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Larry: *sob* It is not fair…

Phoenix: What's wrong Larry? Did the game's story upset you?

Larry: *cry* No, it's not that Nick… it's… it's…

Edgeworth: He's upset because Capcom's announced another Ace Attorney Investigations game starring me.

Larry: *cries*

Phoenix: Oh… well… Congratulations I guess Edgeworth.

Edgeworth: Thank you Wright.

Phoenix: But what does that have to do with the game we're reviewing today?

Edgeworth: Absolutely nothing. We just wanted to make sure to mention it so that people wouldn't fill up the comment section asking if we've heard about this announcement, and would focus on the game being reviewed.

Phoenix: Oh… well, I guess that makes sense.

Larry: Well it's been nice knowing you Nick. But seeing as Edgey's getting another game, and I'm not even getting one, I don't want to live anymore.

Phoenix: Come on Larry, don't talk like that.

Larry: *Holds Keyblade up to heart*

Edgeworth: Larry! I suggest you stop this nonsense right now!

Larry: *Stabs himself with Keyblade*

Phoenix: Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy!!!

Larry: *Falls to the ground slowly*

Phoenix: No…

Edgeworth: … I… didn't believe he'd actually do it…

Phoenix: Larry…

Edgeworth: I didn't want it to come to this…

*Larry's body lays motionless on the floor, all of a sudden the bug-like Heartless known as a "Shadow" crawls out of his body*

Edgeworth: Ughk! What is that disgusting creature?!

Phoenix: A… Heartless?

*Shadow crawls away under a desk. Phoenix and Edgeworth turn to see Larry's body now wearing a black cloak*

Phoenix: L… Larry?

*Larry's body rises slowly*

Edgeworth: Larry?

???: I am no longer the one you once knew as Larry Butz…

Phoenix: What are you talking about?

???: If I can't star in my own game as Larry Butz… I'll just have to appear as a main villain in another series…

Edgeworth: What is this rubbish coming from your mouth Larry?

???: My name is no longer Larry! From now on I shall be known as Rarxly!

Phoenix: …

Edgeworth: …

Rarxly: …

Phoenix: …

Edgeworth: That is the stupidest name I've ever heard!

Phoenix: Worse then Laurice Deauxnim?

Edgeworth: I'd rather name my first born child that then "Rarxly"!

Rarxly: Yeah, like you're ever having kids Edgey…

Edgeworth: See? You are still Larry! Now stop this foolish act and let's get on with this review!

Rarxly: I am no longer Larry… however I can still remember who I was when I was Larry… I rememb-

Edgeworth: That's bloody amazing Larry! Review! Now!

Rarxly: I suppose I can perform this final duty for Larry… but after this I'm leaving in order to collect hearts to form-

Edgeworth: But you were the one who just got rid of your own heart! Why now seek out to get another heart?! That makes this whole event pointless!

Phoenix: Anyway, as you can probably tell, today we're reviewing the latest instalment in the Kingdom Hearts series. The game the fanboys have eagerly been awaiting since the end of Kingdom Hearts 2: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

Edgeworth: Is KHF not joining us this time?

Phoenix: He told me he can't. He said something about having to sort out a curse mark…

Edgeworth: What nonsense…

Rarxly: You still deny mystic happenings Miles Edgeworth?

Edgeworth: Of course I do. I'm a man of science.

Rarxly: Even though you yourself have experienced them first hand?

Edgeworth: Alright stop talking like that Larry! I know you're just putting on an act!

Rarxly: Oh come on dude, where's your sense of drama?!

Edgeworth: I save my sense of drama for the courtroom.

Phoenix: Anyway, as I mentioned, this is a game that fans have been looking for since they unlocked the hidden trailer at the end of Kingdom Hearts 2.

Rarxly: I never unlocked it.

Phoenix: Were you playing the game in easy mode?

Rarxly: Yeah…

Phoenix: That's why.

Edgeworth: You proclaim yourself as an expert on this topic, yet you still play video games on easy mode?

Rarxly: Hey! Some of use have… or in my case now, had lives you know!

Edgeworth: Walking to the comic book shop isn't a life Larry.

Phoenix: This game is a prequel to the first game in the series, taking place several years before the events of that game.

Edgeworth: Unlike Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, this game isn't a shameless attempt at trying to make more money out of the series… or at least not in the same way that game was.

