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From top: Killer class Limited Offensive Unit, Hooligan class LOU, Torturer class Rapid Offensive Unit.

The Killer class is based on the brief description of the Attitude Adjuster in Excession (chapter 6), as long, sleek, 'double-ended', and reminiscent of the axle and hubs of a ship's windlass. I could probably cleave a bit more closely to that, but I wanted it to look like it came from the same design school as the Hooligan. In Consider Phlebas (chapter 9), the class (an ROU at the time of the Idiran War) is described as 200m long (or is that just the engine?). I figured that the habitation section around the middle (see also Torturer, Psychopath) should be more prominent on such an old ship; it likely had a larger crew than later vessels.

The Hooligan class is based on a short but specific description of the Me, I'm Counting in Surface Detail (chapter 9) as looking like a long bolt, with various nuts and washers screwed onto it. In case of confusion, as with all my designs, the front is at the left of the picture.

My Torturer class design is based on the description of the Nuisance Value in Excession (chapter 4) as massive, ugly, and cobbled-together, with a bundle of giant engines behind a single weapon pod and a tacked on accommodation module. The weapons pod resembles those of the Hooligan and Killer, the accommodation section is annular, as inspired the by the Psychopath's. The size of the Torturer is never specified (I think), but two pieces of evidence suggest a size significantly larger than the Killer's and at least comparable to the Murderer's. First, the Torturer class ROU Killing Time is clearly faster and more powerful than the Killer class Attitude Adjuster and the other ships in the Pittance fleet (including Gangsters) that it engages in battle in Excession. I therefore expect it to be bigger than those types (both about 200m long). Secondly, I argue that it should be of a vaguely similar size to the Inquisitor class (see comments on that ship for more details), which itself is larger than the GCU Grey Area, which in turn is maybe similar in length to the Murderer class GOU.

Having tweaked the designs of the Killer and the Hooligan, I am now not entirely pleased with the proportions of the Torturer. Maybe that's OK given its 'ugly, cobbled together' appearance, but I might update it soon. Update: shortened the nose a little. Still a bit of a work in progress. 
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