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Resident KHF 3 Nemeboo

So... yeah... Seeing as I was replaying a certain Capcom series in chronological order I thought why not revisit another one of their franchises that I really love: Resident Evil. So when I got around to Resident Evil 3 I thought... well honestly I don't know what I was thinking. This is... yeah... Just roll with it.

So if Ema is Jill Valentine and Patricia is Nemesis does that mean KHF is Carlos? Fuck no. KHF is so badass he's his own character... well "badass" may not be the right word... KHF is so awesome he's his own character... well "awesome might be pushing it...

Resident Evil and Ema Skye are copyrighted by Capcom
Patricia Martin is copyrighted by Kagami Yoshimizu
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lol at patricia : P
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BAHAHA!!!! Patrishmesis!
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I heard some pretty bad things about Carlos, but I'll know for sure once I start seriously playing RE.
Oh, and I love the picture. Pat is SOOOO Nemesi-sorry Nemeboo.
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I didn't mind Carlos. Yeah he comes off as kind of a smug git at first, but his heart's in the right place.
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What happened to my comment?
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Will Patricia have an army of evil dangos?
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In my opinion Ema Skye is kina like Rebecca Chambers from RE1 cause they both like science stuff.

As for you. You look like a person who thinks "im untouchable cause ive got my AK-47!"
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Rebecca wasn't really science-y... well at least not in the sense that Ema is. She was about Medical Science rather then Forensic Science. Also, she wasn't in Resi 3 so...
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