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Shana Emotional Spectrum

Alright before we get into anything let me say this: I've still only seen the first season of Shakugan no Shana, so I could only use characters I've seen already in this image. Sure there may be other characters who fit into each catigory better that are introduced in the second season, but again I have yet to see it.

Anyway, this is one I've been meaning to do since finishing the first season of Shakugan no Shana. A couple of people did request for me to do this (still escapes me why people like these, they're really nothing special), so I finally got off my arse and did it.

No Black or White Lanterns this time because I could think of characters that were good enough to fill those slots. Once again, even if there are any in season two I haven't seen it yet.

For those of you who aren't familiar with DC comics, or just aren't familiar with Green Lantern mythology (if that's the word I'm looking for) I'll try and explain: The Emotional Spectrum is basically the white light of life that's been broken up into different colours that define the emotion of the universe. Each different Lantern Corp channels these different colours in their Central Power Batteries and use them to power their Power Rings. At least that's a very basic explanation. If you want the details here's the wiki article on it: [link]

Margery Daw: Red Lanterns (Rage) - Margery feels great rage and hatred towards this Silver bloke, whoever he is (again, haven't seen season two). Though advised not to, she desperately wants payback on the guy for whatever he did to her. With a heart full of rage, hatred and a lust for revenge I'd say she'd make a good Red Lantern.

Dantalion: Orange Lantern/Agent Orange (Avarice) - The hardest one to place a character for, but I think he just barely fits the bill. I also considered Friagne, but I went with Dantalion just because of his "all for the sake of research" motive. Dantalion just wants everything in the name of research. He has a... wait do Crimson Denizens have hearts? Well whatever he has it's full of absolute greed.

Bal Masqué: Sinestro Corp (Fear) - The Ball Mask (that's my name for them because that's what it sounds like whenever they say their name) strike fear throughout the Crimson Realm. Just the mere mention of their name make certain Denizens cower in fear. Why not? They're pretty powerful and cold... "hearted" people. They seek nothing more then absolute control over everything. Hey Sinestro, you looking for some recruits to help tip the scales in your favour against the Green Lantern Corp? Look no further then these guys pal.

Shana: Green Lanterns (Will) - Shana is definately someone who can overcome great fear. She never backs away from a fight, has a good sense of justice, and whenever fear tries to take hold of her she always overcomes it. Heck, have her join the Green Lantern Corp and she could make the Honour Guard easy. Just imagine what Shana's constructs would look like though... I know most people would imagine her just making her sword, but for some reason I can see her throwing a giant melon bread construct at someone (namely Yoshida)... yeah I'm insane...

Yuji Sakai: Blue Lanterns (Hope) - This was pretty much entirely based on the way Shana gets more powerful whenever Yuji's around. You see, when a Blue Lantern is near a Green Lantern's ring becomes super-charged, raising their power levels (if ANYONE even THINKS over saying "over 9000" I'll... well there's not much I can do...) to well over double their maximum levels. In fact when I was watching Shakugan no Shana, whenever Shana would get more powerful because of Yuji I would always think "it's kind of like with the Green and Blue Lantern's rings". Although Yuji does have the abillity to feel and instill great hope. Even though he was told he'd eventually fade out of existance he still remained hopeful that his friends and family would still have a memory of him somewhere. He also gave Shana great hope when he told her that she's more then just a Flame Haze and that he's more then just a torch. Yuji always believe "All will be well".

Wilhelmina Carmel: Indigo Tribe (Compassion) - Another hard one to find a character for. I also considered those gay kids that hang out with Margery but in the end I chose Wilma (my name for her because it's much easier to remember and say then her actual name) because she's abandoned all other emotions apart from her strong compassion for Shana. While Wilma may come off as a bit of a heartless bitch, we have seen that she does truely care for Shana like a little sister. While she may have thrown off all other emotions in order to perform her duties as a Flame Haze to the absolute best of her ability her compassion for Shana shines strong and I think she'd be welcomed with open arms into the Indigo Tribe. Careful though, they're known brain-washers.

Chigusa Sakai: Star Sapphires (Love) - Don't even think of arguing that Yoshida would have been a better candidate for this one because of what she feels for Yuji, because as I've pointed out what she feels for Yuji is NOT love. It's your typical teenage girl's misconception that lust is love, and while that may have been enough with the Star Sapphires of the past, I'd like to think that the modern-age Star Sapphires have a better understand of what love actually is... sort of. Anyway, Chigusa is a very loving and caring person. She feels great love and care, not just for her family but everyone, for example she's very loving and motherly towards Shana. She truely understand what love really is. Plus, imagine her as a Star Sapphire... *drool*
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*LoLs at your description*
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i can't say i disagree when you say yoshida is annoying... i practically hated her on sight... she gave me this very odd feeling and i'm familiar with her kind of character... the sort of b****y type.. sorta.... i prefer Wilhelmina but the only reason she's emotionless, from my point of view, is because she refuses to show her weak side. This is mostly no thanks to merihim who broke her heart, the reason she refuses to be so open about her emotions so we can't exactly fault her for that since most kuudere's are like that, a firm reason not to show themselves is because they believe that emotions are a sign of weakness, somewhat... but they actually really care a lot and they love the people closest to them... ^^
ive been starting to watch it, and i agree that yoshida is horrible, either that or you affected my opinion on her. im on episode 7 so i dont know much of her, when does she really get annoying?
also, you misspelled couldn't actually you didn't even put it in there, just saying.
oh one more thing, the only reason she likes him is because she helped her out when she was being bullied by the p.e. teacher. that ain't love babe, that's what friends do.
*he helped her out*
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I knew you would make something like this! I just knew it!
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