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A quick photomanipulation of myself, only took about an hour.
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The piece is somewhat chilling when looking at it in the partial view, but it loses it when you full view it. How come everyone insists on using the stitchs on these types of work? They always turn out pretty bad =/.

There are some things that need to be fixed in this, but they are tiny and you can probably do them in a few minutes. First get rid of that goofy looking scar, it just doesn't look real, on top of that, a zombie wouldn't have stitches unless they recieved a brain transplant, but then you'd have to save the head and remove the top portion of the head. Another thing is the fore-head, it's very bright where as someone who's been buried for so long and just crawled out 6 feet through dirt and/or mud would have a very dark and fility face. Next, look at the eyes, they don't seem dull enough, a good source for good eyes is from the movie "Shaun of the Dead" , look at those eyes and try to get that same dull color into them. Lastly, the signature, unless you're using it as your Dev ID or as an avatar, that just takes away from the picture, only because it's so big and contrasting. If you want to keep a signature I would suggest taking the route of alot of digital artists and designing yourself a "Graphic" signature, then you can make just an outline of that signature in a clear color to stick into pieces you do, that way people still can see who did it if it's been ripped, but it doesn't take away from the picture. Plus I remember graphic sigs alot better then I remeber names.

However, this is some pretty good work for just an hour of manipulation. I really like the way you colored in the cheeks and how you got your hair to look filthy. And the background is magnificant. All in all it's a good piece that could stand for some improvement.
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I will definately start making those changes, but for now I will leave this one up. Thanks for the advice. ^_^