Phoenix: Yes, unlike with that game, they've had this one planned and have been building up to it ever since Kingdom Hearts 2.

Edgeworth: Though I don't completely understand why this series needed a prequel. Most things in the series already had a reason and explanation behind them.

Phoenix: Well regardless, Square and Disney felt the need to explain some more things about events that take place in the main games.

Edgeworth: Did they really require explanation though?

Phoenix: Not really, but prolonging a series in order to make as much money out of it as possible is nothing new to Square-Enix.

Edgeworth: Point taken. Well let's get this over with.

Rarxly: Let's start with the most important part of an RPG: the story.

Edgeworth: Isn't that what we always start with?

Phoenix: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep stars three main characters: Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. All wielders of Keyblades.

Edgeworth: This bugs me right from the start.

Phoenix: Why?

Edgeworth: Well in the first game they make a huge issue out of the fact that Sora is the "Keyblade's chosen one", making it sound as if he's been chosen to wield this unique and legendary weapon, but now it seems EVERBODY in the series has one.

Rarxly: But this is a prequel game Edgey. Maybe more people had Keyblades back then.

Edgeworth: It's frustrating. They've become like Power Rings for this series.

Rarxly: For someone who claims to be above it all, you sure do know a lot about the geek world don't you Edgey?

Edgeworth Ngggh… It's important for one such as myself to get all the facts about what he is investigating.

Phoenix: Well in any case, Terra, Ventus and Aqua-

Rarxly: Oh and Aqua's a chick by the way.

Edgeworth: Why is that important?

Rarxly: I know what you're thinking "Aqua's a chick? Is she hot?"

Edgeworth: …

Phoenix: …

Rarxly: She's do-able.

Edgeworth: Thank you for wasting valuable review time with your perverted dribble!

Rarxly: She's like a seven… seven and a half…

Edgeworth: Can we just-

Rarxly: But you… you're like a six… a five…

Edgeworth: How dare you!

Phoenix: Well before we get sued for that reference let's finish this review.

Edgeworth: *ahem* Terra, Ventus-

Rarxly: Or "Ven" as he likes to be called.

Edgeworth: Grr… Terra, Ven, and Aqua-

Rarxly: All stupid names might I add. I mean a character called "Aqua"? Really?

Edgeworth: That's it!

Rarxly: … what?

Edgeworth: Go stand in the corner Larry!

Rarxly: My name's Rarxly dude!

Phoenix: Their name's mean "Earth" "Air" and "Water" Rarxly. It's done in the same way Sora, Riku and Kairi mean "Sky" "Land" and "Sea".

Rarxly: Oh right.

Edgeworth: Anyway, Terra, Ven, and Aqua are all Keyblade wielders who have dreams of becoming… oh please tell me this is a typo…

Phoenix: Sadly it isn't Edgeworth…

Edgeworth: *sigh* They have dreams of becoming… Keyblade Masters…

Phoenix: When a great darkness starts to spread over the worlds-

Rarxly: As it usually does in this series.

Phoenix: -Terra, Ven, and Aqua all head out separate ways in order to stop it.

Rarxly: Well, that's a very basic explanation of what happens.

Phoenix: I don't want to spoil anything for those who are interested in playing the game Larry.

Rarxly: It's Rarxly!

Edgeworth: Terra, Ven, and Aqua set out to stop the evil Master Xehanort and a darkness known as the "Unversed", the precursors to the Heartless.

Rarxly: Hey! Isn't that a spoiler?!

Edgeworth: How so?

Rarxly: Saying Master Xehanort is the main villain!

Edgeworth: Oh come on Larry, one look at the man and you can tell he's evil!

Phoenix: All he's missing is a twirly moustache and a t-shirt that says "I am a villain".

Edgeworth: Yet the characters seem oblivious to this at the start.

Phoenix: It happens a lot in fiction I'm afraid, Edgeworth. Characters are stupid enough to trust people who are blatantly evil. Like some people we know…

Edgeworth: What's that meant to mean Wright?!

Phoenix: Overall the story is… well actually pretty good. Okay, it's not as good as previous instalments of the series, but I found myself enjoying it quite a bit.

Rarxly: Really?!

Edgeworth: As much as it pains me to admit it, I found myself rather enjoying it as well.

Rarxly: Even YOU Edgey?!

