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Hello Kitty, but I don't care
Endurance. Steel is forged.
From ore, and heat.
With humility,
because you are writing with a 'Hello Kitty' pen.
That is out of ink,
but, you made it work
:iconkinggabrielle:KingGabrielle 1 0
The Road
The road is the road
Is the road once again
Stone faced and hard
Rugged, but hurt
I see lone souls roaming
Roaming the lone road
There is the devil on one end
And death on the next
The road is the road
Is the road once again
I see free souls roaming,
Roaming the free road
There is a desert on one end
And home on the next
:iconkinggabrielle:KingGabrielle 1 2
Angels fear when they cannot fly
No flesh that lives or dies
No blood that spills
A cut that never heals
:iconkinggabrielle:KingGabrielle 1 0
I know of a world above our own,
It is unseen by most,
But I've walked it's hallow grounds
It goes unheard,
Though I've listened to it's battle cries
The demons that plague scream them,
The creatures that infest fear them,
Made up of darkness, blood, and bone
Not even angels walk these woods alone
Red skies and cold rain,
The sun will never hear my pain,
No warmth to speak it's name
and my eyes burn by the sight,
My legs break by it's might
Like a quake it rumbles, it shakes
Creating whirlpools deep within the lakes
My footsteps go heard,
My name goes unsaid
I am the traveler of a distant land,
I am the traveler of a world all in my head
:iconkinggabrielle:KingGabrielle 1 2
Know Yourself, Know Others
Life first is to know yourself,
Then to know others,
Then to know how to hurt yourself,
So you know how to hurt others,
So you know how to heal yourself,
So you know how to heal others
:iconkinggabrielle:KingGabrielle 1 6
The Norn
Snow-bound warriors,
They live by their own
No leaders, no armies,
No nation of one
Living for the victory,
The hunt to be won!
The Raven,
The Wolf,
The Bear,
To be one
These are the words to be passed down to son
Outsiders, beget to be warned,
Our honor is the hunt,
The hunt to be won!
Across the far Shiverpeaks,
Through legend they speak
The tales,
The tales of the hunts they had won!
:iconkinggabrielle:KingGabrielle 3 1
Fade to Black
Somewhere in life,
I've split in two
Somehow I'm broken
I think I left a piece with you
Fragments of my memory that did not last
Melted like ice,
Broken like glass
I stand up,
To fall down
I'll rise up
To be stuck down
After all -
I've been broken down
But in the end
I won't be sitting down
I move on,
To be pushed back
I've rushed in
Only to lose track
Though I start strong,
Hope fades to black
When the answer was clear,
It just fades to black
:iconkinggabrielle:KingGabrielle 1 0
What you call a mental disorder,
Is justified,
A reason to invade foriegn borders
All around us is a modern crusade,
To burn and kill,
To judge with a grade
Can a life lose its value,
If the body dies,
If the mind lies,
No longer can the rotten apple be turned,
Forgotten, forsaken
Hate to be returned
Swinging your gavial to break my knees
Trusting those who simply bought their degrees
Push me down so I cannot stand,
It's 'We The People' who are no longer in command
Rise up,
No time to grieve
Speak up,
Tell us what you believe
No hate, no love
It's about simply what you achieve
Tell me if reality is simply how you perceive
:iconkinggabrielle:KingGabrielle 3 0
Castle in the Sky
With her beauty stripped,
She was left alone
To this day, she lays awake
Broken to the bone
Her dreams on postpone,
There's no more dial tone
As she hangs up the phone
She shivers so cold;
There's no one left to guide her home
Her words now written deep in stone
She looks for a world she had not known
On her knees, she longs to be free
The angels hear her pled…
No more life,
No more love,
Please take me away from here
Away from fear,
It's crystal clear,
It's you who's always near
Above the sea,
Above the clouds,
Where darkness cannot shroud
Above the war,
Above the hate,
This world that awaits
Where angels fly,
Where angels die,
My love, look deep into my eyes
One day I'll take you to this place
To my castle in the sky
:iconkinggabrielle:KingGabrielle 2 1
Soldier of Fortune
I have no one to betray,
I have no debts left to pay,
With an assault rifle strapped to my back,
My soul is painted black
Armed and ready,
I need no drugs to keep me steady
With an iron nerve and no one left to serve
I charge into the fight!
Dodging lead,
The sky is painted red
I don't mind the dead
But no matter where I tread,
Hell cannot be fled
Locked in battle,
An explosion shakes the soul
Death finally came to take his toll
For the lives that I stole
:iconkinggabrielle:KingGabrielle 1 0
Combat Arms Weaponry by KingGabrielle Combat Arms Weaponry :iconkinggabrielle:KingGabrielle 18 13
For Kills, For Honor, For Free
A civil disaster,
My war-torn town
Ever since we give him power
Since we’ve passed down the crown
Just chaos and war,
They kicked down my door
Please, come on in
Please, let my patience wear thin
For kills,
For honor,
For freedom
There’s no Nobel Prize
For your sinful lies
A shot to your head
To end the bloodshed
Can there be peace at last?
Behind bullet-proof glass,
A nation is now sheltered
Never to know the past
:iconkinggabrielle:KingGabrielle 2 3
A Wanted Man by God
The moon guides them to me
Lost in the forest
Lost in desperation
The stars whisper my name
Be there no peace for the confronted
No wings for gliding
Black caves of the quiet night,
Rich mountains of amazing height
A blanket of grass to keep out of sight
I live my life as a wanted man,
I live my life as the one who ran
Some call me coward,
Some call me sly,
But they do not see,
They know not why
Beyond God’s eye -
I will defy
They know not why
Tears fall from the sky
:iconkinggabrielle:KingGabrielle 3 3
The Snow Valley Sniper
Shot down,
More blood on the snow
The sniper above the tower,
Drops to the floor below
Running out of breath,
Running away from death
Counting down the final hour
Whispers among the wind
A pull of the trigger,
An echo all it’s own
What he was strictly told,
He no longer knows
Driven on instinct
Driven on fear,
By the time you get there,
He has already disappeared
He goes unheard,
But sings with the birds
Speaking his mind -
But silent in word
:iconkinggabrielle:KingGabrielle 4 9
So Long Ago
I used to walk a lonely path,
All alone,
Nothing sacred ever seemed to last
I use to wander the world so vast,
Looking for someone,
Somehow to bury my past
Bury my past…
Striving for something that does not exist,
Ever since the day I felt her kiss
Searching my sorrow for who I used to know,
Someone who had died so long ago…
So long ago…
:iconkinggabrielle:KingGabrielle 2 5
Turn of the Crank
A government with a promise,
The land of the brave,
Peace and liberty of the people,
Freedom for all
But somewhere along the line,
We’ve dropped the ball -
And it shattered to pieces
Brought us to a crawl
Since when did Checks and Balances,
Refer to the banks
Who give us right to roll in the tanks,
To invade another country
Just a turn of the crank,
And we gave them the power
We have ourselves to thank
Who can we trust,
To give political thrust
To a nation in need,
Are we ready to lead
Their hearts made of stone,
We need to question the throne
Too march into Restricted Zone
To take what we own
Too blinded to see,
That we have never been free
In the Garden of Eden,
We’ve chopped down the tree
We fed the fruit to our children,
Drank the wine by design,
And our political power,
Becomes our final hour
:iconkinggabrielle:KingGabrielle 2 6


