulture and Saber-tooth Cat generals headed for the two submarines.

“What about these other humans?” one of the soldiers asked.
“Execute them!”
One by one, the soldiers shot the officers and tossed each of them overboard until the last of the crew was no more.

“General Jaran,” the Saber-tooth general called out, “We’ve claimed the submarines and equipped them with the magnetic pulls.

“Very good!” Jaren responded. He reached into a belt pouch and pulled out a communicator. “This is General Jaran. You may fire the magnet when ready.”
From the SR-3 Spaceship, a large magnet lifts the submarines out of the water and into the hangar bay.
“Proceed with phase two.”
"when a new army of evil lead by the evil general Jaran. 7 unique individuals were chosen to battle him and save the world from the threat of the greatest dark Zord ever created."
BenBandicoot Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018  Student Writer
Leo? Can I ask something in private? I just want to ask because this is just reminding me of something in my head.
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