Phoenix: Like I said, it's not quite as good as the stories of certain other games in the series, but it's still enjoyable in its own right. Much more-so then Days' story was.

Edgeworth: The events that take place in each world are divided up between each of the three characters, each one arriving at the worlds at different times. Each time you land in a new world, depending on when the character you're playing as arrived, you'll get some mystery and ties into another character's story, making you want to play as each character in order to get the full story.

Phoenix: It also does explain certain things about the other games in the Kingdom Hearts series as well… though as we pointed about before, certain things didn't require explanation, but it's nice that they gave a reason behind events of the other games anyway.

Edgeworth: Though there are some things that perhaps should have been explained that weren't.

Rarxly: Like what?

Edgeworth: I won't say due to spoiler reason.

Rarxly: Awww…

Phoenix: But overall the story is well rounded, and makes sure you don't forget things you learn at the beginning of the game.

Edgeworth: Plus, unlike with Days, the individual stories for the Disney worlds are actually interesting, following the plots of their original movie counterparts quite well but at the same time being mixed in with the Kingdom Hearts continuity.

Phoenix: The relationships between the characters was also very well done… though some relationships could have used some working on for later parts of the story.

Rarxly: What are your scores guys?

Phoenix: I would go with a 7.

Rarxly: Hey Aqua's a-

Edgeworth: You don't want to finish that sentence Larry.

Rarxly: … it's Rarxly…

Edgeworth: In any case, I agree Wright. The story gets a 7 from me too. While it is enjoyable, it's not without its flaws. Plus, as we've mentioned several times now, there's not really much point for this plot to exist.

Rarxly: There's not really much point in the plot's of YOUR games to exist Edgey…

Edgeworth: What was that?!

Rarxly: Well it's supposed to be Apollo's era now, but yet Capcom seem to fixated on games about you! There are still tons of questions to answer about Apollo!

Phoenix: Onto the gameplay.

Rarxly: They don't add anything to the overall series of our games at all!

Phoenix: Er… guys? Gameplay?

Edgeworth: My second game hasn't even come out yet! You can't say that!

Phoenix: We really should-

Rarxly: I'm willing to bet any money it won't!

Phoenix: The next section-

Edgeworth: You don't have any money to bet Larry!


Edgeworth: …

Rarxly: …

Phoenix: Can we PLEASE move onto discussing the gameplay of this game?!

Edgeworth: Alright, there was no need to go over the top Wright.

Rarxly: Yeah Nick, chill out a little dude.

Phoenix: *sigh*

Edgeworth: Anyway, we have said during our 358/2 Days review that it was a portable Kingdom Hearts game done right. Well I think this game has now taken that title from it.

Rarxly: Yeah, the gameplay's much better in this game and it feels more like a Kingdom Hearts game.

Phoenix: That's understandable seeing as it's on the PSP.

Edgeworth: There's no mission-based gameplay having you revisit the same world over and over again just to carry out a certain task.

Phoenix: No, this game feels more like of the PS2 Kingdom Hearts games, flying around space to different worlds in order to wipe out the darkness that's trying to overtake them.

Rarxly: And no stupid, Starfox wannabe, Gummy-ship segments this time!

Phoenix: Also unlike Days, you have the whole of each world to explore whenever arrive.

Edgeworth: Though some areas of each world will only be accessible to a certain character, but you are free to explore most of the worlds as all three.

Rarxly: Moving around in each world is MUCH easier with the PSP's joystick then it was with the DS's d-pad.

Phoenix: But what I'm sure people want to hear about more then anything is how the combat works in this game.

Edgeworth: Indeed, the combat is slightly different this time then it is in the consol games.

Phoenix: Unlike in those games you don't have different menus for your magic and items etc. Instead you have a list of actions, spells, and items you want to use that you put together.

Edgeworth: With shades of Chain of Memories, you have a deck of commands which you put together, however it's only limited to a set amount. This may sound like a bad thing, but it's actually quite useful. This way you don't have to scroll through abilities and spells that you never use and can just make use of your favourite ones.

Rarxly: Don't worry that he said it had shades of Chain of Memories; you don't have to do any of that card number mathematics crap. You can use whatever abilities, spells and items you've set any time you want. Plus, you can attack all the time because attack's the only command issued to the X button.