Time to Raise a Little Hell by cowboy-johnny Time to Raise a Little Hell :iconcowboy-johnny:cowboy-johnny 5 2 predator by rodvanhellsing predator :iconrodvanhellsing:rodvanhellsing 3,101 378 predator by nebezial predator :iconnebezial:nebezial 8,110 1,031 McFarlane Toys Rough Conan by dankatcher McFarlane Toys Rough Conan :icondankatcher:dankatcher 921 85 Bath Kol by GENZOMAN Bath Kol :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 10,031 423 EPIC by Zeraga EPIC :iconzeraga:Zeraga 596 434 Medieval Superman by oICEMANo Medieval Superman :iconoicemano:oICEMANo 377 75 Spawn Medieval by ricardoafranco Spawn Medieval :iconricardoafranco:ricardoafranco 232 72 medieval city by Geistig medieval city :icongeistig:Geistig 5,180 551


  • Listening to: Megadeth
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew
Writers, Editors, Advisors

•Team Objective: Developing a High Fantasy Sci-Fi story to promote a video game project called "THUNDER" by IMU Studios

•Story Genre: Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi

A unique aesthetic style and gameplay has been developed by our talented team, now, writers, editors and advisors are required to envision the game's deeper story and timeline.  

As a writer, you, help to engender a full foundation that relates to the game's unique gameplay and environment.

As an editor, you will be taking raw content and creatively revising each Chapter for spelling mistakes, grammar, punctuation, and flow.

Advisors with professional experience or published work will offer advice and counsel to ensure that the writing is at its' best possible quality.

Abilities to create storyboards, and/or graphic novel style comic book panels to layout cinematic, character actions, and story or web features are a bonus, avid FPS or MMO gaming experience helpful.

If interested in participating in this project, or want more information, post here or email me at or reach the Director at


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