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any amount will help with future things!!

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Ive been tagged :U

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 28, 2019, 4:22 PM
zafara1222  tagged meh >:U
i dont normally do tags buttttt
pokemon owo


1) Switch to "All regions" and "All types"

2) Switch to "1"

3) For each question, generate a Pokémon, and use it as the answer. Then comment about it  

4) PLEASE TAG SOMEONE! This is the only way the meme can get around

5) Post these rules

This is you

Tyrantrum by pokemon3dsprites
this explains a lot actually

This pokemon is your rival

Ninjask by pokemon3dsprites
ima beat yo ninja butt >:u

This pokemon is deeply in love with you

Chinchou by pokemon3dsprites
love hurts ;_; like, 40k volts hurts

This pokemon is stalking you

Flygon by pokemon3dsprites
oddly enough im ok with this o3o

This pokemon just stole your cake

Jigglypuff by pokemon3dsprites
i will find you...and i will kill you

This is your Lab partner

Zubat by pokemon3dsprites
welp im a vampire now :u

This is your best friend

Trapinch by pokemon3dsprites
plz dont bite me again :c

This pokemon is about to fight you

Rattata by pokemon3dsprites
ive knocked enough out on RT1 so bring it

This pokemon will do anything to get your shoes

Politoed by pokemon3dsprites

This pokemon is currently hiding in your house

Cofagrigus by pokemon3dsprites
am i haunted now D:

This pokemon is your pet

Aegislash (shield) by pokemon3dsprites
Watson will fite u for my love

This is your new roommate

Togedemaru #777 by pokemon3dsprites

im chill, just clean up yo mess >:U

This is your new boss

Cherrim (sunshine) by pokemon3dsprites
this job is too happy i need a new one now

This pokemon watches you while you sleep at night

Raikou by pokemon3dsprites
plz dont stab me with yo toofs :c

This pokemon is scared of you

Mankey by pokemon3dsprites
...actually im ok with this

This pokemon is about to perform surgery on you

Tentacool by pokemon3dsprites
one moment i gotta make my will cause we're fucked

You have to babysit this pokemon all night

Tangrowth (female) by pokemon3dsprites
hi is this the police? can yo come arrest me and take this kid away thank

This pokemon loves sleeping on your head

Bruxish #779 by pokemon3dsprites
.....i feel dirty now help ;-;

This pokemon envies you

Pansear by pokemon3dsprites
cause im more spicy then you >:T

Use this pokemon to tag some people

Plusle by pokemon3dsprites

Plusle sends notes to:
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  • Drinking: Water water and more wadder


welp time to join in the badge fun 8')))
To Steal My Heart by KingdomHeartsOrgXII3 Dem Sex Eyes by KingdomHeartsOrgXII3 At the Begining by KingdomHeartsOrgXII3
this OTP is literally one of my favorites, although the humans are better cause Archi can hug his presh baby then ;DD
ah yes, a wonderful way to begin the new year!
just about to go to bed and Steam sends me an e-mail saying my account is now locked cause some fucker in Thung Song in the Nakhon Si Thammarat in Thailand decided to freak me out

nice try whoever you are, but I locked everything and changed every damn password under the sun to be hella more complicated now thanks >B((( I just wanted to sleep for work UGHHHH
Well it's official! I've begun my puppy search and put in an application for a new puppy! Hopefully i'll get good news about this little adorable cutie who's stolen my heart ;A;

Cutest raffle ever for a plush bean! 

2 deviants said… go check it out! :la:


They danced well for me
Tue Jun 6, 2017, 12:03 AM
Did those monkeys dance for you?
Sat May 27, 2017, 9:38 AM
Mon Dec 21, 2015, 4:22 PM
Sat Dec 19, 2015, 4:01 PM
Sat Dec 19, 2015, 4:01 PM


Feb 20, 2019
5:44 am
Feb 18, 2019
10:07 am
Feb 17, 2019
9:30 pm
Feb 17, 2019
2:55 pm
Feb 16, 2019
11:18 pm


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