Frequently Asked Questions
Some not so asked, but I thought I'd beat you to it!

:-? How do I join?
You press the button Join (write something in the box if you want, if you do not live in Sweden but comes from Sweden write that there, same goes if you live in Sweden but can't speak Swedish). Your application need to be approved so just wait!

:-? You ask for my birthday, why?
So we can congratulate you on your big day! That you're born is a fantastic thing and it needs to be celebrated. We do this by having all birthdays on the DevMeet page and the deviants who have their birthday the week we're in is mentioned and featured in the newsletter of that week. Great huh? So tell us your birthday!

:-? Why does it take so long before my birthday is in the list?
They're batched up and put into the list, but you will be notified when you're added to the list. If you have written us your birthday but haven't been put on the list before your special day arrive you will get a feature and mention afterwards.

:-? How do you select the art for the birthday feature?
Our birthday admin picks pieces to feature with two things in mind:
1. it needs to show off the type of art the artist do, for example if a gallery contain 95% photography and 5% traditional art then it will be a photograph that will be featured.
2. Only art within a certain time span can be chosen, in autumn 2016 it's art from 2014-2016, if there is no art in this time span there will be no feature.

:-? How can I get group icons on my profile page?
This is for both for normal members and subscription members. Press 'edit page' and search for the group widget, drag it somewhere on your page and tadaa there you got it.

:-? How do I submit art?
1. You go to the group front page and then press 'submit art' and then choose what art (it must be your own, not your faves and such) and don't forget to choose the proper gallery.

2. You go to the deviation you want to submit and on the right side it says '+ submit to group' - press that. Then it's the same as alternative nr 1.

:-? What goes where in the gallery?
See: Gallery & Favourites Guide

:-? How can I withdraw my submission?
You go to your page and press 'correspondence items' and there you got all the pieces you've sent in to groups. There you will see when they get accepted, denied or expired. To withdraw you press the button with the same name. DO NOT PRESS THE X-BUTTON! If you press x-button it only disappears for you but stays in the group message centre in the submission line.

:-? What does expired next to my piece in 'correspondence items' mean?
It means that we couldn't get to your piece before the time limit expired. It have then not been processed. This can be because of many submissions or because of a bug - because of that one we are not notified about your submission in our group message centre. Bottom line: Send in again!

:-? Why do you ask questions about my submission?
We have another way on handling submissions than other groups may have. Instead of just voting directly yes/no I (petrova) try to discuss and ask questions or ask the artist to change something so it can be accepted. I want art to be accepted, my intention is never to mess with you, be mean or to lower your chances on getting your art known on dA (the opposite). My goal is:
:bulletyellow: that your deviation is in the right gallery both at KoS and dA so the right target group find it
:bulletblue: that you follow copyright rules (like credit on fan art, photomanip, 3D and to artist of reference pic)
:bulletyellow: to make sure your art piece look its best
:bulletblue: to teach above things
:bulletyellow: That every artpiece in KoS follow above things and thus lead by example on dA

:-? Why does it take so long for my art to be accepted?
It can depend on either me petrova being away (always announced in journal), that it's a lot of submissions or that I need extra time to think about your piece of art. Sometimes it's because you've gotten a question that needs to be answered, make sure you answer those. It can also depend on a bug (see above question). On the front page there is also a count down for the next time submissions will be taken care of, this is approximately once every week.

:-? Why was my deviation denied?
See: Gallery & Favourites Guide or Copyright/Upphovsratt (swe)

:-? Why can't you move my submission if I've sent it wrong?
At the moment we are 2000+ members and there are always several submissions to the wrong gallery, we do not have the time to accept them > go to the gallery > find them > move them > and then go back to the submissions again. It would take ages just for that.

:-? Where can I find the chat room?
On the front page if you scroll down a bit you'll see it right above the comments. Or click here.

:-? If someone is breaking the rules in the chat, what do I do?
Do a print screen and contact petrova about it and I will solve it. Do not solve it on your own.

:-? Are there any open positions?
Check either latest journals or on the about page.

:-? What is copyright?
Only in Swedish, but read here: Copyright/Upphovsrätt. We follow Swedish and International copyright laws.

:-? What is a DD/Daily Deviation?
Short version: It's awarded by Community Volunteers (those with a heart behind their name) on deviantart and can be seen during 24h (a piece), you can find them on the front page. Every CV can usually award 1 (one) each 24h.

Long version + how to suggest, in Swedish: DD suggestion - men hur?

:-? What is KoSa?
It's "Kingdom of Sweden Award" and is given to 0-6 artists every week from past week's submissions. It's like this group's Daily Deviation and you can get one every 8 weeks. The deviations that are picked will be shown in "Nyhetsbrevet" together with a short text on why it's picked. The artist can use the KoSa-stamp in the description of the picked deviation.

:-? What is Bubblare?
It is almost like KoSa but has some other criterias that is more about impact, emotion and so on, the rules aren't as tough for Bubblare as they are for KoSa. 0-2 are chosen every week and will be shown in "Nyhetsbrevet".

:-? What are Super Groupies?
These are deviants who have helped the group to be a super group (which means more features and widgets to enjoy) by giving :points:. You can help by giving points to KoS-points.

:-? What is a 'Super Group'
It's the same as having a subscription if you're a member. It's just way more expensive.

:-? What do I do if I don't agree with a decision or if I am unhappy with the group or something along those lines?
You contact the group privately in a calm and respectful way. You can also contact petrova with a note BUT you are not allowed to contact other admins with a note to their accounts - respect their privacy. We will not take any discussions of this kind openly. Remember: it's human to make mistakes.

:-? I don't understand your decision?
Ask in a private note (see above question) or if you want; directly into the 'feedback comments' if it's a submission to our gallery. To do the last one go to your 'correspondence items' and press the link to comments under the button 'withdraw'. Remember: it's human to make mistakes.

:-? What happens if I don't obey the rules?
Usually one time is no time but it also depends on the situation. If you continue to disobey the rules you will get a warning and if you still aren't going by the rules you will be kicked out and banned. Note: In some severe cases you can be kicked out and banned right away.

:-? How do I leave?
We all want to do that sometimes with some groups and we understand if you don't have the time for KoS anymore. To leave press your icon when on our group page and choose 'leave group'. BUT we prefer that if you have a problem with the group contact us before leaving and if you are determined to leave please leave a note telling us why so we can be better. You are always and whenever welcome back!

:-? Your question...
Ask it by pressing HERE

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