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Azumanga Emotional Spectrum

*UPDATE 07/07/2010*
I decided "screw it" and put Kimura in for fear. The Emotional Spectrum is now complete.
*UPDATE 07/07/2010*

You know I REALLY need a girlfriend. I should NOT be allowed to get bored. Yes this is another result of me getting bored today. I don't know what brought it on, but I began to think "If the Azumanga Daioh girls were in a Lantern Corp, which Corp would they be in?" Each have very distinct personality so I reckon they'd all be in different ones. For those who aren't familiar with the DC Universe and don't know what the Emotional Spectrum is: [link] Wiki can explain it better then I can.

Yeah, I couldn't be bothered to make full costumes for them because I can't draw. Maybe I'll try and see what I can do on Photoshop some time in the future, but for now I really can't be asked. Though I have put in a couple of things reminiscent of certain Corps in some of them (the Indigo Tribe symbol on Chiyo's forehead, the red eyes and plasma from the mouth on Yomi, and the "Mine!"s around Tomo).

Anyway, I suppose I should go through each of the girls, the emotion their colours represent and why I chose them for that Corp:

Chiyo: Indigo Tribe (Compassion) - Okay, some could argue that hers and Sakaki's should be the other way around, considering they're both loving and compassionate, but it really came down to "Which would be less gross? Indigo Tribe Chiyo or Star Sapphire Chiyo?" both disgusting thoughts, but gotta go with the Indigo Tribe Chiyo. Chiyo is one of the most compassionate characters I've seen, probably due to the fact that she's so young. She's always there when her friends are down, and tries her hardest to do what she can for them. Her heart belongs in the Indigo Tribe. Nok.

Sakaki: Star Sapphires (Love) - Chosen because of her love for all living things. While Sakaki does come off as the silent "lone wolf" type of character on the outside, inside she is very loving towards those close to her... and towards small animals, not that they return that love. There are few anime characters who love as much as Sakaki does. But if she were in the Sapphires hopefully she wouldn't go completely nuts, like some of them are known to.

Osaka: Blue Lanterns (Hope) - While she's... not even close to being the being the sharpest tool in the shed, Osaka still likes to remain hopeful that there is a future out there for her somewhere. While her grades are low she's always hopeful that she'll be able to "get it together", and that things will work out. Whenever a school event comes up she's always hopeful that their class will do well in it, that it will be the right kind of day for it etc. Okay, I might be really reaching here, but this was the only Corp that I think works with Osaka. Somehow I can imagine her saying "All will be well" all the time...

Kagura: Green Lanterns (Will) - Say what you will about Kagura, but her willpower is something that can't be matched. She always has a strong will and determination to do well at whatever sport she takes part in. Her will to succeed is the one thing that nobody can match her in. She truely is someone who can overcome great fear. One can only imagine (no pun intended) what her constructs would be like though...

Yomi: Red Lanterns (Rage) - Okay, I know the Red Lanterns tend to be more "monster-like", but I think with her short temper and rage towards Tomo that Yomi would fit right in... somewhat.

Tomo: Orange Lantern/Agent Orange (Avarice) - Tomo wants it all. Plain and simple. She wants everything. While she'd have to fight Larfleeze for it, I think the orange light would suit her perfectly. Hey, am I the only one who thinks her and Larfleeze would make an adorable couple? *crickets chirp* ... okay I guess I am... Though I'd like to think Tomo has SOME standards. XD

Kimura: Sinestro Corps (Fear) - I don't really need to explain this one. Kimura strikes fear into the hearts of every female student at their school. The girls seem him coming and they flee for the hills. Hell I'm surprised Sinestro hasn't actually recruited him for his corp.
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El-Drago-800's avatar
Yukari would be a Black Lantern, because she's deadly as fuck.
Superjustinbros's avatar
Do you have a template for the spectrum background?
Warriorofvengeance2's avatar
well that's because Mr. Kimura is more blunt and creepy rather than plain as day scary
ed00's avatar
Kimura is scary, but its more the fear of what you don't know, is he a evil sex offender, or a eccentric humanitarian? how deep is the darkness really, he can bring the fear of being wrong.
The-NoOne's avatar
agent-orange-grom's avatar
that is ubber ausum
Wolvenfire86's avatar
I love this! =D lol
Zouje's avatar
Kagura is pretty compassionate
What-the-Gaff's avatar
Yeah, that looks about right.

I agree, Kimura is by far the best candidate for the yellow light out of the Azumanga Daioh cast, but it seems to me like Yukari is a close second. Remember how she traumatized Chiyo-chan in the Yukari-mobile.
LukoKraze's avatar
Oddly, I thought that Yukari would of been the Black ring character.

Then again, what do I know. I've not read a Green Lantern
KingdomHeartsFrantic's avatar
Again, the Black rings reanimate the dead, Yukari ain't dead.
darkartsfart's avatar
Well, if you get bored again, try watching the Spanish dub of Evangelion. As overrated as that show is, I think you'll be quite amused by how Shinji's voice does him "justice".
KingdomHeartsFrantic's avatar
Why would I watch a show I didn't like over again just to hear it in a different language when I can watch plenty of other shows I haven't seen?
darkartsfart's avatar
It's just that the spanish dub voice es Shinji out to be at least the pussy ou make him out to be.
KingdomHeartsFrantic's avatar
But again: What's that point? I don't like Evangelion. My not liking it had NOTHING to do with the voice cast, I genuinely didn't like the plot. Why would I put myself through a story I didn't like again just for the sake of ONE voice?! That would be pointless!
darkartsfart's avatar
Ok, you got me there. On an unrelated note, how are Ouran, Gurren Lagann, and Chrono Crusade treating you so far?
KingdomHeartsFrantic's avatar
I've only watched two episodes of Ouran. Gurren's okay. Chrono Crusade's become one of my favourite anime, got the entire series on DVD in fact.
DanaKishimoto's avatar
Kimura's perfect for this! :rofl:
anit0523's avatar
PFFT KIMURA xD I thought this was funny the first time. Evidently, it got better. XD
Lord-Random's avatar
IronRaphRa's avatar
Do you think you can do a Haruhi, Kanon, or Lucky Star Emotional Spectrum?
Aosou-kun's avatar
Try Yukari as the Black Lantern.
You've seen the show, you'll know why.
KingdomHeartsFrantic's avatar
... at what point did she die? The Black Lanterns are powered by death. They're the dead brought back to life basically.
Aosou-kun's avatar
Never, but have you SEEN that woman drive!?
And then there was that time with Osaka...even though it was just a misunderstanding.
I was thinking more of the angel of death perspective for her!
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