Phoenix: You control your other abilities by scrolling through their menu with the directional pad, and using the triangle button to execute them. However each time you use an ability you have to let it charge up before you can use it again.

Rarxly: This can be a bit annoying, but only really with heal spells. More then once I healed myself only to have an enemy do a super powerful attack on me but I couldn't do anything because the healing spell was recharging.

Edgeworth: Items such as Potions don't need to recharge though.

Rarxly: Yeah true, but you can only use a certain amount of them in each battle… which is kinda lame, but I can see why they did it. But why is it that Square have had such a hard time getting the healing spells right with these games? The only time they really got it right was in the first game.

Phoenix: There's also a new feature called "D-Link". It basically allows your character to link their heart with another character's from the game.

Edgeworth: When they do this they're given a new list of abilities and spells to use depending on who they "D-Linked" with. It can come in handy when you're in a pinch as it heals you completely… though one could argue it's a cheap way of winning battles.

Rarxly: Yeah, certain people's abilities just do way too much or their healing spells charge twice as fast and heal you twice as much. Hey, I ain't complaining though because it helped me through some of the tougher boss battles.

Phoenix: Some Larry's sai-

Rarxly: RARXLY!

Phoenix: *sigh* Something… Rarxly's said does bring up a small complaint I have about the gameplay.

Rarxly: What's that?

Phoenix: Well some of the game's enemies just felt… trickier then they should be.

Rarxly: You mean cheap?

Phoenix: I guess. Sometimes they'd just attack me relentlessly until I died without giving me a chance to heal myself. It's also not helped by the fact that your heal spells take a while to recharge.

Rarxly: Yeah… I got quite a few cheap deaths while I was playing the game.

Phoenix: However this isn't a huge complaint, as it didn't happen too often… but there was really no call for it to happen at all.

Edgeworth: One last thing I suppose we should mention are the "Finishing Moves".

Phoenix: Oh right. In this game you've got a gauge at the top of the screen that fills as you attack enemies.

Edgeworth: Once full your character will unleash a powerful Finishing Move.

Phoenix: These moves will be levelled up as your progress through the game depending on your actions and abilities you use. For example if you favour fire-based moves more you finishing attack will change to be fire-based as well.

Edgeworth: Also favouring certain abilities during battles may cause certain temporary changes in your character's fighting style, allowing you to unleash more powerful attacks and Finishing Moves.

Phoenix: It's fun to experiment with the different abilities just to see what you can get your character to do.

Rarxly: Long story short: There's a lot of variety in the gameplay.

Phoenix: As we've mentioned before you can play as three characters in this game. While at the start they're all quite similar, you will see how they play differently over time. Terra for example is stronger, but not quite as fast at attacking. Aqua is weaker and takes more damage, but her spells are a lot stronger. Ven is faster but does about average damage.

Rarxly: I died quite a lot playing as Aqua… she's lucky she's hot…

Edgeworth: So we've discussed how much variety there is in the gameplay, but I'm certain the readers are wondering just how much time you can get out of this game.

Rarxly: Well it all depends how much you enjoy it. But from start to finish… granted I had to do some level grinding at some points, I'd say you get about ten hours out of each character's story.

Phoenix: So around thirty hours total?

Rarxly: Yeah.

Edgeworth: So what are our final scores for gameplay?

Phoenix: Well I'd give it an 8 myself; knocking off two points for cheap deaths and abilities taking too long to recharge sometimes. But otherwise the game's a lot of fun and there's a lot of variety to the gameplay this time around. Plus, there are three characters to play as so there's plenty of replayability.

Edgeworth: But after you've played the game as all three would you want to play again?

Phoenix: Well if you want to get all the secrets then yes. Plus, there's also a multiplayer mode.

Rarxly: Crap we forgot to mention that.

Edgeworth: I'll sum it up quickly then. In multiplayer mode you and your friends have a variety of different options. You can either take on each other or take on enemies and bosses from the game in arena mode, or you can take each other on in some of the mini-games from the game such as racing or a board-game that lets you level up some of your abilities. There's much more variety to it then in Days' multiplayer mode, and this time you have can play online as well if you have no friends… like some people…

Rarxly: Don't say that then look at me every time you mention online play!

Phoenix: So in summation: Great gameplay, a lot of fun, great variety, a multiplayer mode with different modes that you can play online. It all adds up to a pretty fun game to me. I'll stand by my 8.

