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It was a long climb up the Tower of Alexandra, even though they had to face monsters and use secret passage ways, Grey and Leo continued their climb to the top.

It had taken them so long by the time they reached the top it was already dark in the room before them was a well crafted statue of a winged unicorn wearing a crown and necklace with a symbol of the moon on it. "Amazing," Grey said quietly, "this statue must have taken at lest a few months to carve at least."

As Grey studied the necklace, he saw besides the symbol of the moon were two red jewels, then they heard footsteps behind them. Leo and Grey turned to see a gold human-like lioness with peach muzzle, inner ears, palms, and stomach, a curly tuft of hair on her head and her chest, pinkish-purple eye shadow and blue eyes as she wore a white shirt and grey skirt.

"You," she snapped."I knew you'd be back for the jewels!" the lioness said angrily as Grey and Leo looked concerned. "Look love we..." Leo said. "You killed my brother! Now, you'll suffer the same fate!"the Lioness interrupted as she launched a fireball spell at them,"Watch it!" Grey yelled as he and Leo dodged the attack.

"You're fast! I guess thieves need have been quick on their toes, But you won't get away from me this time" the lioness glared at them as Grey tried to reason with her. "Look miss we are not thieves, we came here looking for you because we thought you were in danger!" he cried, but the lioness was not listening.

"Prepare...To...d" she said as she prepared a fireball to launch at Grey then suddenly: "Wait!" a voice cried out suddenly as the three turned to where it was coming from to their surprise it was coming from the statue.

"Kairel. It's me!Don't you recognise my voice?"the statue spoke as Grey and Leo looked confused as a spirit of a lion appeared before them."A- Alex?!"The lioness now named Kairel said as she recognised the spirit."Stay your spell, Kairel!I wasn't slain at their hands."the spirit of Alex replied.

"Stay my spell...but it's too late!"Kairel said as she was suddenly forced to let the fireball fly, it barely hit Grey as it struck a lantern of the tower, then she rushed to the spirit in front of the statue.

"Alex!Is that really you?"she asked as the spirit nodded."It's me little K. You...have to listen to me. As do you travellers"The spirit of Alex said to them,"after I died, a part of my soul was given permission to linger in this statue. Even now as I speak to you, the power keeping me here begins to evaporate, time is short..."

"Look into the statue's eyes, the truth lies within hurry!" Alex said as Kairel and the others focused on the statue. "the day I died, the door to the tower was already open. I thought it was strange, so I decided to look around and see for myself...That's when I saw him!"

The statue opened a curtain in the past, as Alex who was alive arrived in the same room as the statue was to his surprise he saw someone illuminated by the lightning. Alex asked the stranger who he was as he turns to Alex he scoffed as he said.

"Such a pity," the stranger replied."Pity."What are you talking about? Alex asked confused. "Who are you? Answer me!"

"Me? I am Saber. The stranger replied And I was referring to the fragile existence human life" Alex still confused tried to withdraw his sword but he couldn't as if some force was preventing him from doing it.

As the stranger now known as Saber advanced to him, Alex felt some force pinning him to the spot he was standing. "Saber." "I won't...Forget this!"Alex said feeling the strain as Saber only smiled."You won't forget my name boy, oh kind of you," he said mockingly.
"I shall return the favour and remember yours as well." then holding Alex close the lion stabbed him with the sceptre he was holding as he collapsed to the floor and died on the spot.

"It's been an honour making your acquaintance boy," Saber said looking at the sceptre as it glowed. "Two down and five to go," he said then laughing evil he vanished without a trace. As the spirit of Alex finished his story, the three were speechless of what came to pass before they had arrived.

"And now you have seen what the statue saw, my travelling friends." Alex said."I don't understand it myself. But it seems the statue of Alexandra has been waiting for your arrival, but if the memory of my tale can serve you on your quest, it would bring great relief to my soul..."Alex said as his spirit turned to Kairel."My stay here is coming to an end...It's time of us to part..."

"No, Alex!" Don't leave me!"Kairel said heartbroken, for she didn't want him to leave her again."One last thing, Little K..."Alex said with a sad smile."Uncle Scrooge and Uncle Donald may try to stand in your way. Nevertheless... Follow your heart and do as you must. Farewell, my little sister..."

And with that the spirit of Alex left the statue as Orbs of light floated into the sky Kairel knew they were the spirit of her bother as she collapsed to her knees and wept bitterly.
"What a tragic affair." King Lyon said appearing suddenly. "There's no question about it. This was Saber's treachery!" he said as Leo Jumped out of his skin. "COR BLIMEY, GRANDAD, where'd you spring from!"

"It would seem that young Alakay also wishes us to bring Saber to justice." Lyon said ignoring Leo. "His sacrifice shall not be in vain, now we have yet another reason to stop Saber's foul reign of terror..." he added as he turned to Leo who was trying to get his breath back. "I shall await you by the carriage, Cheerio!" he said and left.

"Come on guv, let's be on our way too," Leo said as he followed Lyon. "Okay on my way" Grey said but before he left he was stopped by Kairel as he turned towards her."I Really must apologise for my behaviour earlier."She said feeling ashamed."We'll talk more later, but I need to be alone right now...I'll see you back at the village."Kairel said as Grey understood the current matter.

"Alright i'll give you some time" the wolf said out of kindness as he left but still he could not get something out of his mind. "Two down and five to go, what did he mean by that?"
AS the gorup reaches the Tower of Alexandria, they had a firey encounter with Kairel as well as Learn of Alex's True killer

Cast as follows:

Hero/Grey (Sheep and Wolves)
Yangus/Leo (Yours Truely)
King Trode/ Lyon :iconfantasyflixart: "Cursed Trode" Dagnino (Noah's Ark)
Princess Medea/Bianca (Sheep and Wolves)
Dhoulmagus/Saber (Lkhff)
Kalderasha: Vitaly (Madagascar 3 Europe's most wanted.
Valentina: Gia (Madagascar 3 Europe's most wanted.
Geyser: Ursula (the little mermaid. 
Lost Merchant: Morsal fin :iconfantasyflixart:
Master Rylus: Noah "2014 version"
Bangerz and Mash: Huey, Dewy, Louie, Webby "Ducktales 2017"
Rosalind Albert: Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Miss Beakly "Ducktales 2017
Alistair: Alex/Alakay "Madagascar
Jessica: Kairel "El Arca/Noah's Ark"
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