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Following their adventure from the tower of Alexandra, Leo and Grey was given a room for the night at the inn thanks to Huey, Dewy, Webby and Louie. Come the following morning as Leo was going to get some more medicinal herbs from the item shop. Grey hurried to the mansion to meet up with Kairel, but to his surprise to find her talking to her uncles about last night's events.

Even though Donald was not going to allow his niece to get killed Scrooge and Beakley gave her permission to go after Saber, as Kairel went to her room to change clothes Donald turned to his uncle. "Now Donald don't..." Scrooge started knowing that his nephew was going to object. "Stop," Donald said uneasy. "I admit I'm a little overprotective," He said.

"A Little?!" A voice calls as Donald and Scrooge turn to the boys who had an annoyed look on their face at their uncle Donald.
"But no matter what we do, our family will get into trouble so maybe...we can allow Kairel to follow her heart?"Donald said as Kairel wearing a different dress heard what her uncle said. As she approached them, she got down on her knees as hugged both of them.

"Thank you Uncle Scrooge and Uncle Donald" the lioness said quietly as she turned to the boys and Webby and told them they were in charge of looking after Alexandria and she also added that Hewy, Dewy and Louie would grow up one day as great adventurers and with that she left.

Grey who saw the discussion hurried out of the mansion to catch up with Kairel, but she was already gone. Worried she would end up in danger, went to find Leo and King Lyon and told them everything. "Well, we have no time to lose let's get after her quickly!" Lyon said as the party left Alexandria and continued on their way.

After a while after finding a paw print in the ground at a crossroad, Grey acted on a hunch that Kairel headed south so following the wolf's word the party headed south to the small port of Port Prospect.

"We'll go and grab what we need sire" Grey said to King Lyon who nodded, with some of the gold they picked up on their travels Grey and Leo bought some fresh supplies and some new weapons."I'll go and put these in the cart Guv," Leo said. "Okay and I'll ask around if anyone has seen that lioness."

As Grey asked the people around the port, he heard of a sea monster that was attacking ships, keen to know more about the monster himself Grey headed to the quartermaster in the lighthouse. But to his surprise he saw a familiar figure talking to the quartermaster.

"I haven't got time to argue, I want you to put out to sea now!" Kairel snapped at the quartermaster Mr Spacely. "My apologies, Miss Kairel but the waters are simply too dangerous at the moment..." he said trying to reason with the lioness.

"Haven't you been listening? I TOLD you I'd take care of that!"Kairel said as her patience was starting to run thin."Please forgive me Lady Kairel! There'd be hell to pay from Mr McDuck if we put you in danger!"Mr Spacely said now feeling afraid of what could happen next.

"Is there ANYONE around here with half a brain?" Kairel said annoyed as she looked around as her mood changed as she saw Grey. "Ah, speak of the devil" she said as she hurried over to Grey."You're one of the travellers from the tower! Didn't I tell you to wait for me in Alexandria?"Kairel asked.

"Well you did, but this morning you talked to your uncles, then changed outfit and hurried off here," Grey explained. "Sorry about that, I wanted to properly apologise to you! Well, whatever. I'm glad you're here now."Kairel said as she thought for a moment then got an idea."Actually, I have a favour to ask. "Would you mind coming over here for a minute?"

Grey confused, but willing to help followed Kairel to the Quartermaster. "So you're saying you won't let me fight the sea monster?" Kairel asked. "Well, yes, but... But I mean..."Mr Spacely said trying to come up with an answer.

"Fine, Fine not to worry. I've asked this sturdy young wolf that he and his party to take care of it for me. Okay?"Kairel said as Grey looked dumbfounded,"Whoa what a minute?!" Grey said. "Er... Oh, well... Actually, we've been looking for someone to take on that very job ourselves," Said Mr Spacely.

"Well, there you have it. Everyone's happy. Can I count on you?"Kairel asked Grey."Well yes of course" replied Grey but he was still a bit surprised.

"I knew I could count on you. I still can't get what we saw in the tower out of my mind."Kairel said remembering every detail from last night. Who is this Saber, and what does he want? And why did he murder my brother?"Kairel asked as her look changed.

"I'll track him to the ends of the earth. But first we've got to make the waters safe for ships to sail."Kairel said focusing on the current mission as she looked to Grey."The sea monster that's standing in our way is supposed to be pretty strong. "You'd better be prepared.

"I'll be waiting here. Come back as soon as you're ready." Kairel said as Grey hurried off to tell the rest of his party the details, soon both he and Leo returned to Kairel. "Are you ready to set sail?" She asked, "yes we are" said Grey. "Okay then Quartermaster, prepare the ship!" Kairel ordered Mr Spacely.  "Aye, Aye sir!" he said and with that, the ship sailed from Port Prospect to face the sea monster.

Sorry to leave it at a cliffhanger but this February i'm going to work on a special story to celebrate the 25th anniversary of "5 teenagers with attitude"

Cast as follows:

Hero/Grey (Sheep and Wolves)
Yangus/Leo (Yours Truely)
King Trode/ Lyon :iconretrouniverseart: "Cursed Trode" Dagnino (Noah's Ark)
Princess Medea/Bianca (Sheep and Wolves)
Dhoulmagus/Saber (Lkhff)
Kalderasha: Vitaly (Madagascar 3 Europe's most wanted.
Valentina: Gia (Madagascar 3 Europe's most wanted.
Geyser: Ursula (the little mermaid. 
Lost Merchant: Morsal fin :iconretrouniverseart:
Master Rylus: Noah "2014 version"
Bangerz and Mash: Huey, Dewy, Louie, Webby "Ducktales 2017"
Rosalind Albert: Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Miss Beakly "Ducktales 2017
Alistair: Alex/Alakay "Madagascar
Jessica: Kairel "El Arca/Noah's Ark"
Port Prospect Quartermaster: Mr Spacely "The Jetsons"
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I was waiting for another episode! Glad it's finally up now.
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