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Fallout KHF

Well seeing as Fallout New Vegas just came out I felt almost obliged to make this. Don't bitch, it's only meant to be fun.

Come on, who wouldn't want to play as KHF wondering around post-apocalyptic wastelands with Yoko Littner? ... okay a LOT of people wouldn't want to do that.

I figured seeing as Yoko has experience at surviving in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and a HUGE... gun with her, she'd be an ideal ally to have :D. I can just imagine a scene where they visit Kamina's grave... I think it would go a little something like this:
Yoko: KHF... is there anything you want to say to him?
KHF: (I'm doin' your girl, I'm glad you're dead. I'm doin' your girl, I'm glad you're dead. I'm doin' your girl, I'm glad you're dead.) I think he knows how I feel.
Cookie for who gets the reference. XD

Yeah, don't take it seriously kids, I just made this as a laugh.
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Gurren Lagann actually reminded me of Fallout 3.
Rakkiya's avatar
Hey, that is awesome. If i could already play that legally, I would try to rebuild you as the main character, xD
Dantesparda90's avatar
The reference is from somerandomguy's marvel dc show i believe is called zero hour
Souru-kun4ever's avatar
I want it... *looks around blankly*
haruhisuzumiya899's avatar
hey this pic was posted on october 23 right? hey thats my b-day!
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EnclaveEnforcer's avatar
No need to worry about flaming. I've certainly seen much wierder things involving fallout. For example a Lucky Star/Fallout crossover fanfic. P.S I wonder how yoko would fair against the Enclave.
deluxebgn's avatar
LOL get some! :D
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If you plant or have already bought New Vegas, I highly suggest you check this out:


I believe you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Ajk141's avatar
Plan to, not plant. Sorry.
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needs more dodge
naruto-kun078's avatar
Those sunglasses look photoshopped. yhis is te greatest video game idea in the universe!
KingdomHeartsFrantic's avatar
it's interesting that you'd think that because the sunglasses are the only things that aren't Photoshopped.
naruto-kun078's avatar
wow thats funny! i think its because they look brighter than everything else
KingdomHeartsFrantic's avatar
It's because they're what caught the flash of the camera.
naruto-kun078's avatar
that makes sense
Konata809's avatar
neato i like it XD
Yuicandypop's avatar
yokoxkhf FTW!!!!!!
jrfromny's avatar
lol best one yet XD
SuperZoider's avatar
Hell, I'd buy it. XD
jellybeenmacsmeg's avatar
it would be interesting to see a vektor assault rifle in that game, considering that it's design aspects weren't even convieved in the neo-cold war are that fallout is based... just sayin'
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