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The White Mimmoth by KingEzekiel The White Mimmoth :iconkingezekiel:KingEzekiel 0 2 Tiny Elephant by KingEzekiel Tiny Elephant :iconkingezekiel:KingEzekiel 1 2 Selkie Emoji! by KingEzekiel Selkie Emoji! :iconkingezekiel:KingEzekiel 0 0 Yoyo jellyfish by KingEzekiel Yoyo jellyfish :iconkingezekiel:KingEzekiel 1 7 Bread Jack O'Lantern by KingEzekiel Bread Jack O'Lantern :iconkingezekiel:KingEzekiel 0 2 deviantArt logo by KingEzekiel deviantArt logo :iconkingezekiel:KingEzekiel 1 5 Peasant style spring dress for 4.75 year old. by KingEzekiel Peasant style spring dress for 4.75 year old. :iconkingezekiel:KingEzekiel 0 1 Spaghetti Squash Mask II by KingEzekiel Spaghetti Squash Mask II :iconkingezekiel:KingEzekiel 0 0 Broken Mask by KingEzekiel Broken Mask :iconkingezekiel:KingEzekiel 0 0 Evonale as a MLP by KingEzekiel Evonale as a MLP :iconkingezekiel:KingEzekiel 1 2 A Random Libel: Issue 2 by KingEzekiel A Random Libel: Issue 2 :iconkingezekiel:KingEzekiel 0 1 A Random Libel: Issue 1 by KingEzekiel A Random Libel: Issue 1 :iconkingezekiel:KingEzekiel 0 1 Bottled Armageddon by KingEzekiel Bottled Armageddon :iconkingezekiel:KingEzekiel 0 0 Pancakes are served by KingEzekiel Pancakes are served :iconkingezekiel:KingEzekiel 0 5 Motivator:Dance by KingEzekiel Motivator:Dance :iconkingezekiel:KingEzekiel 0 1
Mere daydreams
Like the tabby staring at a fishbowl,
I watch my mind's futile gyrations.
:iconkingezekiel:KingEzekiel 0 0


Who Invited Him? by brightredrose Who Invited Him? :iconbrightredrose:brightredrose 39 17 Rabbit in the Rain by brightredrose Rabbit in the Rain :iconbrightredrose:brightredrose 40 4 Rekindled by brightredrose Rekindled :iconbrightredrose:brightredrose 74 20 Glow Cuttlefish by MegLyman Glow Cuttlefish :iconmeglyman:MegLyman 21 4 Glow Octopus by MegLyman Glow Octopus :iconmeglyman:MegLyman 32 7 Coming of Age by WolfieInu Coming of Age :iconwolfieinu:WolfieInu 5 10
The Orderly and the Queen - Everyday Vignette #15
"Time for breakfast, Your Highness," I say. Amber Verdan is smiling when I come into her cell. Weird. She never smiles.
"Greetings, Arthur," she says. "Today is a glorious day."
"Yeah?" I ask as I set her tray down. "Why's that?"
Verdan's smile grows wider. "Arthur, I finally have recovered all my power. Today I shall escape this place and return to my kingdom."
"Oh, ok." I mentally note to have a watch put on Verdan, though I doubt she'd try anything. Except for the fact that she thinks she's a fairy queen, Verdan's harmless. Almost sane, really.
"Arthur, you have long been my favorite. I would have you come with me and be my knight, if you would pledge your fealty to me. I long to show you my kingdom. Will you do it?"
"Sure, Your Highness," I say. "Why not?"
Verdan frowns. "I am serious, Arthur. If you would be my knight, swear it. Pledge your fealty to me forever."
"I pledge my fealty to you as your knight forever."
She stands, beaming. This is really weird.
"Oh, Arthur, you
:iconcelidahd:CelidahD 2 0
Veeery short Kigurumi Tutorial by DiruLiCiouS Veeery short Kigurumi Tutorial :icondirulicious:DiruLiCiouS 2,195 120 The Selkie by gorjuss The Selkie :icongorjuss:gorjuss 125 17
Unicorn, M.D.
Unicorn  M.D.
      The day I passed my medical board exams was a day of much relief for me.  I had wanted to be a doctor ever since I had appendicitis when I was ten, and I remembered the kind, smiling face of the surgeon before the anaestheseologist hit me with the sedative.  The idea of being cut open scared me to death, but the surgeon himself reassured me, made me feel so much better, and gave me courage.  I was still scared, but I felt like I could face my fear, and place my life in this man's skilled hands.
    Holding the letter in my hands, I felt like it was payback time.  Now it was my turn to do some good.  Of course it would be a while before I actually had my M.D., as the internship was part of the medical school program.  I would be put on rotation, covering every aspect of hospital medicine, finding my niche as it were.
    So, going to UCL
:icondolphinsilverwolf:DolphinSilverwolf 12 10
The Selkie and the Blacksmith
The Selkie and the Blacksmith
By Chris Rosenbaum
Sit down, child, sit down by the fire.  Oh ho ho, yes, I'm sorry, you hate being called "child," my girl.  It is your twelfth birthday.  I am so old now.  I don't look it?  Well, I am flattered.  You see getting older doesn't mean you have to grow old.  I am still strong, I can still swing a hammer or a sword if need be.  I must give you your birthday present.  Come, sit, I will tell you a story.  One might call it a faerie tale...but that would imply it never really happened.  Oh, this did.  This did.  It happened many years ago.
    You've heard the tales of the selkies, child?  Ah, not like this.  You see, we know how the seal-folk the sea, they are seals, lithe living bodies under the waves, happy and carefree.  Sometimes they come onto land like
:icondolphinsilverwolf:DolphinSilverwolf 26 8
Little Artist by MegLyman Little Artist :iconmeglyman:MegLyman 109 15 Inktober 31 - Rocket Kiwi by Vineris Inktober 31 - Rocket Kiwi :iconvineris:Vineris 12 7 Thank You by MegLyman Thank You :iconmeglyman:MegLyman 118 49 No One Would Ever Believe Her by meluseena No One Would Ever Believe Her :iconmeluseena:meluseena 231 27 The Tragic Lovers by inkscribble The Tragic Lovers :iconinkscribble:inkscribble 197 131


The White Mimmoth
A white mimmoth. 9mm safety-eyes, black. Fuchsia felt ear lining. 8" white pipe-cleaner as tusks & trunk armature. Sewn together & tailed with thread from that spool of white mercerized hand-quilting thread it's holding.

Pattern based off the tiny kitty pattern by Abby Glassenberg, same as the last one.

This is, of course, a Girl Genius fan-work.
Tiny Elephant
Based on the Tiny Kitty pattern by Abby Glassenberg

I used a scrap of rumply grayish green fabric. The ears are circles about 3/8 the diameter of the head & body circles, they are double layered & blanket stitched all the way around. Small black button eyes. You cannot see the embroidery floss tail from here, it was made of a full thickness of floss in a yellowish shade of green that clashes horribly with the rest, but is at least similarly unsaturated. The trunk has a pipecleaner armature.

At the moment it is being referred to as Dumbo's Cajun daughter, Gumbo. Obviously his mother's horrid luck in baby names is hereditary.
37 deviations
I step into the station, and see pictures and stories scrawled across the walls, a blank space beckons me from across the room, and I cross over. When I get close I see lettering in the bottom right hand corner; it reads: "This space has been reserved for Ezekiel"

I smile and pull a broken chalk from my pocket.
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