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A while later out at sea, one of the crew members notices something in the water as bubbles rise up to the surface. Grey, Leo and Kairel hurry to the stern of the ship as a massive sea monster that looked like a lobster rose up for the deep. It raised its massive pincers as it spoke.

"Ooh, I hate this Pincher!"It roared as it opened it's pincer as it was speaking through it. "I hates it to Snappy! These nasty humans and their ships, always sailin' over poor Khalamari's head!"The other pincer Spoke"."Yeah, Pincher, yeah! Humans don't have no manners!" "That's right, Snappy, they don't have none at all they don't! No!"

The three looked at each other confused as this sea monster has lost it's mind. "That's why Khalamari's gonna stand up for all the poor creatures of the sea!" the monster roared again as it eyed the group. "Starting by eating these here humans!" "That's our queue" Grey said as he took out an iron lance and Leo took out a scythe.

"Yeah, Snappy! He'll eat 'em! Eat em right up! The other pincer "said" as it lunged for the ship. Kairel and the crew got back for their safety but Grey and Leo stood there ground and fought back against the sea monster. It was a fierce struggle but thanks to Grey using healing magic, both of them continue to fight on.

Then after dealing the final blow, the two friends defeated the sea monster. As the crew cheered Grey and Leo noticed something as a bright light shone in the water and to their surprise a purple squid wearing a sailor's suit appeared.

"Oh my head, I've got such a headache!" The squid said."what happened?" he asked. Grey told the squid now named Squiddly Diddly how he had been attack ships sailing on the sea.
"Oh dear was that all me, let me explain!" Squiddly explained, "it all started when i saw a guy dressed as a jester come walking over the water a couple of days ago" he began. "Well, I'd thought it was pretty cheeky of him to pull that little trick off, so i talked to him to ask how he did it" the squid continued.

"But as I talked to him, my head got all cloudy-like then the next thing I knew I started attacking ships" "the squid finished as feeling sorry about what happened dived down into the water and came back up again."Here's this by way of an apology, pal!" The squid called as he chucked Grey something, it was a gold bracer and despite it being underwater it was a perfect fit.

"Well, that is it all from me. I'm off, have a pleasant trip" Squiddly said as he dove back into the deep. "Not bad, guys" Kairel said as Leo and Grey turned to her."You're a lot stronger than you look! "You know, We've never properly introduced ourselves. Kairel said. "I'm Kairel. Kairel Albert."The lioness said."And who might you be?

"I'm Leo. And Grey 'ere's the guv!"Leo said to introduce themselves to Kairel."Leo and Grey, it?" Kairel said to familiarise the names. Right. Thanks again for your help with the sea monster. Now, let's find Saber!"she said remembering the mission.

"I'm sure you need to get ready first, so let's head back to Port Prospect. I'll tell the captain to weigh anchor." Kairel said as she headed off but then she remembered something. "Oh! I almost forgot!I called you two thieves back at the tower. I never formally apologized. So..."Kairel said as she took in a deep breath and bowed to the two."Forgive me!"Anyway, I'll go and talk to the captain!"

Soon after Kairel had a word with the captain the ship turned and headed back to Port Prospect, soon after checking they still had the supplies they needed in the wagon. Grey and Leo headed for the dock but before they boarded Kairel asked Grey something.

"Your'e after Saber just like I am, right?, We're fight for the same reasons. Kairel said. "So I was thinking, why don't we do this together? I haven't been studying magic for long, but I still have a lot to offer. What do you say?"asked Kairel.

"Sure it would be nice to have an extra pack member to come along." Grey said as Kairel smiled. "I've got a great feeling about this. Thanks, guys." She said as the three boarded the ship forgetting someone in particular.

"JUST WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING WITHOUT ME AND MY BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS?!" King Lyon shouted after them as he followed them onto the ship with Bianca pulling the wagon behind her. Soon after the crew had made final checks the ship sailed for it's next port of call and for our heroes one step closer to finding Saber.
Well it would seem that our group as found a new ally and let the hunt for Saber continue
Cast as follows:

Hero/Grey (Sheep and Wolves)
Yangus/Leo (Yours Truely)
King Trode/ Lyon :iconretrouniverseart: "Cursed Trode" Dagnino (Noah's Ark)
Princess Medea/Bianca (Sheep and Wolves)
Dhoulmagus/Saber (Lkhff)
Kalderasha: Vitaly (Madagascar 3 Europe's most wanted.
Valentina: Gia (Madagascar 3 Europe's most wanted.
Geyser: Ursula (the little mermaid.
Lost Merchant: Morsal fin :iconretrouniverseart:
Master Rylus: Noah "2014 version"
Bangerz and Mash: Huey, Dewy, Louie, Webby "Ducktales 2017"
Rosalind Albert: Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Miss Beakly "Ducktales 2017
Alistair: Alex/Alakay "Madagascar
Jessica: Kairel "El Arca/Noah's Ark"
Port Prospect Quartermaster: Mr Spacely "The Jetsons"
Dark Khalamari: Leviathan (Atlantis the lost empire)
Good Khalamari:Squiddly Diddly (Hanna Barbara)
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Nice that you're continuing Leo!

I can't wait for more soon!
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