Rarxly: I'm with ya Nick.

Edgeworth: I'll agree to an 8 as well.

Rarxly: At least this game's actually like a game and not interactive books like SOME people's "games"…

Edgeworth: Might I remind you that you ARE a part of those "interactive books" Larry!

Rarxly: Not for much longer.

Edgeworth: Don't start that up again…

Phoenix: G-graphics?

Rarxly: The graphics look terrible! They're just some sprites walking around a-

Edgeworth: He meant the graphics for Birth by Sleep Larry!

Rarxly: Oh… right, I knew that!

Phoenix: Personally I thought the graphics were really great. The game looks almost identical to its Playstation 2 counterparts.

Edgeworth: Yes, they truly show how far handheld technology in games has come.

Rarxly: All the cutscenes are beautiful, some of the almost perfectly recreating scenes from their original Disney movies, the levels are well designed for the most part, and the character designs all blend in well together, and the Disney characters move and act just like their movie counterparts.

Phoenix: …

Edgeworth: …

Rarxly: Would you stop doing that every time I say something smart!

Edgeworth: Sorry Larry, but it is just such a rare sight that we just have to take it all in.

Phoenix: What do we say? 10 for graphics?

Edgeworth: Well I did have some mirror complaints about the graphics, but none of which are a good enough to knock the score down. So I'll let a 10 slide on this one.

Rarxly: Sure, a 10's fine by me.

Phoenix: Now onto the music.

Edgeworth: Now this was truly top notch, even by my standards.

Rarxly: Wow, even Edgey liked the music of this game.

Edgeworth: It all captured the feel of the situations and levels very well. Some classic Disney songs have even been remastered really well into the background music for certain levels, for example "Bibbity Bobbity Boo" being used as the background music for the Cinderella level.

Phoenix: The game's original tracks are very good as well.

Rarxly: But this is to be expected of Square-Enix right? If there's one thing they can do well it's music.

Phoenix: Very true.

Edgeworth: This is another section I believe we can give a 10 two, would you two agree?

Phoenix: Yeah, I think so.

Rarxly: You won't hear any complaints from me.

Edgeworth: That makes a change.

Rarxly: HEY!

Phoenix: V-voice acting?

Rarxly: At least this game has it.

Edgeworth: At least I have voice clips, unlike SOME people…

Phoenix: Unlike Days, every cut-scene in this game is fully animated and has voice acting in it.

Edgeworth: The voice acting is a lot better this time around. Not that there was anything wrong with the voice casts of the previous games.

Rarxly: Except for Aerith's voice in Kingdom Hearts 2… *shudder* That was awful…

Edgeworth: But I felt the voice acting was delivered much better in this game then in the other games. For one thing they've got the likes of Leonard Nimoy doing the voice of Master Xehanort and Mark Hamill doing the voice of Master Eraqus.

Rarxly: This game's got freaking Spock and Luke Skywalker in the same game! Well… their actors at least…

Edgeworth: Both of them give outstanding parformances.

Phoenix: Hey, the rest of the voice cast aren't bad either.

Edgeworth: Indeed, everyone brings their characters to life quite well.

Rarxly: So, another 10?

Phoenix: Well… I'd like to, but I'm going to say a 9 myself.

Rarxly: What?! But you just said-

Phoenix: Yes the voice cast is very good, but I just felt at times they were just laying it on a bit thick.

Edgeworth: I agree with Wright, there were times when they were just trying too hard.

Rarxly: You would agree with him…

Phoenix: Well 9 is still a high score Larry.

Rarxly: My name is Rarxly!

Edgeworth: Well whoever you are, will you get on and do the summation please?

Rarxly: Fine!
- Story: 7
Pro: An enjoyable story. It'll make you smile, it'll make you sad. Genuinely good stuff.
Con: Some things didn't get as much explanation as they should have, and it explained things that didn't need explaining. Some relationships between characters could have been better.

- Gameplay: 8
Pro: A lot of fun, and a lot of variety.
Con: Some cheap deaths and abilities take too long to charge sometimes.

- Graphics: 10
Pro: Looks outstanding. Just as good looking as the PS2 games.
Con: None.

- Music: 10
Pro: Definitely some of the best from the series.
Con: None.

- Voice acting: 9
Pro: It has Leonard Nimoy and Mark Hamill in it! The other voice actors are pretty good too.
Con: Sometimes it's laid on a bit thick though.

