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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Although there was a push at the end for Cinder and Vashet it was not strong enough to catch our winners:

Another night for demons by kuro-art by :iconkuro-art:
Bredon: a tak player by ManuSauci by :iconmanusauci:

They both win their choice of any t-shirt from the Patrick Rothfuss's store "The Tinker's Pack".
(please send the necessary information by note to the group or to me)

Congratulations! does anyone have any news about book 3?
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is a group of artwork dedicated to the story of Kvothe, "The Kingkiller Chronicle" by Patrick Rothfuss.

You can find the rules of this group here




Sites any Kingkiller-fan should know about /
Sitos que todo Kingkiller-fan debe conocer

About Patrick Rothfuss:
:bulletblack: Official Website
:bulletblack: Blog
:bulletblack: dA account---> Kvothe
:bulletblack: Facebook

The Tinker's Packs

La historia de Kvothe

Kingkiller Wiki

Eolian Tabern

dA News articles

Book's promo video:
NoTW Spanish
NoTW Portuguese
WMF Spanish

Fan Works:
:bulletblack: Photo-story www.andsewingishalfthebattle.c… (The Grand Prize Winner from the first photograph contest Patrick's promoted.)

:bulletblack: Name of Wind trailers…………
:bulletblack: NoTW book trailer…
:bulletblack: NoTW play…
:bulletblack: The Triumph of Fear…
:bulletblack: WMF trailer…

:bulletblack: Jackass song
:bulletblack: Tinker Tanner song
:bulletblack: Song dedicated to Kvothe
:bulletblack: Felurian's Song
:bulletblack: The Name of the Wind Book Review Song
:bulletblack: The Name of the Wind (Unofficial Soundtrack)
:bulletblack: The Lay of Sir Savien Traliard
:bulletblack: The Chandrian song
:bulletblack: Felurian's ballad
:bulletblack: Merciful Tehlu :new:
:bulletblack: Hearthfire, “Chandrian. Chandrian!":new:
:bulletblack: The Name of the Wind (fan theme song) :new:

Discussion Forum:
:bulletblack: Want some theories?
:bulletblack: En español Foro Tarbean


If you know any other good site with stuff about Patrick Rothfuss or The Kingkiller books, share it with us!

Si conoces algun otro sitio que contenga cosas buenas acerca de Patrick Rothfuss o los libros de El Asesino de Reyes, compártela con nosotros!









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A group of artwork dedicated to the story of Kvothe, "The Kingkiller Chronicle" by Patrick Rothfuss.
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The-Ventriloquist Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, I’m interested in becoming a member of this online group as I like the Kingkiller Chronicles and I sometimes draw fanart. How do I apply to join? Thanks very much!
03-Marina-the-cat Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Student Digital Artist
sorry, but has anyone a blank version of that old kingkiller meme that was deleted when the creator closed their account?....

Or it would be good to still use it?
Muffin9124 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2016
Hey all! Thanks for the acceptance. I'm a big fan of the series and everyone's artwork here. IRL I'm a masters student and I'm actually writing a paper about this community! I'd love to get your opinions on why you choose to interact with The Kingkiller Chronicle fandom via DeviantArt and this group particularly, as well as some other information. Feel free to comment below, or if you want to talk more in depth feel free to PM me :) 

Alsdale Featured By Owner Edited Jul 22, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay, so ... This isn't Kingkiller fan art, but it hit me right in the Kvothe/Bast feels anyway.  And I don't even ship them ...

Thought some others in the group might enjoy :)

Stop sacrificing yourself so easily, you fool by j-witless

Deviation by j-witless
amidarosa Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015
u guys active?
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