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Dissidia 012 KHF

Well seeing as Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy came out in the states yesterday, and seeing as I did a parody box of the first game, I thought I might as well do another one of these. Just like with the first one it's basically just a parody of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy's box with a little KHF spin on things, feturing anime and video game characters that I both like and dislike.

I'm still torn on whether I'll get Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy when it comes out in the UK or not. On the one hand it's clearly a shameless attempt to milk more money out of the game. On the other hand I did really love the first one, and this new one has two of my favourite Final Fantasy characters of all time in it: Tifa Lockhart and Kain Highwind. Then again it also has perhaps my most hated Final Fantasy character of all time in it: Vaan... but then again that would also mean I get to beat the crap out of Vaan so that's a plus. Well I don't know, we'll see.

Just like with the real Dissidia 012 game, there are several new characters introduced here, as well as certain characters being on the opposite side to what they were in the original game. Hey, I'd buy THIS game... though I'd probably be the only one who does...

Not really much I can say on the new characters I put in there. If you've been keeping up with my videos over the past couple of months it should all make sense to you.

Anyway, enjoy... or don't, whatever.
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Its really cool, but I have one question. Why is Patty on the good side? I thought you hated hated with all you soul.
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She isn't. It's a parody of the Dissidia logo, with Haruhi representing Cosmos the God of Harmany, and Particia representing Chaos the God of Discord.
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That makes far more sense. Anyway, thanks for responding. Love your videos!
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Can't someone list the characters in the pictures in two separate categories: Good and evil.
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I was wondering, is Shana threatening Haruhi's position in the 13 Angels? o.O

Other than that, Duodecom is an AWESOME game, I haven't played much outside of scabbing off my friends psp, but for the few hours I did, it was epic, better yet, I was playing as Lightning 8D (I like how they all hate Vaan aswell)
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Also, Minnie-mouse over there I would expect is filling Vaan's shoes no? :D
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awesome but i would have love to seen scoot pilgrim in it
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Hey, that's an awesome cover.
I especially like 'Nun Helsing' being on the Hero's side :meditate:
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You never actually said who was your favorite villain of Final Fantasy. My favorite is Exdeath from FFV. He's very hard to play as, though.
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Is Dissidia on the PSP?Mine broke....

Anyway,nice job with the cover.Do you guys have a different rating system for video games?I'm not trying to be rude.I'm wondering.
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hahahaha Vaan will die many times by kain's hand once I get my hands on that game... after Lent is over I gave up final fantasy
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never thought of this... nice!!!
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Okay I need to ask: why does everyone hate Vaan? I can understand Tidus, he's whiny but Vaan?
5tarfishLawlietLover's avatar
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who loves Kain. I was begining to think he was unloved.

Love this by the way, it brightened up my day :)
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I see a few new faces on here :)
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Vaan is actually less annoying in Duodecim from what I've played. He's still annoying, so it's not a big plus, but it's a start
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Nice cover but you forgot to put people from Gurren lagann and Mahoromatic in.
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No, Mahoro and Ryuga are in there.
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Oh I see them now but what abot people from Gurren lagann.
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Nice cover but you forgot to put people from Gurren Lagann and Mahoromatic in.
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How come Phoenix is with the bad guys and Edgeworth is with the good guys?
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For the same reason Terra, Cloud and Tidus are on the villain's side and Jecht's on the hero's side in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.
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