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ninja turtles next mutation sketch of Venus

since i did sketches of the four turtles from the TV series next mutation, i thought i might as well do one of the character Venus.
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Will you be making Splinter too?
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Pretty good!  I wonder if she'll make an appearance in the current series.  Maybe Karai will mutate into her.
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"No way, dude."- Mikey

Yeah. It was scary enough she was made to be Hamato Yoshi's daughter, to mutate into a girl turtle. That would be twisted.
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I doubt it. Apparently Peter Laid hates this character. In fact when 2007's TMNT was in production he actually told the director of the film not to even mention her.
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Wonderfully done. I think you did an amazing job rendering her.

I rather miss her as a character.
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A shame she could have really worked well if they had just given it more time and thought.
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Groovy work, Venus was a great idea but the writers didn't make good use of her.
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thanks and you're right, the writers did not develop her well in the series.
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