- Overall score: 8
A fun game, done the way a handheld Kingdom Hearts should be done. Definitely something you'll want to add to your PSP library. Though there's not much point in the story even existing, it's still an enjoyable tale. Plus the multiplayer is much better this time around.

Phoenix: Very good.

Edgeworth: I suppose…

Rarxly: Now if you'll excuse me guys, I've got to go collect hearts in order to form Kingdom Hearts and-

Edgeworth: Or you could just take your own heart back. *Picks up Shadow from under desk*

Rarxly: Oh so that's where you ran off too.

Edgeworth: Just hurry up and rejoin with it. It's disgusting…

Rarxly: I don't know how to Edgey.

Edgeworth: At least take it off my hands, I can't stand holding it anymore.

Rarxly: *Takes Heartless from Edgeworth* Hey little fella. You wanna join up with me again?

Phoenix: *Holds up Keyblade and points it at Rarxly. A light shines out of the Keyblade and hits Rarxly and the Heartless. When the light clears only Larry remains*

Larry: Hey I'm back to normal! Thanks Nick!

Phoenix: Er… no problem.

Edgeworth: So much for becoming the star villain in another series…

Larry: Oh come on Edgey, you know that just ain't me. Besides, I'm holding out hope for the day we get "Larry Butz: Ace Womanizer"!

Edgeworth: …

Phoenix: …

Larry: … what?

Edgeworth: Is it too late to change him back into a Heartless and Nobody Wright?

Larry: Nobody loves me…
Hey, I'm as surprised as anyone that I actually got this game, on the day it came out in the UK no less. As most of you know, though my DA name says otherwise, I've kind of lost my taste for the Kingdom Hearts series. Don't get me wrong I still like it, I just don't love it like I used to. I never thought I'd be going out of my way to buy Birth by Sleep, but something inside me was just getting so excited when the game came closer to it's release date. Heh, maybe there's still a little bit of that fanboy left inside me. I dunno what it was, but the point is that I did get the game in the end.

Anway, enjoy Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth and Larry Butz... oh I'm sorry, I mean, Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth and Rarxly reviewing this game.
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evangelian007's avatar
Sadly I've never liked the KH franchise. It felt like a bad cash-in/fan fiction. And the games kind of got worse.I mean the level design got less interesting, it got more easier, the dialoge got goofier. The only thing I can praise is the soundtrack and the graphics(A.K.A The Presentation). I guess that's Square Enix. Make a pretty looking game with generic gameplay.
KingdomHeartsFrantic's avatar
So you don't like Kingdom Hearts... and you read a review of the newest game in the series why exactly?
multigal's avatar
good to hear this is out in English now; i don't play nor watch games in Japanese because i prefer to understand what's going on. well then, thank you for the review and now i'm off to check it out.
Permafry42's avatar
i think the voice acting should've been a 8 myself because of the terrible Terra voice (especially in the beginning).
KingdomHeartsFrantic's avatar
Oh come off it. I thought his voice was really good espcially in some of the final scenes. Sure, it gets off to a rocky start, as does Aqua's, but they quickly get better as the game goes on.
MixGoldenPhoenix's avatar
I know what you mean about losing some of the love. It was just that such a long time had passed since KHII--and the story of 358/2 Days didn't interest me at all--that I felt disconnected from the series; until I saw the trailer for BbS, that is, and nearly shot through the roof and giddy anticipation. I pre-ordered the game in order to get the decals for my PSP. -pets them-

I made the mistake of playing Aqua first...needless to say I was horribly confused through that part of the game and felt like a clean-up crew. The person I most died as was Terra, sadly enough. I was used to a quicker fighter and would die while trying to perform attacks. That and I made an awful mistake in his last fight. I can't say what without spoiling for those yet to play it.

The voice actors for Aqua and Terra threw me off at first because I wasn't used to their tone of voice (Aqua having a bit of a rough quality; Terra not being as deep as I was expecting), and also at first it seemed like they were new to voicing the way they did. It got better as the game progressed/I got used to it. Nimoy and Hamill were awesome, as to be expected from actors. Osment and McCarthy have gotten even better at voice acting and it was interesting hearing Osment in such a role.

Overall, I fell in love with the game. ...and that's my two cents worth >.> XD
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