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The Odd One Out

This was requested by a dear friend IRL, who wanted to see this meme with Simba and Kimba shunning the 2019 Simba. This was the result.

The Lion King (c) Disney
Kimba The White Lion (c) Kodansha 
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It's nice to see the two young lion characters of such controversy put aside their differences, and become friends. Why not try to establish a good relationship? XD 
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I think Kimba is saying “No hard feelings done, right?” And Simba then says “Yeah, I’m sorry for starting the whole controversy on copying you, now we got bigger problems on our paws.”
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I guess it can be interpreted that way. I was requested to base this off a meme where two opposing sides shake hands while shunning a common enemy.
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LMAO, so perfect 👌
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Laughed out loud! :giggle: